Lin Mu was feeling the intense power flowing through his body.

'Seems like using the Burning Heart Sutra was the correct choice. If I just use my body's normal strength, I still wouldn't be able to uproot it.' Lin Mu had seen just how heavy the Violet Mystic Life Tree really was.

And not just that, but the way its roots were gripping the earth, it was even more difficult to uproot it. Right now, Lin Mu had merely moved it a bit and just that alone had made the ground below him split apart.

The fissure that formed on the ground spread from the base of the Violet Mystic Life Tree all the way to the edge of the barrier.


It didn't seem like it was going to be small either, as the crack kept on extending. And the longer it went, the wider it grew in the middle part. The people of the Grand Sky Pavilion watched in shock as the demon pulled on the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

"We need to stop it! It's destroying the Violet Mystic Life Tree!" The people of the Grand Sky Pavilion shouted.

The head elder thought to himself for a few moments, before speaking. "Use all your strength to overpower the formations!"

"HAAAH!" The group that was in charge of defending the formation masters increased their speed.

Utilizing all their skills, they not only managed to defend the formation masters, but they also started to progress towards the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

Still, that was nothing compared to what Lin Mu was doing.

"HAAAH!" Lin Mu kept on exerting force on the trunk of the Violet Mystic Life Tree, pulling it upwards.

His claws dug into the tree firmly, while his muscles were stretched taught. Red waves of aura seethed around him, making the bloody aura of the area flare up.


The Violet Mystic Life Tree seemed to have reached a tipping point as it moved by a foot!


Even if the distance was as small as a foot, it was still quite a lot when such a large tree was moved.


The Violet Mystic Life Tree didn't take it calmly either, as more runes spread out from its leaves. These runes turned into formations that assembled above Lin Mu.


Then a few seconds later, several attacks shot out of the offensive formations, all of them targeting Lin Mu.

The attacks reached Lin Mu and created a large cloud of dust, making it hard to see his body.

"Did it die?" the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion didn't miss the Violet Mystic Life Tree's retaliation against Lin Mu.


But then a few seconds later, the dust cloud was cleared by a wave of energy. The demon was revealed again, and it was still trying to uproot the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

"It's not hurt at all?" The people were surprised.

"How's that possible?! Those offensive formations should be enough to injure even fourth Tribulation Stage Immortals!" The Formation masters said upon noticing the scene.

"Unless… the demon is stronger than that." One of the elders said.

This made several of the members look towards the head elder, wondering about his opinion.

"It's hard to tell the cultivation base of that Demon." The head Elder spoke.

"Even you can't sense it, Head elder?" the juniors asked.

"The demon probably follows a different cultivation system than us. That's also why it can still use its strength despite the restriction on Immortal Qi." The Head Elder replied.

"Of course! That makes sense. Since the Demon doesn't use Immortal Qi in the first place, it has no issues in staying within the area of the Violet Mystic Life Tree." They understood.

"Still, seeing it withstand the attacks of the Violet Mystic Life Tree's offensive formations with ease, and also being able to move it this much, I can assume that it's at least equivalent to a fifth or even a sixth Tribulation Stage Immortal realm expert." The Head Elder stated with a hint of anxiety.


This made a lot of members take a deep breath, as they knew just how dangerous it could be. After all, if the Demon could withstand multiple attacks that could kill a fourth tribulation stage immortal realm expert like that, there was no saying if they would be able to do much to him either.

Other than the elders of the Grand Sky Pavilion that had come with them, it didn't seem like the others would have any chance that harming the Demon.

It was a valid thought, as they would certainly need to kill the demon. Letting it go was not an option at all.

It wasn't just a matter of harming their interests either, as the mere existence of a Demon was against the rules of all the empires.


But while they were thinking all this, the Violet Mystic Life Tree moved once again and was lifted another meter upwards. Now the ground all around the Violet Mystic Life Tree was bulging too, with the roots being pulled up.

'I can't pull it up more like this… I need higher height,' Lin Mu thought.

At his body's height, there was only so much he could pull out the Violet Mystic Life Tree. After all, the tree was over fifty meters tall above the surface, but underground; it was much larger. Lin Mu had already seen that its roots were spread quite far, and should have expanded for a few kilometers all around the core area.

Not to mention, he was trying to pull it out while standing on the ground itself.

"I need to move up from the ground." Lin Mu focused on the Apertures within his chest and drew out several wisps of Immortal Essence.

The immortal essence was directly converted to red energy that accumulated in his legs. He directly channeled them to his legs before exerting force.


In the next second, two jets of red energy were shot out of Lin Mu's legs, propelling him upwards!