When the Violet Mystic Life Tree disappeared, a large portion of the ground had also disappeared.


"AAHH!" The cultivators camping in the ruins were surprised as the entire ruins started to fall.

It wasn't them either, as the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion that had been preparing to resist the Violet Mystic Life Tree were also affected. The ground beneath all of them collapsed, making them all fall along with it.

Though they didn't fall for long. After all they were all immortals and could fly.

After they got over the initial shock, they all hovered in the air, while watching the large depression that had formed under them. It was at least a hundred meters deep and this was still the shallow part.

If one looked towards the area where the Violet Mystic Life Tree used to be, they would see a depression that was several hundred meters deep!



The people of the Grand Sky pavilion couldn't figure out how the Violet Mystic Life Tree had disappeared.

To them it was simply incomprehensible.

"Where did the Violet Mystic Life Tree go?" Even the cultivators in the ruins could see that the tree had disappeared.

The large chunk of land that was missing was also quite eye catching, and so was the change in the energy fluctuations of the area. It felt like the area had suddenly become weaker and the energy fluctuations greatly decreased.

This was reflected in the formations that were hidden all around the ruins, as all of them were broken at the same time. After all, they were actually being powered and maintained by the Violet Mystic Life Tree secretly.

It was the roots of the Violet Mystic Life Tree that would provide them with the energy to run and would also maintain their form. While they might have been made by humans originally, the tree had managed to control them in the recent times.

Though this information was unknown to everyone other than Lin Mu. And even he only knew about it since he had sensed the entirety of the Violet Mystic Life Tree's body. When the ring was exerting its power, it allowed Lin Mu to 'see' how big it really was.

This included all parts of it, including roots and the Immortal Essence Mine that was encapsulated within its central roots. And since all of that had been stored within the ring, it had left empty spots in the ground.




The people of the Grand Sky Pavilion didn't wait long to respond to the situation. Since Lin Mu was the one attempting to uproot the Violet Mystic Life Tree, they put the blame of its disappearance behind it on him too.

There was no chance they would be letting him get off just like that.

Even if he had not taken the Violet Mystic Life Tree, they would have still come after him since they considered him a Demon.

'Xiao Yin, Xiao Yang, return!' Lin Mu ordered the twins through his link.


The two snakes quickly wrapped back around his arms. Due to their size they had not been seen by the others, and the dense waves of red energy around Lin Mu had also helped in hiding them. This was good, since Lin Mu didn't wish for the snakes to be noticed by the others either.

After all, even if he had disguised himself as a demon, there would still be people who would relate the presence of a pair of white and black snakes to him. If not now, they might find out about them in the future, which wouldn't be good.


Just a few moments later, a barrage of attacks came towards Lin Mu.

"HAH!" Lin Mu directly waved his large clawed arms.


The energy imprint of his arm spread out, and directly destroyed the initial attacks that were coming towards him.

'So this is how the Immortal Essence can be used…' Lin Mu instinctively knew how to use this due to his bloodline. 'Was this perhaps an original skill of the Great Slumber Bear too?' he wondered.

He knew that the Great Slumber Bear could even go above the Immortal realm, thus it would make sense if it could use Immortal Essence too. Plus the skill that he had used was quite different from any Qi skills.

'Immortal Essence skills are different… they don't seem to have a fixed energy circuit either. They just seem to work as long as I can replicate the way the Immortal Essence moves.' Lin Mu thought.

But he also understood that this was a skill he could only use in his current form. This form was greatly adapted to Immortal Essence and could thus use it with ease. If Lin Mu tried to do the same in his normal human form, the Immortal Essence would simply be ejected out of his body.

That would lead to a waste and was not something that Lin Mu wanted. But now, his body was letting the Immortal Essence flow through it as if it had always been a part of it.


Lin Mu quickly retaliated and slashed out with his claws.

The claws turned into large claw imprints that attacked the Immortals of the Grand Sky Pavilion.

"WATCH OUT!" The elders warned.



But unfortunately for them, the power of the claw imprints was far too strong for their defenses to hold against. They were broken through and were quickly injured. Some of them directly lost their limbs, while some were inflicted with deep cuts.


One of the elders used a barrier skill and blocked the incoming claw imprint.

"What? How is it still intact?" The Elder was surprised.

His barrier skill should have caused the incoming attack to dissipate and yet, it didn't happen.

But while the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion were busy defending against Lin Mu's attacks, he had already turned around and left!

"The Demon's gone!"