Flying normally wasn't an option when Lin Mu was trying to move an object of great mass such as the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

And since the Immortal Qi was restrained in the area round the tree anyway, Lin Mu had to resort to another method of flying. It was a bit crude, but it was still working in the current situation.


The two jets of red energy from Lin Mu's feet bore into the ground, giving him a place to pivot.

"HAAAH! COME OUT!" Lin Mu continued pulling on the trunk.


More fissures started to spread from the base of the Violet Mystic Life Tree and extended all around the tree. The radial fissures ended up reaching the outskirts of the ruins, making several of them collapse.

And now, it wasn't just the ground around the Violet Mystic Life Tree that was bulging. The ruins also had patches that were randomly starting to bulge.

"What's happening?" The cultivators who had been camping in the ruins were stunned to see the fissures as well as the ground that had started to bulge.

A few of the flew towards the Violet Mystic Life Tree to check and witnessed the scene of Lin Mu trying to uproot the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

"What in the name of heavens is that!?" The newly arrived cultivators didn't even know what Lin Mu was.

"Inform your elders that are going to arrive. A demon has appeared at the Desolate Blood Battlefield." One of the elders of the Grand Sky Pavilion ordered the other cultivators.

"A demon?" The cultivators were taken aback.

They took another look at Lin Mu, and finally came to terms with it.

"We'll need all the help we can get. That demon seems very powerful." The elder of the Grand Sky Pavilion spoke.

"Y-yes! We'll inform the others right away!" The cultivators quickly returned to their camps.

The news about a demon appearing at the Desolate Blood Battlefield officially started to spread at this time.

Lin Mu didn't care about it though as all his focus on was on the tree.

'This is definitely the heaviest thing I've lifted…' Lin Mu thought to himself.

The Violet Mystic Life Tree was consciously trying to hold onto the ground, and Lin Mu could tell that too. It was trying to pull itself back into the ground and was doing its best to resist.

"I won't let you do that." Lin Mu injected even more Immortal Essence into his legs while also channeling some to his arms.


The force increased once more, and the Violet Mystic Life Tree was raised by another meter!


The ground shook and the roots shifted.

It was at this time, that Lin Mu sensed the change in the formations.

'They're weakening! It's working!' Lin Mu knew he was on the right path.

He continued channeling Immortal Essence into his body and consumed it rapidly.


Consecutive explosions happened as the ground below Lin Mu was depressed by nearly twenty meters. At the same time, the Violet Mystic Life Tree was now raised by nearly ten meters!


And it was at this time, that the tree couldn't bear it anymore.


Suddenly, Immortal Qi started to flow in the area and the restriction that had been stopping its use collapsed.

"Ahahah! That's it!" Lin Mu could tell that the roots had been moved just enough that the array couldn't maintain its form anymore.

"Do it now Lin Mu!" Xukong urged.

"Right!" Lin Mu activated his ring and forced the Violet Mystic Life Tree to be stored inside it.


The Ring thrummed with power and exerted its influence over the tree. Spatial fluctuations covered the entire Violet Mystic Life Tree along with the parts that were underground.

Lin Mu could vaguely sense just how massive the tree really was. The above ground portion of it wasn't even ten percent of its true mass.

'Then there's also the entire Immortal Essence crystal mine that's encapsulated by it. It has basically become a part of it.' Lin Mu observed.

But while the ring was exerting its power, the Violet Mystic Life Tree was also trying to resist the spatial displacement actively. And being an immortal tree of a high cultivation base, it could truly do that.

"I'll see how long you can resist it!" Lin Mu channeled Immortal Qi into his ring, while continuing to pull on the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

He wanted the tree to have no spare energy left to resist the ring.

This struggle lasted for five minutes and exhausted nearly half of all the Immortal Essence that Lin Mu had accumulated in his first Aperture!

"Come on now… Peacefully enter the ring and you'll be fine. I know you can understand me. If you follow my words, I'll let you keep the Immortal essence crystal mine and even provide you a better place to stay." Lin Mu spoke to the tree.

He didn't know if the Violet Mystic Life Tree would really listen to him, but it didn't cost anything to try.


All of a sudden though, the twins moved.

They rose from Lin Mu's arms and slid down towards the Tree Trunk.


They coiled up against each other while their aura rose. Then in the next moment they opened their mouths, and bit into the Violet Mystic Life Tree!

'What are they doing?' Lin Mu was confused by the actions of the Twin snakes.


A few moments later though, Lin Mu saw the Violet Mystic Life Tree changing. It was as if something was being sucked out of it by the twins.

He could sense several streams of energy being pulled out of the Violet Mystic Life Tree and being consumed by the twins. The twins held onto the tree for about a minute, during which the red glow on it started to dim down.

And when it became very dim, the twins let go.


Lin Mu felt the resistance of the Violet Mystic Life Tree weaken and the ring overpowering it.

A second later, the entire Violet Mystic Life Tree disappeared!