Friday, November 10th, 2045

Demiliore Mansion, Griffin Society, Griffin City, Netheria

After returning from their short trip to the Fairy Falls, the days passed by relatively peacefully in their household. The same could not be said for the rest of Griffin City, which was in great turmoil, but the members of this household could not be concerned about any of it.

Other than Reina and Amira, who were enjoying their time at their new high school, everyone else was usually busy learning something from Keith, not in the least concerned about what was happening in the world.

He daily accompanied at least one of them to a private training session, and it usually lasted for the entire day if he did not have to go to University.

And these training sessions were different for each one of them and did not necessarily involve any combat exercises.

For instance, Kashish mostly spent her time learning Medicine from him, whereas Yingying only learned about Combat. Iseul divided her time into Mind and Physical exercises, not out of choice, and Kiara mostly spent her day keeping him in bed and making love to him. Then again, it was a tremendously beneficial exercise for her and her Cultivation had been improving a lot.

Everyone was aware of what the other girls did on their days, but there was a mystery as well. And that mystery was Minami. No one, not even Keith's Shadow and his Iris knew what Keith and Minami did behind closed doors for the entire day, and his ever-so-obedient and lovable daughter refused to spill the beans as well.

And today was one such day where the girls were burning in curiosity as they watched the closed door of the Training Room. Unfortunately, they would have never been able to guess what exactly transpired in the room, and even if someone did guess it as a joke, they would never believe it.

Inside the room with white tiles and no furniture, a young man sat on a large crystal throne, and in his arm was an outrageously beautiful girl, who was seemingly soundly asleep as she held onto his shirt and rested her head on his chest.

Her day of the week was very dear to Minami, and she liked spending it staying in her Master's arms, whom she had also now started addressing as a father when they were alone.

It might have seemed like a missed opportunity to some of the girls in their family, but the truth was that Minami did not require much training.

She had stepped into the Primal Desolation a week ago, and with days where weakness enveloped her, she could not really train anyway.

It was truly a marvel how much she had changed since Keith had bestowed her his blood and turned her into his daughter. And though the physical changes had not been so evident at the start, they were very visible now.

Minami was quite tall now, nearly as tall as Kiara, and her bosom, which was unusually large for her age had reduced too, become more alluring and fit for her stature, adding to her perfection.

And her visage now bore some slight resemblance with him as well. It was not anything major, and it was something that only the very keen eyes of a doctor could pick up on, but the resemblance was there. And it was increasing with time.

If she opened her eyes right now, there would be no doubt left in anyone's mind that she was not his daughter as she possessed the same haunting Amethyst orbs as him, and they were just as lustrous and captivating.

Though he was busy with something else right now, Keith instinctively planted a kiss on her head, fulfilling her unvoiced demand, and even in her sleep, a sweet smile crept on her lips.

Suddenly, a bright smile crept on his lips when he finally achieved what he had been working on in the last few days.

There was a bracelet cuff in his hand, quite like the one that Mikaros possessed, but unlike that one, this was made out of strange black metal and was very beautiful. The absence of the two coiled snakes was the other difference, and in their place was a crow with black flame-like wings, and a wolf that threatened to stare into your soul.

Ever since he had seen the special Realm Sealing Artifact in Mikaros' possession, he had been thinking about imparting his Divine Protection to one as well, but it was not an easy task.

Keith only possessed one of the God Stones of Erebus despite being his True Inheritor, and the System had informed him that it would be much easier to accomplish it if he possessed, at least, one more. However, though not easy, it was not an impossible feat, and he had finally managed it.

"System, is it done?" Though he could feel it, he still asked the System if it was finished.

[Yes, Host. This Realm Sealimg Artifact bears Erebus' Divine Mark and extends the Divine Protection to it. However, there are limitations.]

"I am aware." Keith nodded and then smiled as he carefully replaced the Realm Sealing Artifact that Minami was wearing with the new one.

Though it was really useless right now, and it would not function any differently than the one that she already had, it was going to prove quite useful once they left this world and she would finally step out of the first Primal Desolation.

Unfortunately, the leniency that the Divine Laws showed to the Inheritors of the Gods was not extended to anyone else, therefore, if she wanted to step into the Martial Realms, she would have to turn off the Protection of the Realm Sealing Artifact and be subjected to the Law of Judgement which would send her to another world.

But if she was someone like Mikaros, who had stumbled into this world by an accident, having already passed the Primal Desolation, then she too would have been able to safely stay there for as long as she wanted.

Other than Rebecca and him, the rest of their family would stay stuck in the Primal Desolation for years to come, as long as they stayed in this world, but it was not necessarily a bad thing.

They had all the time they required to get acquainted with their newfound Mana and become adept at it. Besides, this world lacked Mana and Aura, and even if they could enter the Martial Realms here, there was not much use for it as their progress would have been quite slow despite their outrageous Cultivation Talents.

Keith smiled as he looked at the adorable girl in his arms. With her talent, it would only take her a year to make up for the lost time once she enters the Lower Heaven. And Venessa would take even less time as she possessed a Divine Physique as well.

Clearing his mind off all the thoughts, Keith called out the Devil Sutra and started reading it with all his focus.

Time passed, hours went by, and just as dinnertime approached, Keith heard the voice of System.

[Sunaina Singh has killed Liam Rovic. Her Heavenly Vitra Physique has awakened.]

Keith just nodded his head, not paying much attention. By now, he was no longer surprised but was rather expecting things to happen way ahead of time.

Since he had deprived Samrath of two opportunities to access the Fragment of Book of Life again, it was already given that Destiny would help him in some other way.

All Keith hoped was that the Child of Destiny's Fate Value would see a rise in the coming few days.

His mind was distracted when he sensed the girl in his arms shift, and then he smiled and put the Tome back in the System Inventory.

Minami's eyes fluttered open, and Keith stared right into her beautiful amethyst orbs.

"Good evening, Sleepyhead." He playfully said and smiled as she smiled at him and reached up to capture his lips.

The familiar excitement in their blood flared up again when their lips met and they relished each other's taste.

Minami only separated from him after her eyes returned to their usually dark colour, masking their truth.

"So, what did you see today?" He gently asked, and watched a brilliant smile flash on her face.

They were in no rush to leave the room, and they both chatted with each other, taking their time, and when they finally exited the room, his dear little sister was standing there, pouting at them.

"Dinner's getting cold." She told them, and Minami blushed a little under her inquisitive gaze, an act she put up to fuel her dear friend's curiosity. A hint of mischief that she had inherited from him.

"You are so going to tell me everything!" Kiara determinedly said and then walked over to grab Minami's hand, leading her away with her.

"Wasn't dinner getting cold?" He called out after them.

"It can wait." And Kiara turned to stick her tongue out at him as she started asking Minami the questions.

Unfortunately, as always, his dear and ever-so-obedient girl refused to spill the beans, and Keith was left to deal with his stubborn little sister, who did not shy away from letting him know that she was burning with curiosity about their secret training.

"It's a secret for a reason." He shrugged, earning her playful ire, making everyone at the table laugh at her reactions. And as usual, the dinner was a lively affair in their household.