Eren nodded in response to Argo's words.

Realizing that he himself was departing from Anfang, Eren understood there was no need to keep him tied to this world. Eren believed that, if fortune favored them, they would meet again in another world.

Argo had provided crucial assistance to Eren, greatly supporting Eren's version of the Lazarus Project. While, as a being with the soul fragment of a Demon Prince, Argo might view his actions as insignificant, Eren highly valued what he had done.

With this in mind, Eren resolved to repay Argo one day when he possessed the strength to do so.

"Aight. Time to yeet… but before I go… in this world of Anfang, this shall be my last gift to you, boss. Use… use it well."

Argo said, his voice frail, before summoning the massive Mouth of Gluttony. Despite the suppression of his soul, Argo reignited Beelzebub's soul fragment. He then separated his soul from his body and allowed the Mouth of Gluttony to consume his flesh. His soul was absorbed by the Mouth of Gluttony as well, which gave the apparition of the Concept of Devour the intelligence it was missing.

Argo, or more precisely, Beelzebub, devoured his own body to conjure the Domain of Gluttony once again. He employed his Authority to transform all the Sage bodies collected by Eren's clones into Gluttony Pearls in an instant.

The Rankers on the battlefield were filled with dread as they witnessed the colossal yet blurred manifestation of Beelzebub in the sky. A humanoid demon with wings and horns. This was the Lord of the Flies, the Demon Prince of Gluttony, Beelzebub.

The audience started hearing the demonic chants from an unknown source as they looked at Beezebub's apparition that had covered the entire sky. They could hear these demonic verses even if they had closed their ears with their hands, indicating the fact that it was their very soul that was receiving these demonic verses.

An ominous demonic aura permeated the surroundings. The Domain cast by Beelzebub, through the sacrifice of his own flesh, covered the entire battlefield. The Rankers felt as though their bodies and souls might be devoured by the gigantic Mouth of Gluttony summoned within the Gluttony Domain.

The Mouth of Gluttony devoured Garos and the five other Sages' bodies, forming six new Pearls of Gluttony. These Pearls materialized in Eren's hands.

"Aight. This be it," the Mouth of Gluttony spoke while smacking its lips as if appreciating a good meal.

The Gluttony Domain dissipated upon their formation, allowing the nearby Rankers to breathe freely once more.

"Hehehe. Aight. That be it. Imma dip, boss. See you when I see you."

With a voice reminiscent of Argo's, the Mouth of Gluttony addressed Eren with a grin. It then vanished into thin air, erasing Beelzebub's presence from the world of Anfang.

Argo's name and his Individuality was bound to be recorded in the annals of Anfang's history forever. He was bound to live in masses' memories through his restaurant chains and music.

"See you when I see you," Eren mumbled to himself before taking a deep breath.

Once Argo had completely disappeared, leaving only the Pearls of Gluttony as his gift to Eren, Eren rose from his seated position.

Eren had already dispatched the first batch of Pearls of Gluttony to his subordinates, who had reached their intended positions.

Therefore, he allowed these Pearls to teleport to his remaining subordinates responsible for executing a massive runic formation.


By this point, the Rankers from both sides had endured one harrowing event after another. They were fed up with fighting amongst themselves and had no desire to tangle with Eren's small force either.

All they wanted was to exit the battlefield and survive the day.

Some had already begun to flee in various directions, seeking escape from their positions. To their pleasant surprise, Eren's summoned creatures were also dissipating into the air.

The powers granted to Eren by the Borrowed Might potions had finally run their course, restoring him to his Master Ranker status. He could no longer control the S-Rank Mana, which meant he had to relinquish his hold over the summoned creatures.

The Rankers dashed in all directions once the S-Ranked summoned creatures ceased to pose a threat. But before they could put much distance between themselves and the battlefield, they all heard a quiet command issued by Eren, a command that miraculously traveled in all directions without being loud.

"Let's begin."

Eren ordered his subordinates to activate the runic formation, with him at the center as the Formation Eye. In the next moment, an unusual kind of Mana Pulse radiated across the surroundings as a runic formation unknown to the Rankers suddenly sprang to life.

The members of Eren's group who had been entrusted with the Gluttony Pearls inserted the same pearls into the Array Disks that Eren had provided. They initiated the partial formation by acting as Runic Eyes for a particular demonic Formation.

Soon, all the partial formation barriers became interconnected, forming a complete Runic Formation.

The ground beneath the Rankers became covered in enigmatic runes and magical patterns that emitted a soft white glow. These runes slithered across the ground like serpents before merging to form a comprehensive barrier.

Under the influence of Eren's runic formation, Mana Threads resembling spiderweb lines materialized. They appeared in the battlefield's sky, extending in all directions to enclose the entire area. These Mana Threads created a birdcage-like isolation field, preventing the Rankers from escaping their impending fate.

The Mana Threads were intricately interlinked, forming a translucent mana barrier that permitted entry only from the outside. The trapped Rankers within found it impossible to break free from the barrier.

The colossal birdcage-like barrier remained unwavering even as Grandmaster entities exerted their full force in attempts to breach it and flee the battlefield.

Only a few Rankers managed to escape the sudden trap before it was activated.

The Mana Threads were composed of exceedingly intricate and minuscule runic symbols, resembling the fine lines of a spider's web. Despite their delicate appearance, they were far mightier than iron bars, effectively imprisoning the Rankers.

Empowered by Gluttony Mana and fed by Gluttony Pearls, these threads devoured the surrounding Mana, growing stronger with each passing moment.

They also consumed the elemental spells cast by the trapped Rankers in futile attempts to break free from the Runic Birdcage.