As Garos advanced toward Eren and the manifestation of his conjured ability, a strange occurrence unfolded.

The ground fractured at various spots, as though hidden pits had been dug beneath it. Emerging from these openings were Earth Condors, substantially sized earth-elemental creatures gifted with the ability to fly despite their massive size.

These Earth Condors defied gravity with an anti-gravity field around them, granting them the agility needed to ascend into the sky.

Hundreds of these Earth Condors took to the air, much to the spectators' surprise. Their summoner had woven them into the Total Control spell, rendering them challenging for regular rankers to halt.

As these Earth Condors soared, they ignited into flames. Their wings, strengthened by Fire Wings, allowed them to breathe fire, thanks to the Firebreath spell's integration. Flames of vibrant orange and yellow enshrouded their entire bodies due to the Fireball spell.

The infusion of fire into these earth-elemental summons transformed them into what appeared to be flying meteors, significantly enhancing their destructive potential.

The battlefield's sky seemed poised to unleash a meteor shower upon the spectators. Those watching were dreadfully astounded by how these earth-elemental creatures could seamlessly adopt fire properties, recognizing the summoner's dual-element mastery.

However, they did not know that they were still underestimating him. This was only the start of a flurry of summonings on the battlefield.

The summoner continued to call upon an array of summons, showcasing expertise in various elements, elemental fusions, elemental aspects, and profound insights into each element's attainments.

The next arrivals were the Water Hawks. These water-elemental summons emerged by disbanding the colossal water mass created by Garos. The Water Hawks separated from Garos' Harbour Wave, taking on distinctive forms.

Following the earlier summonings, wood-element cranes, lightning falcons, undead flying reptiles, and multi-element griffins were called forth. Many of these summoned creatures harbored multiple Elemental Aspects and boasted a wide array of Spell Integrations that bolstered their offensive and defensive prowess.

Notably, the multi-element griffins had been summoned through Elemental Fusion, rendering them significantly more dangerous and formidable.

Each of these summons possessed the ability to take flight. They emerged en masse, casting a shadow over the ground as their collective presence emanated potent S-Rank mana pulses.

Some were even enveloped in Sin Series Mana, enabling them to harness Intent-based magic. This intelligence-enhancing magic indicated the summoner's exceptional skill in their craft as well as their in-your-face demonic nature.

The mana fluctuations these creatures generated upon materializing were so astonishing that it compelled Garos to halt and observe with a wary eye.

But before he or any other Sage could respond to this multitude of summonings, the summoner had completed their conjuring.


"Is this... the work of a single Summoner?" a Sage from Layos stuttered, gazing at the menacing summons that now filled the sky.

"Only House Remus could possess the depth and resources to nurture a summoner of this caliber, perhaps. But how can a single Summoner Class Ranker possess such profound insights into so many elements?" wondered Hansen Lehan, watching the sky with trepidation.

Sages from both sides reached a dreadful conclusion. The summoner responsible for this multitude of creatures had transcended their understanding of magic. While these summons didn't pose a direct S-Rank threat, they came remarkably close.

Not even the Summoner Sage among the Layos forces, who was currently present at the scene, could single-handedly manage the complexities and sheer number of these summons. In fact, not even Garos could tackle this overwhelming variety of creatures.

It became evident that massive and varied summoning like this couldn't be achieved through skills and elemental comprehension alone. It seemed that a substantial fortune and various resources were literally burnt into smithereens in this extraordinary display of summoning.

The sight sent shivers down the spines of every Ranker present on the battlefield as they beheld these calamity-like birds. They cast worried glances at their respective Sages, silently urging them to take action before the summoner unleashed the unthinkable: a relentless bombardment that would rain death and destruction upon the battlefield, unlike anything witnessed since the battle's commencement.

Thanks to his Spirit Beast, Eren had completely dismantled Sage Garos' Harbor Wave Ability and seized control over it. He reappeared in the open, confronting Garos directly.


"What… What in the world are you? Even the half-bloods aren't as abominable as you," Garos inquired, baffled by Eren's unexpected powers.

"How can you access the Summoner Class while still being a Close Combat Expert? And just how many elements have you mastered to conjure monstrosities like these?"

He gazed at Eren with a scrutinizing eye.

In Garos' view, Eren had turned into a grim enigma, which then sparked his curiosity instead of hasty aggression. With the possibility of attaining Saint Rank just a step away, Garos hoped that a conversation with this unique individual might offer valuable insights and allow him to leave Anfang on a positive note.

Meanwhile, other Sages from both the Edinburgh and Layos factions had also taken to the skies. Sage Hansen and his group stood behind Garos, while the Layos kingdom's Sages assembled on the opposite side.

Eren found himself positioned between these two groups.

The gathering of Sages encircling Eren was a clear indication of the collective concern regarding his abilities and the overwhelming number of summoned creatures under his command. Their intent was clear – to eliminate him midair, sparing the Rankers below from potential harm.

Although the Sages refrained from overt threats, their apprehension was evident in their eyes. They recognized Eren as a potential threat, especially if he were to ascend to the Sage Rank.

There were doubts about their ability to match him even if he reached Grandmaster Rank, given the profound nature of his Individuality and the path he was treading.

It was becoming apparent that Eren had embraced an extremely difficult and yet extremely dangerous Ranking Path, causing uncertainty and fear among the gathered Sages.

They regarded Eren as an immediate threat to be eliminated swiftly. Recognizing that Garos alone might not suffice to confront this formidable figure, they were prepared to join forces to ensure that such a powerful Ranker never became a threat to them as long as they were in the land of Anfang.