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Chapter 496: Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (2)

“Alright, but… be prepared. That Void Mantis is indeed very strong.” President Wang Lin nodded.

To be honest, he didn’t have much hope for Ji Feng…

He didn’t have much hope for any top-notch master in the country.

The Void Mantis was too strong.

In the past few days, everyone had already deeply realized the invincibility of this Space Emperor pet.

Ordinary monarchs, top-notch monarchs… There should be one more title above this, the invincible monarch title!

The Void Mantis allowed the outside world to challenge infinitely.

After all, most opponents couldn’t exhaust it at all.

Only when it felt that it needed to rest would it temporarily close the ruins and use its identity as the owner of the ruins to absorb the void energy in the ruins to recover.

“I understand.”

Upon hearing that, Ji Feng nodded and looked at the black crack in the sky.

But soon, he looked in another direction and saw Shi Yu and the others slowly walking over from afar.

“Qingyi!!” Seeing Lu Qingyi and the others, Principal Feng was stunned. His gaze finally landed on Shi Yu.

This kid was finally willing to come out of his ruins space.

Ji Feng’s gaze also stopped on the few of them. He recognized their identities at a glance. After all, the photos of the Beast Tamers at the top of the Sequence had long been trending on the Internet.

“I’ll go first.” Perhaps he couldn’t be bothered to socialize. Seeing that someone his age was coming, he directly chose to enter the ruins.

“Oh? He went in just like that? In such a hurry?” Seeing Ji Feng enter the ruins in the blink of an eye, Heavenly King Zou and the others, who had just arrived, were speechless.

“Hahaha, the few genius top-notch masters in the next sequence are all here.” Seeing this, President Wang also laughed.

Unfortunately, even these top geniuses couldn’t pass through the Space Emperor Ruins.

This couldn’t be helped. After all, the Void Mantis was cultivated by the Space Emperor, and it was cultivated by someone at the legendary level. It would be strange if these top-notch master monarch pets could defeat it.

The only hope of victory wasn’t impossible. Perhaps the challenger could use his Beast Taming Talent to strengthen his pet and defeat the Void Mantis through this point.

“Senior Shi Yu!!” At this moment, Fang Lan, who was following beside Principal Feng and the others, was overjoyed to see Shi Yu.

Memory water, memory water, Shi Yu had yet to give her the bottle of memory water!!

“Fang Lan,” Shi Yu said. In order to investigate his relationship with the Space Emperor Ruins, Fang Lan had been living here for the past few days. Unfortunately, she had yet to discover anything.

In order to investigate clearly, she, a little girl who didn’t contract a pet and couldn’t even be considered a Beast Tamer intern, even entered the ruins once.

She directly asked the Void Mantis if she had the Space Emperor Bloodline.

Then, she was chased out by the Void Mantis.

It didn’t matter.

It had destroyed many princes and princesses back then.

It didn’t even care about Emperor Kong’s own son and daughter.

Of course it wouldn’t care about a descendant hundreds of years later.?

Moreover, the Void Mantis couldn’t determine this thing either, so the process was awkward again.

Even though Fang Lan forcefully said that she might have summoned the Space Emperor Ruins and that the Void Mantis woke up because of her, the Void Mantis still didn’t give her any face.

Stop talking nonsense. If she wanted to use the Space Beast Egg she had to defeat it!

Such an unsolvable problem made Fang feel pain.

“You’re Shi Yu!!!” At this moment, someone was even more passionate than Fang Lan.

In the crowd, the beard of the old principal of Kong University fluttered, and his nose was smoking from anger.

He naturally knew Fang Lan. She was the genius daughter of a professor in his school. She would most likely enter Kong University in the future.

In the end, one morning, he directly saw Principal Feng walking around with Fang Lan. They were as close as grandfather and grandson. What was going on? What was going on!

Listen to the Voice of History?!

The old principal of Kong University completely didn’t expect that the one who summoned the Space Emperor Ruins would actually be this little girl, Fang Lan.

However, what made him extremely uncomfortable was that Ancient Capital University was actually ahead of him. When Fang Lan told him that his future dream was to enter Ancient Capital University and become an archeologist, the old principal of Kong University was directly stunned.

He tried to persuade her again and again that Kong University also had an archeology department. Their mechanics were even more impressive than Ancient Capital University’s. However, it was useless. It was also useless to persuade Fang Lan’s parents. Even until now, he didn’t know the reason.

After all, Shi Yu had temporarily kept the ancient mechanical phantom beast project a secret.

Therefore, the greatest motive for Fang Lan to join Ancient Capital University was suspected to be Shi Yu.

After all, Shi Yu had shattered the most talented Mechanic in the National League as an archeologist.

“Cough, cough, cough. Principal Xie.” Seeing the sparse hair of the old principal of Kong University, Shi Yu greeted him guiltily. After all, he might have to be a colleague in the eighth bureau in the future. He had to be friendlier.

“Sigh!!” Principal Xie sighed at this little brat. Damn it, wasn’t he just a little handsome? He didn’t know what the little girl was thinking now. She actually had to do it for such a shallow reason…

“President Wang…” As it was Shi Yu’s first time here, he greeted the big shots he had never seen before.

These big shots also smiled and replied.

“The special training is completed?” Among them, Principal Feng looked at Eleven and what it was wearing. It was sitting on Shi Yu’s shoulder, though he didn’t understand what kind of special training Shi Yu had done to make the iron-eating beast like this. However, he narrowed his eyes and indeed sensed Eleven’s change. It was indeed stronger…