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Chapter 505: Worldview Shattered (4)

To be honest, Shi Yu didn’t want Eleven to use this power. After all, this power that had yet to be fused was different from the metal lightning power that could still be replenished. If he couldn’t find Yun An, it was better to be using it less. However, with Eleven’s evolution still far in the future, it was useless to let this energy stay there. It was better to use it here. When he obtained the cultivation right of the Space Emperor Ruins, he should become stronger as soon as possible. A portion of the current consumption wouldn’t be a loss.


“Eleven, Demon God form,” Shi Yu shouted.

Black flames that filled the sky erupted from Eleven, who was falling from the sky. The Void Mantis opened its mouth wide. Although Eleven, who was in the form of a demon god, maintained the size of a normal iron-eating beast, the energy wave was not inferior to the huge eruption just now!!

The third round erupted, the power of a demon god!

Eleven, who was falling, suddenly opened its eyes. Its entire body was covered in black hardened material armor. The power of the Demon God turned into black lightning that lingered around its body. At this moment, the Void Mantis completely cursed.


“Wuu!!!” Eleven enlarged again and became an incomparably huge monster. The angered Void Mantis crazily condensed a spatial blade and smashed it at Eleven. This time, Eleven only hardened simply. However, the hardening of the fused power of the Demon God was like Yun An’s Demon God body. It was incomparably hard. In addition, the spatial domain was unstable at this moment, and the power of the Void Mantis was already at its limit. It couldn’t completely tear apart the current Demon God body.

In the form of a Demon God, Eleven’s consciousness was very faint. With the power of a Demon God, Eleven activated Hardening, Giant Transformation, and Impregnable again. Moreover, the huge fist lingered with spatial fluctuations, sweeping up black flames and lightning that filled the sky, and punched at the Void Mantis in the domain!!


With a punch, the white spatial wave was also dyed black.

At the same time that a huge sound that could almost destroy the world appeared, the Void Mantis also felt a power that could destroy everything!

In the huge vibration sound, with a crack, the spatial domain directly shattered. The space of the Space Emperor Ruins was also like a broken mirror, and black lightning-like cracks kept appearing!!

Compared to ordinary hardening, the enhancement of the power of vibration was even greater. Even if it was brute force, brute force without skill in the eyes of the Void Mantis, it still made the technique focused style of the Void Mantis feel a huge threat!

In the blink of an eye, space shattered like a mirror. An attack that contained terrifying power directly shattered everything, sweeping with incomparable vibration power. At the same time, it swallowed the Void Mantis and sealed this unstable space, leaving it with nowhere to escape!!

“Are you monsters…” Because its domain had shattered, the temporarily stunned Void Mantis only wanted to curse.

“F*ck your Sequence 11.”

Which damned creature could erupt three times in a row, and each time was stronger than the last?

Apart from monsters, it didn’t know how to describe the pet opposite it.

“Spatial… Slash!!!”


The Void Mantis counterattacked again, but under the extremely sublimated spatial space, it couldn’t offset this power.

With a boom, under the interweaving of the black spatial cracks, a huge spatial vibration power rushed into the sky, instantly tearing open a black natural chasm hundreds of meters long in the sky!!

During this process, in order to not make itself too miserable, the Void Mantis directly mobilized the power of the master of the ruins and used the power of the void in the ruins to protect itself!!


In the terrifying vibration, there was no longer any trace of the Void Mantis. On the other side, the incomparably huge Demon God Eleven looked at a void ball in mid-air through the smoke. In the next second, the void ball turned into light spots and disappeared. Inside, a mantis with injuries not inferior to Eleven fell slowly from the sky with green blood flowing out of its body.

During the fall, the Void Mantis cried out in pain. It no longer had the ability to fight. It only felt that its body was broken and in extreme pain.

This big guy opposite didn’t look any less injured than him. Didn’t it hurt?!!


A moment later, the Void Mantis fell to the ground and hissed.

Endless void power repaired its body crazily, but it still kept rolling around.

“This, does this count as my victory…” At the same time, Shi Yu’s voice sounded, making the expression of the rolling Void Mantis turn cold. Its body suddenly stopped and it looked over.

“You win!! Aiyo!!! The last kid wasn’t honest. Didn’t they say that there weren’t any stronger Beast Tamers? Was your Sequence ranking randomly ranked? Could it be that the higher the number, the stronger it is?” The Void Mantis continued to scream. It didn’t cheat. Or rather, it was also hoping that someone could defeat it.

This way, it didn’t have to carry out the mission left behind by the Space Emperor here. It could no longer suppress its level and got to break through to the overlord level. It could then search for the missing Space Emperor mentioned by the people outside.

“Monster, you’re a monster. You’re the most…” The Void Mantis was just about to say something when Shi Yu’s blue summoning array appeared. It summoned a ginseng baby that quickly ran towards Eleven.

The Void Mantis didn’t care about Baby Ginseng. Instead, it looked at the color of Shi Yu’s summoning array.

Blue… Blue… Blue…

This guy wasn’t a level-six Beast Tamer, but a f*cking level-five Beast Tamer!!

Realizing this, the Void Mantis opened its mouth wide in extreme shock. It looked at Shi Yu in disbelief and said, “You’re a level-five Beast Tamer??”