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Chapter 497: Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (3)

“It’s completed. I’ll challenge the Space Emperor Ruins later.” Shi Yu looked up.

“Then there’s a good show to watch today,” Zou Yun said with a chuckle. First was Ji Feng, then Shi Yu. Two newbies wanted to challenge the Space Emperor Ruins. He had already expected the appearance of the two of them returning in defeat.

Zou Yun firmly believed that that Void Mantis was definitely not something a monarch-level pet could defeat.

Not only did Zou Yun believe this, but the other Beast Tamers who had challenged it also believed it.

The Void Mantis had a total of four super racial skills, and their proficiency was all close to perfection.

There were many low-level racial skills, all perfect and transcendent.

It was still a strange spatial element.

The basic energy value was even strengthened to ten million by the Space Emperor with various spatial resources.

In this situation, unless someone threw a legendary resource on a monarch-level pet to strengthen the basic attributes, and then the number, quality, and proficiency of the skill weren’t too far behind, and it happened to be good at dealing with the spatial element, along with a powerful talent bonus of a Beast Tamer… There was no hope of winning.

However, it was basically impossible for the top-notch masters in Dong Huang to have such a foundation. Those with such a foundation had long broken through to the Legendary level. Who would still be a top-notch master?

The Dong Huang Association actually knew too. Therefore, the Dong Huang Association was already considering whether they should gather the power of the association to help a certain master create an invincible monarch-level pet to challenge the Void Mantis. After all, the star pet egg was also very attractive and worth researching for the Dong Huang Association.

Space Emperor Ruins.

“Are you the challenger this time?”

“You know the rules, right? One-on-one. Both parties aren’t allowed to use external props, but you’re allowed to use your Beast Taming Talent.”

“There’s no limit to the competition time. Defeat me and you’ll pass the test.”

In the darkness, a two-meter-tall, pitch-black creature holding two large sabers walked out and looked at the long-haired young man in front of it.

“I know.”

Ji Feng nodded. They weren’t allowed to use external props. This was actually for the sake of the challenger.

Otherwise, in this ruin personally created by the Space Emperor, if the Void Mantis used the power of the ruin and its identity as the owner of the ruin, even if a totem-level pet came, it might not necessarily be able to gain any benefits from the ruins.

Without the help of external forces, the Void Mantis was still considered a monarch. Although its strength was ridiculous, it was still a monarch. However, if it borrowed the power of the ruins, it was no different from the Butterfly of Imagination using legendary resources to explode. It was no longer a power that belonged to it.

Of course, natural energy, which wandered in the natural world, was still allowed.

“Elemental Lord.” Facing the Void Mantis, Ji Feng summoned his pet.

The elemental lord had many attributes. The elemental lord of a middle-level overlord race had three attributes. The elemental lord of a high-level overlord race even had four attributes!

Ji Feng’s humanoid elemental lord, was made of red, green, and gold. Its body was filled with the power of fire, wind, and light. It was an extremely rare three-element pet.

Seeing this pet, the Void Mantis shook its head in boredom.

In the next moment, the figure of the Elemental Lord disappeared and turned into a beam of light. It instantly appeared beside the Void Mantis and had already condensed a winding Flash Burning Blade to slash at the Void Mantis.

At the same time, an elemental vibration reaction appeared on the Burning Blade, causing the surrounding space to become unstable. The air was wailing. Through the elemental vibration, it restricted the surrounding spatial stability and the Void Mantis’ hidden ultimate move!


The Wind Burning Light Blade slashed open the Void Mantis, but this Void Mantis was distorted like an afterimage.

“Here.” With the effect of Space Deception, which was close to perfect proficiency, it easily dodged the attack. The Void Mantis that appeared beside the elemental lord also swung a slash, and a black spatial blade instantly attacked.

In the face of the enemy’s attack, the elemental lord also didn’t dodge. As the spatial blade hit its body, the energy of the elemental lord’s body began to expand. With a boom, it exploded and self-destructed.

A huge elemental vibration suddenly spread out under the stunned expression of the Void Mantis. Then, the Void Mantis revealed a pleasantly surprised smile and quickly waved its two blades!


Under the violent explosion, the energy tide rolled. Accompanied by a spatial distortion, the endless energy fluctuations seemed to have been swallowed by a black hole and quickly disappeared. In the sky, an elemental core recombined and condensed into a new elemental lord through the natural energy stored. The Beast Tamer looked at the Void Mantis that was unscathed under the elemental eruption with a serious expression.

“It’s useless.” In the distorted space, the Void Mantis’s calm dual-blade sword danced.

In the next moment, a spatial blade appeared out of thin air around the elemental lord. In the blink of an eye, its elemental body was torn apart.

Only the elemental core turned into a beam of light and escaped into the distance at the critical moment.

“As expected, it can’t be attacked…” Seeing this, Ji Feng frowned.

According to the information, since the appearance of the Space Emperor Ruins, nearly a hundred top-notch masters had fought the Void Mantis, but none of them had been able to injure the Void Mantis. Initially, Ji Feng was doubtful, but now, he finally saw the flexibility of the Void Mantis.


With the talent of All Things and the skill of the Elemental Heart, the Elemental Lord had accumulated 100 million units of energy in its body in advance. Because this energy could only be extracted bit by bit, every time it was taken out, it couldn’t exceed its own limit. It couldn’t allow the Elemental Lord to increase its attack power greatly. However, it could allow it to have “infinite energy” through the combination of various skills. For elemental creatures, infinite energy was similar to an immortal body.