The red aura had grown to a height of five meters now while the figure of the Great Slumber Bear above it had also grown. It seemed to be gathering energy as the area around it was being affected too.

The bloody aura in the soil, rocks and stones was seemingly responding to it and swirling around it.


The figure of the Great Slumber Bear let out a loud roar before turning into mist and merging into the five meter tall ball of aura.


The ball of red aura started to condense and a large figure appeared from, within it.

He was five meters tall and was covered in dense fur. Most of his body was covered in red fur with black fur forming an inverted triangle on its chest and a pentagram pattern on its chest and back.

Two crimson horns grew from its foreheads and were about six inches long. The horns had fine ridges that looked like blood grooves on a blade.

The arms were wide like that of an elephants legs and were bulging with muscles. Even the dense fur on them was not enough to hide the veins and outlines of the muscles. On the arms though, two bands could faintly be seen.

These black and white and could barely be seen due to the fur hiding them.

The most eye catching part of the arms though was the sharp claws that were nearly twelve inches long and were like blades!

The legs of the being were as wide as that of tree trunks and looked like they could trample on boulders with ease.

The most stunning part of the being was none other than its face. It wasn't covered with fur but looked rather sharp and broad. Multiple fangs peeked out of its lips while a rough nose hung above it.

The being's pupils were yellow while a red outline surrounded them. Its sclera though had turned pitch black, looking like the empty night skies.

Along with such an imposing form, a dominating aura also surrounded it. Anyone weak that felt it would first be terrified before passing out. As for those that could bear it, they would find themselves getting enraged for no reason.


The being took a breath that was like the bellows of a furnace opening.

"Looks like reaching the Immortal realm has changed this form too…" Lin Mu spoke, his voice no longer the same.

It now felt deep and heavy, almost bordering on hoarse.

Lin Mu took a look at his transformed body feeling the pure power and vitality was that coursing through it all. But that was not all, as he felt the Apertures within his chest also spinning at great speed.

'The Immortal Essence is actually flowing steadily in my body?' Lin Mu was surprised.

From what he had experienced so far, Immortal Essence was something that would naturally reject the body of a cultivator. It took them a long time to adapt to it and the function of the Apertures was to store the Immortal Essence while slowly letting the body adapt to it.

But right now, it seemed like his body was accepting the Immortal Essence.

"No… there are still limitations. It cannot stay within my cells for longer than a few seconds and is ejected after that. But after being injected, it circulates once more and enters the cells again." Lin Mu analyzed his condition.

It was certainly a surprising discovery and something that was attributed to his transformation.

'The Demon Path is certainly inclined towards Body cultivation.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

He decided to research more about it later, but needed to focus on the task at hand. His gaze turned to the Violet Mystic Life Tree while his aura flared.

"Let's see just how strong I am in this form now…" Lin Mu muttered before taking a step.


A single step was enough to create a crater and send Lin Mu flying forward at great speed.

"LOOK! WHAT'S THAT!" The people of the Grand Sky Pavilion quickly spotted the large red figure that was flying towards the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

The red aura emanating from the figure was hard for them to miss after all. And looking at the figure also gave them a feeling of fear.

The head elder narrowed his eyes and watched the red figure until it reached the base of the Violet Mystic Life Tree. At that point, the figure became clear and everyone finally saw what it was.


"A demon has truly appeared here… or perhaps it has always been here." The Head elder muttered to himself.

'If the mutation of the Violet Mystic Life Tree can be attributed to it, that means that the demon has either been raising the Violet Mystic Life Tree or had stumbled upon it earlier than us. But if it did that, how did it get past the barrier?' The Head Elder wondered.

A few more thoughts came to his mind, but he knew there was no way to confirm them right away.

"What is it doing?" The people of the Grand Sky Pavilion noticed the demon stopping at the base of the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

They then saw the demon hold on to the trunk of the Violet Mystic Life Tree. Of course, with the difference in size between the two, it merely looked like the Demon was embracing the tree.

But then, a few seconds later, the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion were left flabbergasted.


"NO WAY!" they saw as the entire Violet Mystic Life Tree was shaken.

The Head Elder, who could see the entire scene even more clearly, was astonished. He could see that the demon had dug its claws into the trunk of the tree and was exerting force on it. This had caused the entire Violet Mystic Life Tree to shake.


As everyone watched this, a loud cracking sound could be heard.


Then a few seconds later, the very earth itself split apart!