Having found not one, not two but three Hundred Year old Essence Spring Stalactites was a matter of great joy to Lin Mu.

Not only had he found what he had set out for, he had gotten it threefold.

'I shouldn't get ahead of myself though. I still need to take these back safely and get Alchemist Ruoxian to refine them.' Lin Mu told himself.


Taking a deep breath, Lin Mu calmed down and looked at the stalactite hanging on the roof.

"Taking this won't be simple…" Lin Mu knew the material was fragile and touching it would inevitably break them.

This was one of the reasons why they were so hard to obtain and use. Chances were, even if someone did find a Hundred Year old Essence Spring Stalactite, they might just end up breaking them when trying to take them.

It would destroy the stalactite and would leave it with no use as all the energy contained within it would dissipate when it would break.

Lin Mu thought for a minute before deciding on a method.


Lin Mu took a breath before extending his hand towards the Stalactite from a distance.

"Meld!" having done that, Lin Mu finally activated the fifth skill he had obtained from the ring.

Meld could allow Lin Mu to control the space on a fine level and would also freeze it at the same time. It was a skill that even he hadn't fully understood yet. But its characteristic were perfect for the current task.

The space around the Hundred Year old Essence Spring Stalactite trembled before it was enveloped under the effects of Meld. The area of effect was a rectangular cuboid, but was invisible to anyone other than Lin Mu.

The one meter long stalactite was perfectly encased within this cuboid and Lin Mu slowly pulled it towards himself.

"It's working… the Hundred Year old Essence Spring Stalactite is intact!" Lin Mu was pleased.

He carefully brought it towards himself using meld and when it was just a few inches from his hand, he stored it in the ring.

"Haaa! It's done… it's actually done." Lin Mu let out a breath of relief.

After all it was a nerve wracking task, as even a small mistake could cause the entire thing to break and his effort to go to waste.

Having store it though, Lin Mu's attention went to the pond filled with the shimmering milky liquid.

"You should take the Immortal Cave Milk too. It can be used to refine more Body cultivation pills." Xukong suggested.

"Yes senior. If I recall correctly, this can be used as one of the materials for the Tri-essence Immortal pill too." Lin Mu replied.

"Indeed. You don't have a large supply of Pure Wood Essence, so this will be good enough for its substitute." Xukong stated.

Lin Mu nodded his head and got ready to store the Immortal Cave Milk too. For that, he took out large glass bottles that were inscribed with preserving formations. It was one of the miscellaneous things he had bought during his shopping spree in the Skylark city as well as Middle fort city.

He had bought it exactly for situations like these and they weren't the only things either. Lin Mu had bought plenty of items that would come in handy for a multitude of situations.

These glass bottles were necessary to preserve the Immortal Cave Milk. While it wasn't as volatile as the Immortal Essence itself, it could still dissipate after some time passed. It was a type of Immortal liquid that would be naturally formed in Immortal Essence Crystal mines as well as Immortal Stone Mines.

The only difference was that the Hundred Year old Essence Spring Stalactite would only form in the Immortal Essence Crystal mines but not in the Immortal Stone mines.

The Immortal Cave Milk was a valuable material and could be used for a lot of things. It was something that many sects and power would look after as it was technically a renewable resource.

As long as the cave where it was formed was taken care off, they could continue to harvest it over time. Lin Mu had even seen it for sale in the Grand Sky Pavilion before, thus knew that it wasn't too rare.

He spent a few minutes in gathering all the Immortal Cave Milk before moving to the next section.

"I should take the other Hundred Year old Essence Spring Stalactite too and the Immortal Cave milk there." Lin Mu wasn't going to leave them behind.

After reaching the next section, Lin Mu used Meld again, storing away the two Hundred Year old Essence Spring Stalactites in his ring safely. Once that was done, he also took away All Immortal Cave milk that was present below them.

In total, Lin Mu had gotten nearly six large bottles of the Immortal Cave Milk. If this was sold in the Grand Sky Pavilion, Lin Mu would be able to get at least a few thousand High Grade immortal stones for it.

Though he wasn't going to do that when he himself had a use for it.

Not to mention, the immortal Cave Milk could also be drank directly for a quick boost to one's vitality. It even worked as a medicine for healing wounds. This was one of the reasons why it was a valuable resources.

'This was a good harvest for sure, and it's not even the beginning…' Lin Mu thought to himself as his attention went to the millions of Immortal Essence Crystals growing everywhere.


But just as Lin Mu was thinking about this, he felt the entire area shake.

"WHAT!?" Lin Mu was stunned by the sudden quaking.


A few moments later, he could hear a muffled explosion too. Which was surprising since he was deep underground.

'If I can hear it even here, that means it was very strong…' Lin Mu thought to himself.


But this was merely the start of the surprises.

"The roots… they're pulsating?" Lin Mu saw the violet veins on the roots of the Violet Mystic Life Tree throbbing.