Edgar fixed Eren with an intense gaze, his tone serious as he issued a stark warning.

"The Rankers surrounding this barrier won't grant you an easy death once they uncover what you've been doing right under their noses, Eren. They'll subject you to centuries of torment before allowing you to find release in death," Edgar cautioned.

Eren began to respond, but Edgar raised his hand in a 'halt' gesture and continued.

"How about this? The Last Blood Bastion can offer you protection to safely escort you to our hideout. In return, you need only surrender the complete inheritance of the Sansara Sage.

To be honest, I can't guarantee a safe extraction from this place, but we of the Last Blood Bastion will do our utmost to shield you and your assets. We both possess space-element runes and can work together to find a way out before the entire continent turns against you," Edgar's words dripped with desperation, revealing his lack of full confidence in the plan.

Eren shook his head at Edgar's proposal, speaking calmly as he retrieved his Sativa Stick. With a flick, he lit the Stick and inhaled deeply, releasing smoke through his nose as he spoke.

"You want me to take asylum in the Last Blood Bastion and stay there forever? I'm sorry Sage, Edgar, but that does not look like a very healthy choice to me?"

Edgar didn't take offense at Eren's actions or his words. The opportunity to obtain the complete inheritance of the Sansara Sage outweighed concerns about the rigid Rankers' Code of Conduct. He looked at Eren with a troubled expression, voicing his concerns.

"How do you plan to escape from this place? The Anfang Alliance will eventually utilize their space-element sages to nullify the runes you've been using. They'll track you down; it might not be today or tomorrow, but eventually, they'll reach you.

I'm not even certain you can leave the battlefield by using space-element runes. With the Anfang Alliance's full resources, it is highly possible that you will be tailed," Edgar painted a bleak picture of Eren's future.

Eren shook his head, calmly responding.

"There seems to be a misunderstanding, Sage Edgar. Who says I'm running? And don't assume I'm seeking a death wish by remaining here. I have my methods to handle the situation I've willingly created." He spoke calmly, locking eyes with Edgar, his emerald gaze reflecting his determination.

Edgar let out a sigh when he grasped that the possibility of acquiring Sansara Sage's complete legacy from Eren was next to none. Eren didn't seem the type to give anything away for free. Not even the prospect of saving his life seemed at the cost of putting his life on the line to sway Eren's decision, leaving Edgar with little hope of getting what he desired from this enigmatic man.

Yet, Eren's following words took Edgar by surprise once again. Eren leisurely enjoyed the effects of the Sativa Stick, then spoke in a casual tone, intriguing Edgar.

"Sage Edgar, you needn't go to great lengths to obtain Sansara Sage's complete legacy anymore. After all, it's only a means to an end for you, right?

You want to leave Anfang using Sansara Sage's legacy. But what if I told you that I won't need it when I'm through with it?" Eren questioned Edgar in a curious tone, a hint of a smile on his lips.

Edgar was now certain that Eren possessed Sansara Sage's legacy after hearing his words. He decided to get to the point.

"It seems you've found a way. Tell me, what do I need to do to earn your trust?" Edgar asked Eren directly.

Eren responded promptly.

"Simply leave this battlefield and walk away. Disassociate yourself from Demonmir. Regardless of what happens to him here, you'll have no involvement with him." His words allowed no room for refutation or negotiation.

For a moment, Edgar felt like he was conversing with a fellow Sage. He noticed Eren reading his expressions, detecting his doubts. So Eren aimed to dispel them.

"Look, Sage Edgar, you wanted to support Demonmir because you believed he could find a way to free the half-bloods from this cage. I understand. But I can offer you something far superior. Show your complete allegiance to me, and I'll transform the entire situation for you," Eren proposed in a calm, matter-of-fact tone.

Edgar couldn't help but think about all he knew or suspected about Eren.

'Someone who managed to snatch Arthur's artificial demon beast, remained concealed for all this time, became the Osan Woods Butcher, acquired Sansara Sage's legacy, and allied with an ancient witch, daring to create a spectacle right in front of the Anfang Alliance.

Eren Elija Idril, this man is an enigma.

The more I learn about him, the more I understand that I've only scratched the surface of the mysteries surrounding him,' Edgar concluded his chain of thoughts and, after taking a deep breath, he finally responded to Eren.

"Alright, I'll let you handle things with Demonmir," Edgar assured Eren.

"The Last Blood Bastion won't involve itself in this matter anymore. We would have aided Demonmir if he'd adhered to our contract. But since he violated the contract rules, we're free to disassociate from him."

Eren smiled, relieved by JJ Edgar's confirmation. He didn't want the Last Blood Bastion as an additional enemy when he summoned Demonmir onto the battlefield. Without this faction's presence, Eren's headache would be considerably smaller.

Edgar nodded at Eren and turned to leave. However, Eren's next words stopped him in his tracks.

"Here, catch this," Eren threw something at Edgar, and it passed through the Birdcage Barrier as if it didn't exist. Edgar raised his hand, caught the object, and turned around with a puzzled expression.

He gaped at his own diary, a relic from his time as a small-time Ranker before he became a half-blood.

"This… this is my diary! How... How did you get this?"

Edgar regarded Eren with sheer wonder. Eren smiled and replied.

"It's a long story, Sage Edgar. I'll share it when we meet under different circumstances on another day."

Without waiting for Edgar's response, Eren turned and walked toward the Soul Seed Insertion Array Formation.

To the observers, it was a mystery what had passed between Eren and Edgar. But they were astonished to see that Edgar's forces had completely withdrawn from the battlefield, leaving no trace behind.