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Chapter 498: Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (4)

The elemental lord carried out a super long endurance. Through this endurance, Ji Feng kept dealing with the Void Mantis.

However, a few minutes later, after repeated failures, Ji Feng realized that this Void Mantis was simply playing with him because it was bored. From the beginning to the end, due to the crushing of skills, the Elemental lord was in the other party’s rhythm. He also tried to use his talent to let the elemental lord borrow the natural energy in the ruins, but the natural energy of fire, wind, and light was too thin. On the other hand, the other party’s demonic domain was activated almost instantly, cutting off everything.

“Can you be more serious?” Ji Feng looked at the Void Mantis holding two sabers in mid-air and floating back leisurely under the continuous attacks of the elemental master.

“Are you in such a hurry to lose?” The Void Mantis said in boredom, “You’re still considered not bad. I’ll play with you longer.”

“Let me think. Your strength can probably be ranked third among the challengers who entered. Not bad.” The Void Mantis flashed and arrived beside the Elemental lord. It casually waved a spatial slash. In the next moment, the Elemental lord’s body collapsed again. Only the core barely escaped. Ji Feng asked extremely seriously, “Who are the other two?”

“A female Beast Tamer with a big white dog and a green phoenix is ranked second.”

“There’s also an old man with a fire dragon, ranked first.”

Upon hearing that, Ji Feng instantly knew who the other party was talking about. Wasn’t one of them the Sequence seventh Lu Qingyi? The other was a senior among the top masters in Dong Huang.

It was fine if it was that senior, but when he heard that the defeated Lu Qingyi was even stronger than him in the eyes of the Void Mantis, Ji Feng was instantly confused. However, he had fought Lu Qingyi in the National League a few years ago. He didn’t know how Lu Qingyi’s strength was now.

“Are there no more powerful Beast Tamers?”

The Void Mantis didn’t seem to want to play anymore. This time, it didn’t give the Elemental Lord a chance to recover. Without being able to see its movements clearly, cracks immediately appeared in the elemental core that flew out.


The elemental core was smashed beside Ji Feng, making his expression change.

“Even Master Yan lost to you. Perhaps not.” Seeing that he had lost, and he had been crushed the whole time, Ji Feng gave up struggling.

The Master Yan he was talking about was the old man with the fire dragon the other party mentioned. When Master Yan was young, he was known as a super genius with the aptitude of a titled legend. He wasn’t necessarily inferior to the current top five sequences. Unfortunately, when the other party was a top-notch master, he was heavily injured because of a disaster, causing his strength to be unable to advance anymore and he stopped at the level-six Beast Taming Space.

Such a top-notch master could be seen as a state that geniuses like them had accumulated in this realm for decades. Although their physical fitness had fallen at that time and the effect of their Beast Taming Talent might not necessarily increase much, with the experience displayed, even the other party was no match for this Space Emperor pet. Ji Feng couldn’t think of a way to crack this ruin for the time being.

“Sigh, each generation is worse than the last. Master’s sons are still the strongest.”

The Void Mantis expelled Ji Feng in boredom and said, “Rest for a while, then next.”

“After we enter later, we’ll mainly communicate. Although that mantis is very stubborn, what if…”

In the outside world, Principal Feng, Dr. Chen, and the others guided Shi Yu, who wanted to enter the ruins.

No one thought that Shi Yu could defeat the Void Mantis, nor did they think that Ji Feng could defeat the Void Mantis.

It had been several days. The strength of the Void Mantis had long been figured out by the Dong Huang Association. It was not something the current top-notch masters could defeat at all.

“I think we can use Senior Shi Yu’s Butterfly of Imagination to create a beautiful Void Mantis to seduce it,” Fang Lan suggested.

Shi Yu’s face darkened. Wasn’t this girl supposed to be a genius? This is what a genius’s head was filled with?

Her parents just left, and she was already like this?

“No one has tried this method! I’ve already tried delicacies. It didn’t work, but we can try this,” Heavenly King Zou agreed.

Ning Tianming, Tong Yan, and the others nodded thoughtfully. Heroes couldn’t resist beauties. They could try.

Now, everyone no longer thought about defeating the Void Mantis with their strength. Instead, they started to think of various strange strategies.

“I wonder how Ji Feng’s battle situation is.”

In the outside world, President Wang Lin looked up at the spatial crack.

At the side, the old principal of Kong University shook his head and said, “Don’t think about it. Even Old Yan isn’t his match. These young brats are in an even more difficult situation to deal with it. Moreover, the natural energy in the Space Emperor Ruins is also insufficient. The Void Mantis also has a forbidden domain, so its strength can’t be completely displayed.”


As the few of them chatted, with a spatial ripple, Ji Feng appeared in the outside world silently. Everyone’s gazes instantly shot towards him.

In the face of everyone’s gaze, Ji Feng shook his head.

Seeing this, President Wang Lin and the others sighed. As expected.

“I knew it.” Heavenly King Zou also shook his head.

Seeing this, Lu Qingyi and the others didn’t find it strange. It was already extremely difficult for them to face that Void Mantis. Even if Ji Feng’s Sequence ranking was a little higher, as long as he was a top-notch master and his pet was still at the monarch level, there was a limit.

“Then, is it my turn next?”