Lin Feilu immediately aborted her mission, “Nope, I’m the tired one, I’m the weak one!”

Song Jinglan narrowed his eyes and slowly sat up.

Lin Feilu suddenly felt that something was amiss, so she wanted to start clambering away. She had just crawled two steps forward from the bed when his hand grabbed her ankle. From there, she heard his slightly hoarse voice, “Where is my Empress thinking of going on our wedding night?”

The anklet that Song Jinglan gave her was still on her ankle.

The blood-red hue of it contrasted greatly with her delicately fair skin, which was rather intriguing to him.

Lin Feilu kicked twice and tried to shake his hand away, but he merely tightened his hold on her leg. After letting her struggle in vain for a bit, his fingertips lightly brushed the soles of her feet. She was very ticklish, so her entire body lost strength as she squealed and plopped onto the bed without a fight.

Chuckling behind her, he finally let go of his hand. Just as Lin Feilu turned over, he was already on top of her, pinning her to the bed.

The candlelight reflected on the gorgeous curtains penetrated the darkness, forming hazy and wobbly hues. His eyes burned with passion as he brushed the stray hairs on her forehead with his fingers before asking with a soft tone, “Are you still tired?”

Lin Feilu didn’t dare to provoke him any longer, so she replied obediently, “I’m not tired anymore.”

The smile in his eyes deepened, and his fingertips gently brushed the spot behind her ears little by little before they danced along her neckline without delay. He traced a long line of soft touches from top to bottom, worshipping every inch of her skin. With each passing second, her trembles became more evident. Even though there was still a final layer of clothing that covered her body, his delicate touch had already clung to her whole body and left her with lingering sensations.

She pursed her lips tightly and unconsciously placed her arms around his neck.

Following her movements, Song Jinglan lowered his head and sealed their lips.

The kiss was like his movements— gentle and patient, making it feel like he wasn’t in a hurry in the slightest. Seeing that her eyes were closed despite the expressions she was making, he was satisfied to know that it was him that made her feel this way.

Her light chiffon skirt was already sprawled on the bed and Song Jinglan placed his hands on her side. His long, black hair draped over his form, entangled with hers that flanked her sides. His eyes were already filled with desire, but he patiently asked her in a low voice, “Princess, do you like me?”

Lin Feilu snorted.

He lowered his head and gently kissed her, “Use your words.”

Her toes curled as she let out a sound that didn’t sound like her own voice,”I do.”

He smiled as he peppered kisses up to her earlobe. His voice was deep, as if he was bewitching her,”Who is the one you like?”

His lips moved from her ear to the side of her neck as the tingles felt like a zap of electric coursing through her skin. Her fingers tightly clung to his shoulders despite the fact that she was unable to resist the urge to back farther from him in embarrassment, “I like you.”

He held her waist with his hands and pulled her back. Whilst he stroked light circles on her skin, he questioned her, “Who am I?”

Her whole body was tense, and tears overflowed from the corners of her eyes. Her words came out in a jumbled mess as she fumbled to even come up with answers, “Your Majesty…My husband…”

It seemed that Song Jinglan enjoyed this kind of game. Over and over again, he questioned her whereas the girl intermittently provided him answers.

Between hearing her calling him husband and listening to her cries, he was treading on the line between sobriety and drunkenness. He adored the way her entire body was reduced to a mess beneath him, savouring the sight of her writhing in borderline chaos.

Then, he filled her up.

Drifting amidst the pleasurable haze that she was thrown into, Lin Feilu heard his hoarse laughter, “In this life, in the next and in every other life, you can only belong to me.”

Lin Feilu didn’t speak. Instead, she embraced him tighter, catering to everything he had to offer.