Chapter 687: Talent Plundering, Target Candidate (6)

“There’s news.” Before long, the old woman, Legend Zhang, held a jade stone and said, “It’s news from Qu Ling…”

Shi Yu, the Butterfly God, Legend Ke, and Ji Feng looked at the old woman.

Under everyone’s gaze, this jade stone gradually turned black. This scene immediately made the old woman’s expression change. “Oh no, oh no, Qu Ling’s identity is at risk of being exposed. Her current situation is very dangerous.”

As the old woman finished speaking, the expressions of many people changed.

“What should we do?” Ji Feng immediately said solemnly.

Although the intelligence officer of the tenth bureau had ways to destroy all their memories in a crisis and ensure that everyone’s identities weren’t leaked, they would definitely be in huge danger, even if they could continue the mission.

It was obvious that the other party was in an extremely dangerous situation.

Shi Yu’s expression also changed. “This person…”

This person was Master Qu Jie’s daughter, right?

“I’ll go save her.”

“This is also part of the mission.”

Shi Yu said, “You guys wait for the news here. Don’t worry, we won’t be exposed.”

Shi Yu summoned the gem cat almost without hesitation and went to the legendary ruins together. These missions could be interrupted, but he couldn’t let anything happen to Master Qu Jie’s daughter in the Heavenly Fox Nation.


Outside the legendary ruins.

The Heavenly Fox Army of more than ten thousand people stood neatly together.

Among them, a woman was extremely panicked and understood that a big problem was about to happen.

Ever since she came to the Heavenly Fox Nation, she had never joined the official faction because the risk of being exposed was too high. This time, because the matter of the legendary ruins of Emperor Wu was very important, she had no choice but to take the risk and use various connections to enter the Heavenly Fox Guard to investigate more information.

Although she had already expected this moment, Qu Ling was still a little afraid.

Her heart was thumping.

Although her mental fortitude was pretty good, the totem-level fox god stood in the sky and looked down at them. After that, overlord-level foxes appeared one after another.

Under this pressure, as a top-notch master, Qu Ling really couldn’t breathe.

“Hahahaha, are you looking for spies?” At the side, the Black Goat Totem that flew over looked at this group of cute humans and chuckled.

Beside him, Legend Bai Chuan was expressionless. His gaze was more focused on the illusory legendary ruin door that connected heaven and earth.

The method to crack this ruin was what he was most concerned about.

Unfortunately, after so many days, the Heavenly Fox Nation still couldn’t crack this legendary seal ruin.

Unfortunately, they temporarily couldn’t find a very good way to crack this sealed ruin.

“You…” Under the Fox God’s gaze, through some unknown method, its gaze focused on a middle-aged Beast Tamer in the army. Under its gaze, the middle-aged man was covered in sweat, his eyes filled with fear.

“No, no, spare me, Lord Fox God, spare me!!!”

The middle-aged man let out a miserable cry and was pulled into the sky by a wave of spiritual power. Then, with a miserable cry, he fainted and was thrown to the ground by the Fox God.

“A spy from the Heavenly Wolf Nation?” The Fox God’s expression was unfriendly. It was rare for it to wake up. It didn’t expect this much trouble.

Its bootlicker actually dared to plant people in his territory?

It looked at a woman with a fox beside her. After looking over, the middle-aged woman was instantly shocked.

Just like the outcome of the middle-aged man from before, the middle-aged woman was instantly pulled out, her memories extracted, and thrown out.

In the next moment, another pale young man was pulled out and thrown out.

The corners of the mouths of the Black Goat Totem and Legend Bai Chuan twitched.

How many spies did this Heavenly Fox Nation have!!!

Under the repeated searches of the Fox God, soon, six spies were pulled out, making the Heavenly Fox Saintess and the overlord foxes reveal unfriendly expressions.

Son of a b*tch.

Soon, the fox god’s gaze landed on a captain of the Heavenly Fox Guard, a woman in her twenties. Her expression was calm and she kept silent. She looked at the fox god and was filled with piety.

“You’re pretending very well.”

The Fox God said coldly and looked at Qu Ling. These words almost made Qu Ling cry.

The Fox God’s Psychic wave enveloped over.

As for Qu Ling, she seemed to have resigned to her fate. Her expression was filled with despair. Fortunately, Qu Ling knew that her memories had the ability to self-destruct and that her identity wouldn’t be leaked.

However, she was about to die. Qu Ling was still very desperate…


Psychic power enveloped over. At this moment, a spatial crack opened behind Qu Ling. A powerful Psychic power emitted and bounced back the Fox God’s Psychic power, making the Fox God’s expression change. Then, the spatial crack stretched out a hand and pulled Qu Ling into an alternate space.

At this moment, the Fox God, the Heavenly Fox Saintess, the Black Goat Totem, and even the overlords were shocked.

Especially the Fox God, who was immediately furious.

“Spatial element totem…” The black goat’s gaze was even filled with fear. It felt that this Heavenly Fox Nation was simply a place filled with dragons and tigers.

“Since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving…” At the totem level, transcendent life forms could optimize their race and create their own skills. Every totem level more or less cultivated methods against the spatial element, and the Fox God was naturally no exception.