Chapter 689: First Kill Totem Kill


When Shi Yu saw this woman, he made a preliminary judgment that she was an ally.

The first reason was that she was wearing the standard armor of the Emperor Wu Dynasty.

The second reason was that it was a mature senior.

The third reason was that the Dragon God Protection didn’t react.

Fourth, could the turtle the other party mentioned be Zhong Xuan?

Now that he thought about it, perhaps the Dragon God Protection wasn’t necessarily unintelligent, but too intelligent.

Unless it was really a life-and-death crisis, it probably wouldn’t trigger the protection.

At the same time, Shi Yu was a little sad.

The next time he went to Dragon Palace City, he had to ask the Dragon God properly. Could it be that after he ate the Undying Fruit, the Dragon God protection would insist that Shi Yu be in his undead form already before protecting him when there was a life-and-death crisis?

That would be a scam.

“What’s your relationship with that turtle…”

A woman who was 90% similar to Senior was still saying the same thing.

Shi Yu asked, “What’s your goal in pulling me here?”

Shi Yu was silent. Although he knew Zhong Xuan, he wanted to know how this woman sensed his connection with Zhong Xuan.

It would be fine if Zhong Xuan was his contracted pet, but he had only chatted with Zhong Xuan for a while.

This person could sense this?

“Old man, there’s no need to be nervous.” The woman smiled and said, “I mean no harm.”

“I just wanted to clear my confusion after sensing a special spatial wave on you.”

“Spatial fluctuations?”

“Don’t you know? When one ruin space comes into contact with another ruin space for a long time and overlaps, weaker spaces will be affected by stronger spaces and similar spatial fluctuations will appear.”

“You should have carried a certain spatial tool and stayed in a certain ruin for a long time, right?” The woman looked at Shi Yu and said, “Can you tell me about it?”

Shi Yu was slightly stunned and immediately understood. He had indeed brought the ruin ring and stayed in Emperor Wu Ruins for more than two months.

“I want to know if you’ve seen a turtle in that ruin,” she said. “The spatial fluctuations of the spatial equipment you carry are very special. You’ve even come into contact with a deeper layer of spatial fluctuations. I couldn’t be wrong.”

“You must have come into contact with that turtle.”

“How do you know?” Shi Yu asked in confusion. Even the gem cat would probably find it difficult to detect the similarity between these subtle spatial fluctuations.

This woman could sense it through a layer of space?

The mature senior said, “Of course I know, because I’ve also participated in the modification of the ruins space you’ve been to.”

“Now, you can also tell me, right?”

She had participated in the modification of Emperor Wu Ruins?

Shi Yu was immediately silent. He was even more certain of the other party’s identity.

The other party was most likely a Beast Tamer of the Iron-eating Beast Tribe under Emperor Wu.

Zhong Xuan had said that the ruin was used to nurture Iron-eating Beasts. It was watched over by it and the feeders of the Iron-eating Beast Tribe.

Since this person had participated in the modification of the ruins, he was definitely a core figure of the Emperor Wu Dynasty.

He decided to forget it and lay his cards on the table and not waste time. The gem cat and the others should be worried about him. He had to understand the cause and effect as soon as possible and get out.

“Senior Chong Xuan… I’ve indeed seen it before.” Shi Yu looked at her.

“It has nurtured me.”

The woman revealed a happy expression and said, “In that case, it’s still alive.”

“No, Senior Chong Xuan has already reincarnated,” Shi Yu said.


“As expected, it still can’t find a way to recover.” After being stunned, she said with a regretful expression, “Reincarnation… is also a method.”

“So, Senior, who exactly are you…?” Shi Yu asked.

“I’m the legend level cultivator of the Iron-eating Beast Corps under Emperor Wu, Ji Mengzhu.” Ji Mengzhu looked at Shi Yu. Although she didn’t know if what Shi Yu said was true, she was still relatively happy to encounter someone who had entered that ruin.

“Your surname isn’t Lin?” Shi Yu felt strange.

He was already certain that this person was most likely one of Senior Panda’s ancestors. Senior Panda’s ancestor was indeed related to the Iron-eating Beast Tribe!

“You said that Zhong Xuan has nurtured you. What’s going on?” Ji Mengzhu looked at Shi Yu, wanting to confirm further.

Shi Yu said, “I contracted an Iron-eating Beast. After entering that ruin, I accidentally refreshed a trial record and woke up Senior Chong Xuan. I learned about what happened at the end of the Emperor Wu Dynasty from it. Then, Senior Chong Xuan told me the evolution method of my Iron-eating Beast and the cultivation method of my Iron-eating Beast.”

“You contracted an Iron-eating Beast?” Ji Mengzhu’s expression was pleasantly surprised. She believed Shi Yu’s words even more.

“Can you summon it for me to take a look?”

Shi Yu thought for a moment and nodded. He had already confirmed that this Ji Mengzhu was an ancient from 2000 years ago. He just didn’t know what method she had used to survive until now in the form of a spiritual body. From the looks of it, she seemed to be able to control this legendary ruin.

Did it become an artifact spirit?

After entering the ruins for a moment, Shi Yu could already confirm that this ruin was most likely like the Ice Dragon Ruins, sealing and suppressing some great danger.

From the energy fluctuations and historical direction, it was very likely a totem that suppressed the relevant factions of Yun An, and this Ji Mengzhu was guarding here.

Since it was an ally, there was no problem. Thinking of the prophecy of the country’s guardian, there might even be iron-eating beast evolution materials here. In addition, this Ji Mengzhu was the chief feeder of the iron-eating beast army of the Emperor Wu Dynasty. She might have mastered many rare metals. Shi Yu’s heart surged.