Lin Mu sensed the barrier and the faint vitality that was leaking from it. He could sense the pulses of the tree's aura that were seeping out as well.

"If the tree's vitality is getting past a certain level, it is normal for the barrier to not be able to contain it. The pressure must be massive, especially since the barrier is containing it all for a long time." Lin Mu now had a better idea about the situation.

He reckoned that it wouldn't be long before the barrier wouldn't be able to bear it at all and would break. Once that happened, he could already imagine the effect it would cause on the surrounding area.

It wouldn't just be cultivators that would sense it. The native creatures of the Desolate Blood Battlefield would do the same and would probably come rushing here. This would only increase the danger that the people would face.

"That would probably the point where everyone in the Desolate Blood Battlefield would know it. Even the Leafless Dead Forest's Natural Befuddling Array might not be enough to stop them." Lin Mu realized.

With the strong energy from the Violet Mystic Life Tree acting as a beacon, even the befuddling array could be ignored. After all, the array simply altered one's perception of direction but didn't actually harm one.


Taking a deep breath, Lin Mu prepared to analyze the barrier. His Immortal sense spread across it, trying to search for a node that would allow him access or at least a method to identify the type of barrier it was.


But a few seconds later, the Violet Mystic Life Tree vanished again, causing the energy fluctuations to fall. It allowed the barrier to stabilize once more and prevent Lin Mu from using his immortal sense on it as it directly repelled it.


"Guess I just need to take another route." Lin Mu first sent Little Shrubby into the Sleepscape and then sank into the ground.

He slid down along the barrier, trying to see if he could find any weak spots in it. After a few minutes of search, he found several spots on the barrier that were in disharmony.

'This might have been the nodes where the connective formations linked up. I can make use of them.' Lin Mu was pleased.

After an hour of work, he was able to modify the runes of the nodes enough that it allowed him entry inside.

"Others might have been able to do the same, but the location of these nodes makes it difficult to do so for them. Doubt they would even discover them this far deep." Lin Mu thanked his luck.

Phase gave him a level of accessibility that others wouldn't have easily.

"No use in waiting, let's do this." Lin Mu entered through the temporary opening he had made and arrived on the other side of the barrier.

This place was still just soil and rocks, so Lin Mu needed to continue onwards before finding a suitable location. Though around this part, his immortal sense started to pick up something else.

"Roots?" Lin Mu could sense a dense number of roots that were spread in the soil.

He couldn't tell what kind of roots they were or how they looked like since he was still underground, but he could feel the vitality contained within them. Just that alone confirmed it for him.

"Are these the roots of the Violet Mystic Life Tree?!" Lin Mu was surprised by the sheer number of them.

The more he progressed, the denser they got until it reached a point where they formed an entire wall.

"This…" Lin Mu couldn't use Phase to pass through these roots now.

After all, they were alive and contained vitality. Phase wasn't a skill that worked on living creatures after all.

'Flicker wouldn't last long enough to pass through these roots either… they are too thick.' Lin Mu could already estimate using his immortal sense.

The wall of roots was at least a couple meters thick and was enveloping an area of nearly a kilometer!

Lin Mu decided to circle around and see if he could find an open spot. But even after fifteen minutes, he was unable to find the right spot to enter it from.

"Seems like I'll just have to cut through it." Lin Mu said before taking out his sword.


One slice was all it took to cut through the roots and open up a path for him. But doing so released a wave of vitality that even pressured Lin Mu.

"Ugh! This is strong." Lin Mu wondered just how strong it would be once the barrier shattered.

"Quickly store them away." Xukong's voice was heard. "The cut roots will wither up soon." He warned.

"Yes, Senior!" Lin Mu placed his hand on the roots that he had cut off and stored them in the ring.

This left a hole that was big enough for him to pass through. At the same time, he saw the part where the root was cut off being healed.

First the wound healed, and next it started to grow!

Lin Mu quickly entered through the hole before it closed behind him.

"That was fast…" Lin Mu hadn't expected the roots to regrow that fast.

"For a tree with such vitality, this is nothing." Xukong replied.

"Mmhmm… I'll note that." Lin Mu said as he continued onwards.

After a few more meters, he arrived in an open area that was filled with a lot of ambient energy.

Just a mere whiff of the energy was enough to tell Lin Mu what it was.

"A mine! This should be the Immortal Essence crystal Mine!" Lin Mu was sure of it.

He passed through the narrow part before appearing in the wide open cave.

"It really is it…" Presented in front of Lin Mu were swathes of crystals growing on the walls and floor.

But that wasn't all, as Lin Mu saw roots that had violet veins in them intertwining with these crystals.

"The Violet Mystic Life Tree has encapsulated the entire mine." Lin Mu understood.