Having understood the change in the Immortal apple tree on some level, Lin Mu decided to just wait and watch what more it could bring him.

"I still have more things to do…" Lin Mu turned around and waved his hand.


Upon doing that, a pillow and a seed appeared.

The seed looked like it was a ball of vines and a rich vitality was exuding from it. It was about the size of a fist and was relatively big for a seed. One could easily compare it to a coconut.

"Has it grown too?" Lin Mu felt like it was a bit bigger than before.

He placed it on the ground along with the pillow before taking out all the items he had gotten for it.

"Hopefully they are enough." Lin Mu muttered to himself as he placed all the spirit herbs and fruits of the wood element around the seed.

There were quite literally hundreds of them, and they changed the very air of the area. The rich wood element from it made the air feel fresher and calmer.


Lin Mu felt some movement before a pair of vines came flying in from the side. The target of these vines was none other than the many spirit herbs and fruits.

"You really couldn't hold back, huh?" Lin Mu curled his middle finger and flicked at the vines at a blurring speed.



The Wood Spirit tulip screeched in fear as it was sent flying in the opposite direction. It had tried to steal the herbs, but with Lin Mu being there, it was impossible.


Lin Mu created a few hand seals and curled his left hand, forming a formation barrier around the seed and the spirit herbs.

The seed was hidden in all the spirit herbs as they formed a few hills around them. Lin Mu had truly bought a lot of them. He didn't even know if this was too much or too less, but he reckoned even if he had some leftovers, he could still make use of them.

After all, he had other plants that would be able to make use of them.


"Alright, alright, you can have some stuff too." Lin Mu could hear the pleading voice of the Wood Spirit Tulip.


In response, he took out a pill bottle and opened its cap. A medicinal aroma spread out from it, instantly attracting the attention of the Wood Spirit Tulip.

"You can have these." Lin Mu tossed the pills toward the Wood Spirit Tulip.

These were actually obtained by him from the Saber Battle Union's members. They were technically healing pills but were still of the wood element. It was fine for Lin Mu to give them to the Wood Spirit Tulip, since these pills wouldn't be of much use to Little Shrubby.


The vines of the Wood Spirit Tulip extended at a great speed before wrapping around all the pills. It brought them to its flower head and closed the petals around them greedily, as if afraid that they would be taken away from it.

Once that was done, the Wood Spirit Tulip buried its roots back into the ground and turned dormant.

"Well, I guess that's one plant satisfied…" Lin Mu chuckled before looking at Little Shrubby in the seed form.

He could see a faint wave of attraction rising from the seed. It was pulling on the herbs and fruits, and the energies contained within them were also being released due to it.


Lin Mu sat down to watch it and saw wisps of green energy rising from all the spirit herbs and fruits. This was none other than a mixture of wood elemental spirit Qi, along with some vital energy.

'This shouldn't happen normally, right?' Lin Mu realized that the sight he was seeing was unusual.

Normally such a stable release of energies didn't happen and when it did, it was usually in the process of pill refinement. This was due to the fact that these energies would escape quickly if they were normally released by crushing or grinding the herbs.

Even during pill refinement, there were often times when a significant portion of these energies was lost.

The grade of a pill was determined by how much of the medicinal efficacy was locked within it. The loss and containment of this energy also determined just how efficient pill refinement was.

For example, an amateur pill alchemist would only be able to refine a single pill from a batch of herbs. Whereas a skilled alchemist might refine over ten or more.

Of course, this was just a generalization as the true number depended on the type of pill and herbs used, but this could be considered a rule of thumb.

A skilled pill alchemist would be able to make more pills, thus be more efficient and have higher profits, too.

But in the current case, there was no pill refinement being done. Instead, all the energy was being absorbed directly!

Lin Mu watched as more and more energy was released from the spirit herbs. With the barrier that he had placed over it, it looked like a dome filled with green gas now. Soon, the insides of the dome were fully masked, and only a layer of green could be seen.

"Hopefully this goes well…" Lin Mu prayed silently.

Knowing that his part in this had ended, he decided to move on to the other tasks that he had.

He was intending to study the Spiral Flake Crystal now.

Thus in preparation, he meditated for a few minutes and cleared his mind while also chanting the Calming Heart Sutra. And when he felt like he was in the optimum condition, he took out the Spiral Flake Crystal from the ring.

A wave of chill passed through his hand when he touched the crystal.

It was just a little bigger than his palm and had an irregular shape. There was a spiral pattern on it that looked superimposed with a snowflake design.

"Let's start then, shall we?"