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Chapter 494: Ice Dummy Eleven (5)

Not only did he have to arrive earlier, but he also fought with her.

“Huh? Then he also challenged the ruins, right? He failed, right?” Zou Yun was amused. He felt that this was the happiest thing he had heard today.

“No, he hasn’t challenged yet. Instead, he ran to undergo special training. I haven’t seen him in a few days.” Lu Qingyi shrugged. Shi Yu really treated her and the Wind Demon Lion as battle units. After fighting them and knowing that he wasn’t their match, he directly ran to train hard. He definitely wouldn’t fight a battle he wasn’t confident in.

“Shi Yu is so sneaky.” Zou Yun was stunned. What was with the special training before even going in to challenge?

“Who are you calling a dog?” Suddenly, a voice sounded, attracting Lu Qingyi and the others’ attention. They saw a young man in a frost cleansing suit sitting on his shoulder walking over from afar.

“Shi Yu…” Seeing this person, Zou Yun grinned. F*ck, he was really here.” I didn’t say you were a dog, I said ‘sneaky’.”

“Huh?” At this moment, Lu Qingyi looked at Eleven in surprise. The archeological glasses in front of her showed Eleven’s energy value. 6.2 million. It had increased by more than 100,000 in a week. It was already very fast. However, Lu Qingyi felt that the most special thing about Eleven at the moment was not the increase in 100,000 energy points, but other aspects. However, she couldn’t say it. She only felt that Eleven had become much stronger!

In the field, only Heavenly King Zou Yun didn’t have an energy value detection device. The other three geniuses from the thirteen divisions of Dong Huang had the top-notch detection index distributed by the officials. This was exclusive to members of Division 13.

“This guy…” At this moment, Ning Tianming from Division 12 and Tong Yan from Division 13 also saw Eleven’s energy attribute immediately, just like Lu Qingyi.

Their expressions immediately changed. This Iron-eating Beast’s normal energy level was 6.2 million. What a joke.

This energy value had already exceeded the normal energy value of their pets.

It was fine if those top-notch monarchs who had lived for an unknown period of time had high energy levels, but why did Shi Yu, this young Iron-eating Beast, also have such a terrifying basic energy level?

“You’re Shi Yu?” The short-haired Tong Yan was stunned for a moment before looking at Shi Yu and saying, “You’re pretty handsome. My name is Tong Yan. Hello.”

“Hello.” Shi Yu immediately ignored Zou Yun and greeted her with a smile. This girl had good taste. Wait a minute, this name… Sequence eight, Tong Yan?

Shi Yu knew this girl… The other party was one of the leading figures of the country’s poison-element Beast Tamers. There was only one person who was proficient in the poison-element legend, Dong Huang. Apart from him, there was only one other top-notch poison-element master like Tong Yan.

“I’m Ning Tianming.” The young man who emitted yin aura also looked at Shi Yu with interest.

Shi Yu looked over and said, “Hello.”

“Wu wu wu.” Eleven also greeted everyone, but most of their gazes were glanced at the huge black cross crack in the sky!!

This time, it had emerged at the same time as Shi Yu, who had almost recovered to shatter the Space Emperor Ruins.

“Your Eleven… why is he wearing this?” At this moment, Lu Qingyi was most concerned about Eleven’s equipment. If her index wasn’t wrong, this should be… a frost equipment condensed from cleansing water?

“Ah, this…” Shi Yu turned his head and glanced at Eleven, who was still wearing the cleansing suit created by Susu.” The mental pressure of preparing for battle is too high. It’s to cleanse its heart. After the battle, it can take it off. ”

Eleven: ヽ(`⌒ ́メ)ノ Go, go, go!

Shi Yu also looked at the crack in the sky. At that time, he could dispel his resentment. He hoped that he and Eleven didn’t suffer the pain of teaching the Undying Golden Body for nothing. They could succeed in one go!