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Chapter 506: Worldview Shattered (5)

“Uh.” Shi Yu was stunned. He looked at the collapsing expression of the Void Mantis and said, “It doesn’t affect me much, not much. I have a telepathy talent. In any case, I can’t contract an overlord-level pet. It’s the same at level five or six. It won’t affect my battle power.”

The Void Mantis: ???

Telepathy… telepathy talent?

“Aiyo, ow, ow, ow…”

F*ck, when the Void Mantis screamed, it also suddenly noticed that it was true. Why didn’t this challenger f*cking use his Beast Taming Talent?

In the end, it wasn’t that he had forgotten to use it, but that it was because it was a telepathy talent that didn’t increase the battle much, so it didn’t show anything special?

The values of the Void Mantis were directly impacted. It cried in pain, feeling even worse than admitting that it had lost just now.

In other words, this Iron block had forced him into a desperate situation without the support of its Beast Tamer talent?

Thinking of this, the expression of the Void Mantis darkened. Its already dark face darkened even more.

It was cultivated by the Space Emperor after the legendary level. How could it lose to the black and white bear cultivated by a level-five kid with a telepathy talent? This didn’t make sense.

“Yi! (Want to eat?)”

When the Void Mantis’s world view shattered, a fragrance and voice woke it up. It saw a ginseng baby clone holding a fruit and walking to its side, handing it the fruit and asking.

The Void Mantis looked at this guy in silence and then at Shi Yu.

Why did such a powerful Beast Tamer contract a ginseng baby?

“No.” The Void Mantis let out a cold and arrogant cry. It continued to use the void power of the ruins to repair and recover the damage on its body, making Baby Ginseng’s clone purse its lips. This guy lost to its leader.

At this moment, Shi Yu asked with a smile, “Well, the Space Beast Egg… And I heard that after defeating you, I can cultivate in the Space Emperor Ruins. Is that true…”

Shi Yu rubbed his hands in anticipation.

The Void Mantis howled and said, “I know, it’s so annoying.”

With that said, it summoned a round, white egg the size of a football with purple patterns.

“For you…”

It casually threw it into Shi Yu’s hand for him to catch. At the same time, a leather blueprint fell on the egg.

“It records the method to hatch and contract.”

Shi Yu ignored the egg and looked at the blueprint. The words on the blueprint were from the Space Emperor Era. There were only a few changes from now, so Shi Yu still recognized them.

After taking a look at the blueprint, Shi Yu was not too concerned about the contract method. However, the hatching method stunned Shi Yu.

So troublesome.

It recorded that if one wanted the star pet egg to absorb enough nutrition to hatch, they needed specific star power.

Under normal circumstances, Beast Tamers had no place to look for the power of the stars. However, the Space Emperor had sufficiently prepared something for the lucky person who beat the mantis.

Because only specific geographical locations could attract specific star power…

In four places, he established four large arrays that could attract four different types of starlight.

Beast Tamers who obtained the egg could go there and borrow the power of the ruins array formation to help the egg hatch.

If that was all, Shi Yu didn’t mind. However, when he glanced at the location of the four special ruins marked on the map, his expression immediately darkened.

This was f*cking crazy. One of the ruins was on the seven islands, the other was in Rongguang, the other was in Tingxiang, and the other was in the totem area. Emperor Kong was messing with people.

However, Shi Yu quickly understood. If it were during the Space Emperor era, this position was nothing because the Space Emperor had established the Continent Teleportation Array. It would take an instant to go anywhere on Blue Planet, but the problem was that the Teleportation Array could no longer be used now!

“Let’s go out and take a look.”

Before Shi Yu could complain too much, the Void Mantis couldn’t help but chase him away. It said, “If you want to come to the Space Emperor Ruins to cultivate, do it from tomorrow onwards. For now, you guys leave first. I want to rest. Aiyo.”

After facing challenges for several days in a row, the Void Mantis was exhausted after this battle. It suddenly wanted to sleep.

Before Shi Yu could react, he and Eleven, who was hugging Baby Ginseng in pain and joy, were teleported out of the ruins space.


In the outside world.

The people outside were also really bored.

The fifth in the sequence, Ji Feng, was clearly a mess at socialization. The others didn’t know how he became a spy.

At this moment, under everyone’s questions, he had no choice but to reveal the situation of his battle with the Void Mantis.

“The elemental lord’s half self-destruction can’t even work??”

“I knew it. Apart from the spatial element, it’s very difficult for other elements to hurt this guy.”

“But if it’s a spatial element, it’s undoubtedly showing off in front of an expert. There’s no solution at all.”

“Ji Feng, don’t be depressed. I understand you.” Seeing Ji Feng’s silent appearance, Heavenly King Zou was deeply touched. He also felt that that mantis was too uncomfortable.

“Don’t get close,” Ji Feng said after a moment of silence.

“I’m not depressed. After all, that’s a pet cultivated by the Space Emperor. Moreover, its strength is indeed very strong. Whether it’s me or Jiang Tianyang, whose overlord-level pet fought that Void Mantis, we might not necessarily be able to gain any advantage.”

Jiang Tianyang, fourth in the Sequence, legendary Beast Tamer. Ji Feng had once publicly challenged him, but he lost.

Everyone sighed. Yes, that Void Mantis could completely be seen as overlord-level battle power.

It had not broken through for a long time, so it was most likely holding back from breaking through. After all, the skill proficiency was extremely close to the standard.

“Unfortunately.” President Wang said regretfully, “Unfortunately, there are no Beast Tamers with ‘spatial strengthening talent’ among the top masters in our Dong Huang. Otherwise, we might be able to rely on the combination of Beast Tamers and pets and the targeted cultivation of the association to obtain the qualifications to fight that Space Mantis in the future.”