Xukong's suggestion of uprooting the Violet Mystic Life Tree certainly seemed outlandish, but it was still something Lin Mu could accomplish.

"Hmm… doing that will be difficult, but possible." Lin Mu muttered.

But at the same time he also knew that there were other things that he'll need to take into consideration if he did decided to go ahead with the plan.

'The others will certainly notice that someone is uprooting the tree if I do that. It'll definitely get a target painted on my back for sure.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

After being chased for years in the Xiaofan world, Lin Mu did not want a repeat of it again. He wanted a time of peace so that he could continue to learn more skills and knowledge.

"Normal disguises won't work either… There's no way a simple mask would be enough." Lin Mu thought over his options as he watched the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

But as he was doing that, the red glow and bloody aura emanating from the tree reminded him of something.

'If I use that, it'll certainly be possible.' Lin Mu had an idea that just might work.

"Though I haven't used it for a long time now…" Lin Mu reminisced a few memories before shaking them off.


"Let's just try it. It'll certainly be able to hide my identity long enough for me to hide and will work despite the Violet Mystic Life Tree's restrictions on Immortal Qi." Lin Mu said to himself and took a deep breath.

A few seconds later, Lin Mu started chanting.

The chants were strange and would be incomprehensible by others. But if they did hear it, they would find themselves getting enraged unknowingly. The same seemed to be happening to Lin Mu as veins popped up on his skin, with blood pupping through them furiously.

His muscles suddenly bulged out before starting to expand. His complexion turned redder and darker while his face started to turn broader. If it weren't for the fact that his eyes were closed, one would see that his eyes had also turned red.

This was merely the start though as Lin Mu suddenly started to grow!

His body expanded to the point where his loose robes became stretched taught. It eventually reached a point where his robes couldn't hold his body in and were ripped apart!


The Yin Yang Twin Serpents were woken up from this sudden change and were a bit startled. But the link between Lin Mu and them quickly calmed them down and they changed their position. They quickly moved up and wrapped around his arms, looking like black and white bands.


Lin Mu's breath turned heavier and it felt more like a beast was breathing now. His skin had turned entirely red and fine bumps could be seen growing on it.


After a few more moments, a dense red aura burst out of his body and fully enveloped him. The red aura was like a bloody mist that hid Lin Mu's body within.

The aura rose above his body and slowly took the form of a figure. The figure was that of a large bear that had an inverted triangle pattern on its chest. At the same time, it had two horns growing from its head.

This was none other than the figure of the Great Slumber Bear!


The figure raised its head and let out a loud roar. It was so loud that it was actually audible over the attacks of the Violet Mystic Life Tree, as well as the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion.

"What was that!?" The people of the Grand Sky Pavilion sensed a wave of energy coming from the area of the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

The elder who was leading them looked over and saw a red aura rising from the distance.

"Is the tree doing something?" The elder wondered.

With how the Violet Mystic Life Tree had mutated, they had no way of confirming anything. Not to mention, the red aura coming from Lin Mu was very similar to the red aura of the mutated Violet Mystic Life Tree.

But a few seconds later, the Elder's eyes went wide.


"No… This… how can this be?" The Elder suddenly gasped.

"What is it, elder?" the people around him were concerned seeing their elder react like this.

"Demonic Aura… There's no mistake… Just like that time… it really is Demonic Aura!" The elder exclaimed.

"Demonic Aura?" The others heard the Elder's words feeling confused.


But then, a couple seconds later, they felt a wave of energy washing over them. It was tinted with red and seemed to be different from Immortal Qi. But when the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion sensed it, a wave of angers rushed through their minds.

"What in the?!" Still, these were people who were immortal and experienced.

A temporary wave of anger wasn't something that would make them lose their mind and they quickly composed themselves.

"That was a Demon's energy?" The members of the Grand Sky Pavilion finally understood their elder's surprise.

"How can a demon appear here?" Someone questioned.

"This is the Desolate Blood Battlefield. If a demon has to appear, it makes sense that one has appeared here. It does have a suitable environment for a demon." Another elder spoke.

"What do you think, Head Elder?" The others asked the leading elder.

"I think… The Violet Mystic Life Tree mutating might be related to the Demon." The head elder spoke, his tone serious.

Hearing this, the expressions of everyone turned stern.


A few of the younger members swallowed their saliva in nervousness. They had only heard stories about rumors and how ruthless and dangerous they could be. It was even said that the Rust Sky World once had demons living in it, but they were long since annihilated.

While the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion were coming to terms with the appearance of a demon, the person behind it all was still not done.