"This is... pure Immortal Essence?" Lin Mu was surprised by the change of events.

While he had expected there to be some gain in terms of Immortal Essence, this increase was simply stunning.

"Is Immortal Essence even supposed to exist like this in air?" Lin Mu was surprised.

As far as he knew, Immortal Essence was not as stable as Immortal Qi and would dissipate quite quickly if it was in open air. This was also the reason why cultivating using it was often difficult.

Even its formation took a long time and needed to be in the crystalline form for it to be stable or in the liquid form as other essences that were produced by Immortal herbs and other such organisms.

"This might be one of the unique points of the Sleepscape. Since it does not follow the same laws as other worlds, it seems to allow the existence of Immortal Essence as a free energy like this." Xukong commented after thinking for a bit.


The Violet Mystic Life Tree suddenly started shaking and its branches swayed loudly.

"Huh?" Lin Mu looked at the tree and saw that it was changing again. "Wait... it's growing too?"

The Violet Mystic Life Tree's trunk started to grow and its height increased. From it earlier fifty meter height, it directly grew to twice that. Reaching an impressive height of 100 meters tall, it stopped but its branches kept on growing horizontally.

Originally the crown of the Violet Mystic Life Tree spanned 30 meters in size, but it was now continually expanding. It continued to grow and soon reached the 100 meter mark, but ti didn't stop there.

"How much more can it grow?" Lin Mu wondered.

Five minutes passed like this, after which the crown of the Violet Mystic Life Tree had expanded for nearly 150 meters!

It now looked quite big and wide, giving one a feeling of vitality. But that was not all as a few more changes continued to happen within the tree. The number of branches increased and so did the number of leaves.

The red glow that used to be in the Violet Mystic Life Tree appeared again, but it didn't seem as volatile as before.

"It's not gone? I thought the twins drained that energy away..." Lin Mu flew up to the Violet Mystic Life Tree to observe it closely.

There he saw that the red glow was once again spreading on the tree. This time though, it turned into streaks of read that spanned over its trunk and branches. Red veins also appeared on some of its leaves and melded with the violet veins that already existed there.

Over all, it didn't look out of place and the two colors seemed to be completing each other.

Lin Mu furrowed his brows and tried to sense the energies within the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

'There's more than just its original vitality in it...' Lin Mu realized.

After observing for a while, Lin Mu realized that it was quite similar to something he had obtained before.

"Is it really like that...?" Lin Mu took out a red crystal from the ring.

This was none other than the Blood Essence Crystal that he had obtained on the day he had entered the Desolate Blood Battlefield. Lin Mu compared the energy signatures between the two and found them to be highly similar.

'No... They are almost the same, with the only difference being that the energy in the Violet Mystic Life Tree is hundreds of times more than the energy in the Blood Essence crystal.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

Lin Mu didn't know why this had happened but he was a bit concerned.

"Are there baleful energies within the tree even now?" Lin Mu spent some more time checking it, but was unable to find any of it in the tree. "Those energies were really absorbed by Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang... then why is the bloody energy still in it?" he wondered.

"Looks like this might be the mutation that the Violet Mystic Life Tree has undergone. It has taken on a new characteristic and has this bloody energy within it." Xukong spoke after listening to Lin Mu.

He did his own assessment of the Violet Mystic Life Tree and confirmed it too.

"How's this possible though, Senior?" Lin Mu questioned.

"The Violet Mystic Life Tree is well known for its vitality and endurance. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for it to mutate and adopt a new form of energy. Besides it doesn't seem like it has lost its original characteristics anyway." Xukong answered. "If anything, the Violet Mystic Life Tree has only improved now since it can utilize another form of energy as well as generate it." He added.

"I see..." Lin Mu wondered just what the inclusion of the Bloody Energy would cause.

"Though... what is that energy?" Lin Mu questioned. "The Blood Essence crystals have a mixture of energies within them, including baleful energies. But the Violet Mystic Life Tree has a pure form of it." He wondered.

"It should be Blood Qi." Xukong answered. "It does match its characteristics."

"Blood Qi? It doesn't seem the same as when Gu Yao used it though." Lin Mu replied, recalling the times he had encountered his old foe use it.

"Of course not." Xukong spoke. "The Blood Qi that Gu Yao used was not even pure. It was contaminated with a lot of impurities, but the Blood Qi that the Violet Mystic Life Tree is now has is quite pure." He explained.

"That's interesting..." Lin Mu wondered just how useful it could be.

He did know that Blood Qi could be used by most creatures with blood. It could not only invigorate them, it could even help them heal. In fact, it was highly similar to vitality, other than the fact that it could only exist in creatures with blood.

Vitality was something that was present in all living creatures but it could not be said the same with Blood Qi.