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Chapter 503: Worldview Shattered (2)

However, at the same time, the Void Mantis felt an incomparable threat!

Eleven raised its head. So be it. Its fierce eyes flashed.

Shi Yu also knew that an opportunity had come.

Domain skills had a characteristic, which was that they could only enjoy bonuses when they were in the domain. Only when they were in the domain could the domain creator control the domain better. At the same time, if the domain was shattered, the controller would also be affected to a certain extent.

Therefore, after spending a huge price to create the domain, the Void Mantis definitely wouldn’t leave easily. After realizing Eleven’s threat, it wouldn’t easily remove the forbidden domain and let Eleven recover its physical fitness.

Therefore, the two pets were going to have a short collision in this spatial domain.

Of course, with the spatial attainments of the Void Mantis, the domain it created was not so easy to break.

With Eleven’s attack just now, it was not enough to affect this domain much. The Void Mantis had also made a judgment before opening the domain.

The Void Mantis stood on the side of the domain and didn’t dare to approach Eleven. It swung its two blades and fought through the far-reaching spatial blade. Eleven, who had judged the range of the domain, completely erupted at this moment.

It wanted to try directly using a large-scale indiscriminate skill to shatter the domain.

“Huh?” At this moment, after the spatial cutting blade that was several meters long swung over, the expression of the Void Mantis suddenly froze.

The Iron-eating Beast opposite suddenly erupted with an even stronger and more extreme power.

Eleven directly mobilized all the metal and lightning power accumulated in its stamina source in advance and superimposed them on itself beyond the limit. An even more violent energy wave intertwined with white and blue bloomed from its body!

At this moment, the Undying Golden Body couldn’t barely maintain its balance like before. Eleven directly underwent the strongest eruption that exceeded the limit of the Undying Golden Body!

At the same time, Eleven’s body suddenly enlarged. Unlike the previous enlargement that was added to the move, its body parts directly enlarged this time. It consumed more energy and had a higher load. However, in exchange, it also obtained stronger strength. Previously, because of the flexibility of the Void Mantis and the lack of a venue range, it was not easy for it to directly multiply, afraid of being kited. But now, in the same domain, Eleven directly unsealed it.

“Roar!!!” In the roar, the Space Slash slashed at Eleven again. It was the same defensive method, but this time, because the attack power of the Void Mantis was stronger, the batch of Bean Bears summoned at the start was completely killed in this round of attacks. They were exploded by the powerful shock wave. At the same time, a shocking wound crack appeared on Eleven’s body.

Black cracks marked that Eleven’s body was broken to an extremely high level.

However, what the Void Mantis couldn’t understand was that if it were ordinary pets with such injuries, they would have long lost their ability to fight. However, this guy’s injuries were actually still recovering at an extremely high speed. The recovery speed was simply faster than those supplement pets. This was what it found unbelievable.

At that moment, Eleven was in a daze and couldn’t determine the location of the Void Mantis at all. However, it didn’t need to determine at this moment because its target this time was the entire domain!

As Eleven instantly enlarged to a hundred meters, the Void Mantis on the other side was a little stunned. Then, another indiscriminate attack towards the domain!!

This attack consumed all Eleven’s strength.

The Void Mantis could also sense that the creature opposite was going all out.

It had become so huge and exceeded the load to erupt to this extent. After this attack, it was definitely dried up.

“I see. You want me to ‘wound myself up’ and defeat me in my domain?”

The Void Mantis smiled coldly. Although it admired Eleven’s strength, it underestimated it too much.

In the domain, it was invincible.

“Chains.” It waved its hand calmly, and the entire spatial domain instantly flickered with light. At the same time that Eleven punched out, countless small domains appeared in the large domain. They were like layers of spatial shackles that wrapped around Eleven, forming ten layers.

At the same time, the spatial shackles also produced countless sharp spatial shock waves that swept towards Eleven, who had erupted to the limit.

The milky-white spatial shock wave intertwined with the transparent sword pattern shock wave produced by the spatial shackles.

Endless electricity shot out of Eleven’s sharp gaze.

“Roar!!!” It roared to increase its strength.


A violent vibration exploded from the center of the domain. The impact wave swept in all directions.

At this moment, Eleven, who had already overdrawn to the limit, suffered huge injuries again due to the rebound of the Space Quake skill. Just like what the Void Mantis had judged, its body was completely dried up.

However, due to the Undying Golden Body, although the ratio of damage to life force was not high, this extreme eruption really made Eleven, who was in the enlarged state, still hang on to life and not completely lose consciousness.

At the same time, Eleven’s attack rumbled and detonated the spatial shackles that the Void Mantis had superimposed with its spatial domain. One layer, two layers, three layers…

In the end, the Void Mantis heaved a sigh of relief. When Eleven’s full-strength attack detonated the nine layers of spatial shackles, the vibration wave directly dissipated and the power wave turned into nothingness. Not to mention breaking the domain, even the spatial shackles formed by the Void Mantis with the power of the domain couldn’t be perfectly shattered.