Chapter 688: Talent Plundering, Target Candidate (7)

Although it felt that its spatial attainments were inferior to the guy who saved the spy, the Fox God immediately erupted with the greatest strength to stop the rescuer.

In the alternate space, Shi Yu and the gem cat, who had pulled Qu Ling into the alternate space, had panicked expressions, but not especially worried.

“Don’t worry, cat. I have the protection of the Dragon God, I’ll protect you. We won’t die no matter what!”

In order to let the cat drive in peace, Shi Yu kept comforting it.

As for the gem cat, it was cursing. At this moment, Qu Ling was the most shocked. She looked at the white alternate space she was inexplicably pulled into, at the gray-robed old man who was pulling her, and at the transcendent gem cat. She was very confused.


“What the…” The gem cat didn’t want to talk to Shi Yu now. As the space vibrated, the gem cat’s scalp went numb. “Sit tight, let’s drive!!!”


Cracks appeared in the alternate space. The huge impact made the people and beasts in the alternate space spin. Soon, the gem cat laughed.

“Hahahahaha, little fox, you’re still too young to fight with big sister cat… How is it? My skill…”

After the gem cat instantly left the vicinity of the legendary ruins, it laughed smugly. It looked at Shi Yu and Qu Ling and decided to take credit.


It looked at the shocked Qu Ling in silence and said, “Little girl, where’s that old man?”

Qu Ling was at a loss. “Yeah, where is he…”

The gem cat: ???

The cat’s gaze exploded. The entire person was gone??

“Where is he!!!”

The gem cat shouted in shock.

Then, it suddenly fell silent. Danger was impossible. Even if it was insta-killed, Shi Yu himself would be fine. Dragon God Protection wasn’t just for show.

The gem cat suddenly had a bad feeling.

At this moment, the Fox God and the others also had a bad feeling.

At this moment, they were in no mood to pay attention to the spatial totem and the spy who had been rescued.


At that moment, the violent vibration of the legendary ruins space made many people look over!!


In the legendary sealed ruins, a figure descended inside.

Now, the most stunned was clearly Shi Yu!!!

He originally wanted to go over and protect the gem cat. After all, although the gem cat’s attack power wasn’t weak, its defense was inferior to Eleven’s. In order to ensure that nothing happened to the gem cat, he went over together and used himself as a shield for the gem cat to block the possible threat.

The danger didn’t happen. It successfully escaped from the fox god again. Shi Yu was convinced by its reputation as a coward cat.

However, the moment he pulled Qu Ling in, Shi Yu was also depressed.

Because the moment the spatial crack opened, he heard a voice!

[What’s your relationship with that turtle…]

Then, he was directly sucked here by the spatial vortex born with the spatial crack.

“Trash Dragon God Protection, you’re not very smart!!! How could you not block this?!”

After Shi Yu arrived at this new space, his expression immediately changed because he instantly sensed an energy wave similar to Yun An.

However, in the next moment, what shocked Shi Yu even more was the woman who appeared in front of him.

This was a spiritual body that looked like an illusion. She was wearing the armor of the Emperor Wu Dynasty during the Emperor Wu Dynasty era and had a calm expression. What shocked Shi Yu the most was that this guy was too similar to the senior, Lin Xiuzhu. It could be said that they were simply carved from the same mold, apart from being a little older.

It gave Shi Yu a feeling that if Senior was 30 or 40 years old, she might look like the woman in front of him!!