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Chapter 500: Shi Yu vs Emperor Kong (6)

” ~ ~”

A moment later, the Void Mantis spoke.

“You know the rules, right? One-on-one. Both parties aren’t allowed to use external props, but you’re allowed to use your Beast Taming Talent.”

“There’s no limit to the competition time. Defeat me and you’ll pass the test.”

As it spoke, the Void Mantis got up and said lazily.

“I know.” Shi Yu nodded. Then, Eleven on its shoulder jumped down with a roar. It grew bigger and bigger step by step, becoming more than a meter tall. It broke through the frost cloak battle suit and looked at the Void Mantis with battle intent.

Emperor Kong’s pet!

Sometimes, Shi Yu would also wonder if this battle was considered his battle with Emperor Kong.

Facing the pet of the legendary emperor, Shi Yu took a deep breath. He wanted Eleven to test how far the two parties could fight. The rest could be discussed later.

“Eh…” At this moment, the Void Mantis looked at Eleven in surprise. It kept feeling that this bear was not simple.

However, it didn’t mind too much.

Because Shi Yu was too young, ridiculously young. Among those who had come here to challenge in the past few days… He was the youngest. Of course, in the eyes of the Void Mantis, that little girl who came to talk nonsense was not a challenger.

“Are you also in that sequence thing?” the Void Mantis asked.

In the past few days, it had clearly chatted with the challenger and actually had some understanding of the outside world.

“Yes.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Which place?”

“Number 11,” Shi Yu said.

The Void Mantis sighed. Another weakling.

“Alright, let’s begin,” the Void Mantis said.

Shi Yu was waiting for this sentence. As the Void Mantis spoke, in the arena, Eleven’s gaze was filled with ferocity. It was time to test the results!

“Wuu!!!” Eleven shouted and directly started the battle!


An incomparably terrifying deterrence bloomed from Eleven.

Apart from that, an invisible white flash of flames erupted from Eleven, who was covered in white light, like an erupting volcano. Blue electric arcs flickered in the huge flames that were several meters tall, following Eleven into a sharp state!!


Under the lightning and thunder, Eleven’s body suddenly increased to three to four meters tall in the blink of an eye and entered the sharp form of the Nine Li Battle Beast. At this moment, this form was its original appearance. At that moment, Eleven took another step forward and stimulated the metal and lightning power stored in its body!

Although he couldn’t store hundreds of millions of energy points in his body like Ji Feng, Eleven’s stored power could be used to strengthen its body, so the meaning was completely different. With a boom, Eleven’s energy level instantly rose to 13 million.

This state would cause a certain amount of damage to Eleven. However, due to its strong physique, the Overlord Body Armor, and the Undying Golden Body, the damage was too small, close to zero.

And this wasn’t Eleven’s limit. However, Eleven didn’t choose to continue erupting. It was mainly because this current state was the most comfortable and convenient. At the moment, it wasn’t the time to erupt to the limit.

“This deterrence…” At this moment, the Void Mantis, which had originally underestimated the enemy, also changed its attitude. It wasn’t that the energy Eleven erupted with was very strong, but this deterrence, the full-level deterrence wave, suddenly reminded it of the main pets of the Space Emperor.

It had been a long time since it had seen deterrence of this level. Eleven might not be the one with the strongest energy fluctuations among the opponents it had encountered previously, but it was definitely the one with the strongest deterrence fluctuations.

For a moment, the Void Mantis’s mind was affected a little. Fortunately, as its transcendent deterrence wrapped around its entire body, it immediately became serious.

“You attack first,” Shi Yu invited.

“Oh? Are you sure? I’ll attack first, but there might be nothing else after that,” the Void Mantis said.

In the previous challenge, it was just playing with the challenger. If it really wanted to end the battle, it would only take a few seconds for it to take the initiative to attack.

“You… are really likable.” Shi Yu grinned. What kind of personality did Emperor Kong’s pet have? Was it so arrogant? It was exactly as Senior Lu and the others had described. It was arrogant, but he liked it.

“Let’s go.”

“In that case, let’s see how thick your defense is.”

The Void Mantis looked at Eleven’s thick armor and revealed a bloodthirsty smile. Its body disappeared!!

At this moment, Eleven, who was in a sharp state, couldn’t determine where the enemy was with its super vision. It only felt a huge threat appear in its mind. At that moment, it seemed to have predicted the future and its entire body trembled!!

There was no time to dodge!


A light that seemed to have broken through the darkness swung over and directly cut Eleven from its chest. When its black saber wrapped around the super skill Space Slash and attacked the enemy with the power of space, the Void Mantis had already expected the outcome.

If nothing went wrong, this guy’s armor would instantly shatter.

An irreversible huge wound would appear on its entire body. It would directly lose the ability to fight and needed to be dragged down for emergency treatment.

Thinking of this, the Void Mantis was stunned in the next moment.

Although it felt that its black saber was cutting things crazily, the shocking thickness stunned it.

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu…” At this moment, bean bears formed by clones and bean soldier combination skills were embedded in Eleven’s armor like flat tattoos. Every bean bear used impregnable, hardening, and superimposed on Eleven’s main body to cooperate with its defense.