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Chapter 495: Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (1)

Myriad Mountain.

At this moment, this place had already become the most lively place in Kong City.

The president of the Kong Association, the legendary Beast Tamer Wang Lin, had been guarding here for several days.

Ruins appeared in Kong. According to the rules, the Kong Association had the priority to explore and attack.

Unfortunately, the Beast Tamers in Kong City were disappointing.

None of them were a match for the Void Mantis.

President Wang was angry, cold, and trembling.

Therefore, the Dong Huang Association gradually invited top-notch masters from other places to attack.


In the camp directly below the Space Emperor Ruins.

The Beast Tamers of Kong, Principal Feng, Dr. Chen, the archeologists of Bureau 11, and even Fang Lan, who was living here temporarily, looked up at the sky.

The sky suddenly darkened. With a bird cry, a huge brown bird with feathers filled with a rock texture slowly descended.

< Name > Ancestral Rock Wings Bird

[Attributes]: Wind, Earth

[Race Level]: Low-level overlord

[Level of Growth]: Monarch Level

As this huge bird appeared, the Beast Tamers below were slightly stunned. Then, they saw the figure on its body.

“He’s here?” The legendary Beast Tamer Wang Lin, the principal of Bureau 11, and the others spoke in unison when they saw this figure.

Sequence five, Ji Feng, was also the highest ranked top-notch master in the Sequence battle.

“This pet…”

At the same time.

In another camp, a huge bird appeared in the sky.

Seeing this huge bird, Heavenly King Zou was stunned. “This is the Ancestral Rock Wings Bird! It’s Ji Feng’s pet!”

“That guy is indeed here.”

On this side, Shi Yu was chatting with Senior Lu and the others about the process of them challenging the Void Mantis these few days.

Before entering, Shi Yu naturally had to make full preparations, including understanding his opponent’s information.

Although he had already obtained a lot of information a week ago, there was no such thing as too much.

Among them, what gave Shi Yu the greatest headache was actually the skill, Demon Restraining Domain.

After this skill was activated, the natural energy in the outside world would be completely restricted in a spatial range.

Skills that were strengthened, attacked, and recovered through external energy would all fail.

In other words, Eleven’s Lightning Rod, Baby Ginseng’s Earth Chain, and energy storage beams, skills that relied on natural energy, were all crippled.

Unless it could cover or break the forbidden domain.

However, considering the spatial attainments of the Void Mantis, Shi Yu felt that this possibility was very small.

The other party’s demonic domain proficiency was close to perfect level, while Buggy’s spatial domain skill was far inferior to the other party’s proficiency. Its basic strength was also poor, so it was already considered a good situation if it wasn’t covered by the other party’s domain.

As for Eleven’s Space Quake, its proficiency was actually very low. Its high power was all superimposed by physical strength and other skills. It was also unknown if it could affect and shatter the demonic domain.

Therefore, Shi Yu had to be prepared to completely rely on the pet’s own strength to crush the enemy.

“But can this guy do it? I remember his talent…” Shi Yu also saw the person.

He knew this Ji Feng.

The other party’s “All Things Affinity” talent was very powerful.

It could allow oneself and their pets to have extremely strong natural affinity.

When his pets were at the monarch level, their control over natural energy was comparable to a group of overlord-level pets.

If it was a home ground battle and the environment was suitable, after a battle, one could easily defeat opponents of the same level with the power of nature without even consuming much energy.

His most famous battle result was that at a certain totem country’s overlord creature banquet, in front of several overlords, he used the natural array he had set up in advance to “assassinate” an overlord above his level and retreat unscathed.

In short, Ji Feng’s valiant battle results relied on his pets borrowing natural energy. He ate up the environment very well.

No matter how he thought about it, the Space Emperor Ruins with thin natural energy and the forbidden domain of the Void Mantis were very counter to his talent.

“Ji Feng is here. Let’s go take a look too,” Ghostman Ning Tianming said as Ji Feng arrived.

After all, Ji Feng was currently the highest ranked among the top masters. Everyone present wanted to see the results of his challenge.

“Together.” Tong Yan also stood up.

“Then let’s go take a look. By the way, when are you challenging?” Lu Qingyi looked at Shi Yu.

“Me?” Shi Yu was stunned.

“Wuu!” Eleven cried.

Damn it, why was this Ji Feng ahead of him again?

Forget it, the other party probably couldn’t defeat it anyway.

“Let’s try it today,” Shi Yu replied.

“Alright.” Lu Qingyi smiled, looking forward to it.

As soon as he finished speaking, the few of them rushed down the Space Emperor Ruins.

At this moment, the long-haired Ji Feng was communicating with Legend Wang and the others.

“I’ve already understood the information about the Void Mantis. I’ll try to crack this ruin,” Ji Feng said.

Not only to complete the commission of the Dong Huang Association, but also to allow his level to break through.

“Little Feng, have you thought of how to face its forbidden domain?” President Wang chuckled. He was familiar with Ji Feng’s father, so he asked this junior warmly.

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “No, but I have a pet that can store natural energy in its body through skills as a backup energy source. We made some preparations before coming, so maybe we can give it a try. It shouldn’t be able to restrain the natural energy in its body.”