After calming down the two, Lith turned to look at his mother and asked, "Before proceeding, I want to ask, why are you here, mom?"

"Why else? I can't see you getting tortured by her." Lilith said, pointing at Lucifer.

"When did I torture him?" Lucifer asked.

"Alright. Alright. Don't start again." Lith stopped them before things got worse.

"Also, it doesn't hurt to have some company."

Saying so, Lith grabbed his mother and aunt's big butt and chuckled.

He then turned to look at his mother and said, "since you're here now mom, I can safely test a few things."

"What do you want to test, baby?" Lilith asked, a bit curious.

Lith smiled. "You'll know."

He turned to look at Lucifer and asked, "Aunt, can you take us three to a room?"

Lucifer smiled. "Of course, say no more."

Lucifer snapped her fingers and her along with Lith and Lilith vanished from their spots.

Lith's vision darkened for a moment, but in the next instant, he found himself standing in a room with a big bed and glass walls on all sides.

Before Lith could ask Lucifer anything, she explained,

"This is the First Floor's watchtower, in the middle of all settlements. Don't worry, even though everything seems like glass, nobody can see inside of it. Only we can see others."

"I see." Lith nodded. "Well, now that we're in a more comfortable place, let's begin with the program."

Saying so, Lith began kneading their soft butt once again.

"Program?" Lucifer asked.

"Yes. Take off your coverings, aunt. Get naked. And you too, mom." Lith ordered the two ladies.

Lilith covered her mouth. "Oh my… you're gonna do mama in front of her, baby?"

Lucifer, now being fully naked, knitted her brows and asked, "what do you mean in front of her? And you… Are you planning on doing a threesome with me and your mom?"

"Oh!" Lith's mouth turned into an 'o' and he put on a fake surprised expression. "I can't believe aunt found out my intentions."

Lucifer could feel the sarcasm but she harrumphed and didn't speak further.

Lith chuckled and turned to look at his mother.

Lilith looked back at him and nodded her head. She snapped her finger and hers as well as Lith's clothes were gone.

Now that everyone was naked, Lith held their peaches once again and started kneading them.

'Reiss' Double Trouble.'

Lith chanted in his mind shortly after he began kneading the two. As he finished with the chant, surprise could be seen on both the ladies' faces.

Lucifer and Lilith both looked down, only to see there being no hand but they could see their lower lips being caressed by something.

Looking at their fascinated faces, Lith chuckled and said, "How is it? Feels real, right?"

"Very much!" Lucifer said in amusement.

She moved her hand towards her pussy to see what was up, only to feel herself touching something.

"Hmm? What's this?"

Lith smiled hearing that. "What you're feeling is my hand. It's just invisible and there's nothing else to it."

"Hand?" Lilith chimed in. "But—"

"But both my hands seem to be occupied, right?" Lith asked by pressing their butt cheeks.

Lilith and Lucifer nodded their heads.

Lith chuckled and continued, "I have a technique with which I can create extra pairs of limbs and organs. One heart can't supply enough blood to whole body? Create another. One pair of hands can't do the job? Create another!"

Feeling fascinated with such an explanation, Lilith and Lucifer looked down and focused on it.

They both used magic and broke through Lith's invisibility spells.

They soon saw that the hands that were massaging their forbidden gardens really belonged to Lith and were a part of him.

Out of his scapula, an extra pair of hands appeared out that he was able to use.

Lith, noticing that the two ladies had seen it, explained further, "Having an extra set of limbs or anything else may seem ugly. So I hid it with spells. Don't worry, these spells don't take a toll on me and won't affect anything in bed."

"Hmm… but…" Lucifer, even though was feeling aroused from Lith's caresses, had her interest piqued in this and analyzing him, asked, "How are you able to multitask? I don't think controlling four arms is easy."

Lith smiled and gestured at his mother. "She's the reason. She, along with my sister, trained me to multitask so I can easily do it."

Lilith flashed a gentle smile hearing that. She hugged Lith from the side and kissed his cheek.

Lucifer felt irked looking at Lilith take Lith all to herself.

"Look at you, getting so chummy with each second." She spit some venom to make Lilith back away a bit.

Lilith smiled and didn't reply. She knew Lucifer wasn't serious and was just joking.

Having explained to the two how things were, Lith said, "Since you know how things are, let's begin with everything."

Lith pointed towards his shaft and continued, "Mom, aunt, if you two wanna have a taste of it, now is the time. You won't get the chance again until we're done with the pounding."

"What? You want me to suck your d— what, bitch! Leave some space for me!!" Lucifer was about to question Lith when she saw Lilith go down and already start sucking Lith off.

Lucifer wasn't gonna deny Lith a blowjob as she wanted to have a taste of his dick, but her pride wouldn't let her simply do as Lith had asked and would make her question him unnecessarily.

But the useless question was overruled immediately as Lilith was faster than her. Knowing she would gobble everything up, Lucifer hurried and didn't question Lith anymore.

Lith chuckled looking at the healthy competition between his two ladies.

He held their hair into a ponytail and let them suck him off properly.

Lilith had good technique and knew what Lith wanted. She acted accordingly and gave Lith a good time.

Lucifer on the other hand was surprisingly good with everything as well. Although she seemed a bit inexperienced in comparison to his mother, her techniques too were top notch.

The Demon Queen apparently knew everything it seemed, Lith thought to himself.

An hour passed with the two sucking him off.

During this time, Lith climaxed once and shot his load inside Lucifer's mouth.

For the first time, Lucifer tasted semen and she wouldn't lie, the strong rosy flavor of it was really good.

She craved for more and so stimulated Lith more intensely by doing everything she could to make him feel aroused, becoming a tough competitor to Lilith.

Lilith and Lucifer both took turns on Lith's shaft. While one bobbed their head to and fro from it, the other would suck the jewels.

To Lith, their mouths felt heavenly and he felt a tickle down his spine.

It was an amazing feeling and he realized that he should get blowjobs more often.

Currently, Lith was close to climaxing once again.

Lilith could feel his shaft buldge inside her mouth and to make him more aroused and satisfied, she created a suction hard enough to make him feel very pleasant.

Lith's body shivered slightly and holding onto Lilith's and Lucifer's heads, he grunted and shot off his load in Lilith's mouth.

Lilith gulped the stuff down to not let it spill out while Lucifer watched her with a thirsty gaze.

She wished that it was her in Lilith's stead instead.

Lilith could feel Lucifer's gaze and Lith could see her expression as well from above.

Lith smirked and said, "save some of it, mom. Don't finish it all."

Lilith gazed up and looked Lith in the eyes. She saw his smirking face and rolled her eyes, knowing full well what he was gonna make her do.

She didn't want to share her son's seeds!

But alas…

"Share some of it to aunt, mom." Lith said with a smile.

"Yes!" Lucifer accidentally showed her excitement. But then coughed and tried to hide it as if it never happened.

Lilith, with her mouth full of Lith's seeds, looked at him and communicated via her eyes, pointing at herself and then at Lucifer.

Lith chuckled looking at that and said, "Mom, I don't mind looking at two beautiful ladies kissing. Not to mention, these two beauties are mine and you both are sisters too. It's all good. Go ahead."

"Kiss?" Lucifer asked, only to see Lilith approach her. "Hey, wai—"

"Hmffph!" Lilith sealed her soft lips with Lucifer's and shared Lith's load with her.

Lith whistled in amazement as he saw them and was instantly aroused, his little dragon roaring once again at the heavens.

'This bitch! She didn't even warn me!' Lucifer thought to herself and hit Lilith's ass in resistance, which only turned on Lith more.

But as soon as Lucifer felt the taste of Lith's load on her palate, she thought, 'Oh well… although forced, the taste is just as amazing as the first. Hmm… I guess I shouldn't complain so much…'

Lucifer got absorbed in savoring Lith's seed and didn't notice how hot she was making the scene for Lith.

It was too hot for him to handle and feeling his little brother be in pain, Lith thought to himself while looking at his two ladies, 'Whom should I go with first?'