Just like other derivative Qis, in order for Blood Qi to be creatures, the Dao of Blood would have to be involved.

"Perhaps this is the reason why the Violet Mystic Life Tree managed to mutate... it is already rich in Vitality and the Blood Qi is very similar to it. It might have made it easier for it to adopt it too." Lin Mu spoke after observing the Blood Qi within the Violet Mystic Life Tree for a few minutes.

"That does seem likely. The condition in the Desolate blood Battlefield might have provided it the perfect condition to mutate in that route. Not to mention, it had support from the Immortal Essence Crystal mine underneath it and the protection offered by the barrier for possibly hundreds of thousands of years." Xukong agreed.

In all this, Lin Mu could confirm one thing.

"The Violet Mystic Life Tree has turned into another unique existence. Despite having no blood, it can still have Blood Qi within it." Lin Mu spoke.

Another similar comparison was Little Shrubby, who had awakened the innate skill of Vitality Reversal, which was something only plants should have normally. This was the second time he was seeing contradictions change to adaptation.

"You should see some change in the effects of the Violet Mystic Life Tree soon enough." Xukong spoke sounding sure.

"Why so senior?" Lin Mu asked wondering what was behind Xukong's tone.

"I think the baleful energies of the Desolate Blood Battlefield might have actually been holding the Violet Mystic Life Tree back. They were preventing it from reaching its potential and now that they have been removed, it has grown to what it should originally have been." Xukong explained.

"That does make sense..." Lin Mu could sense that the Violet Mystic Life Tree was in harmony now unlike before when the aura coming from it was violent.

"The Baleful energies might have been preventing the Violet Mystic Life Tree from truly adapting to the Blood Qi. And now that it has the true effects of it should appear soon." Xukong continued. "The biggest effect should be in its fruits. Though you'll have to wait for them to grow again." He added.

"I'll look forward to it." Lin Mu was a bit excited now. "Though the vitality of the Violet Mystic Life Tree should be affecting the other plants here too right?" he hadn't forgotten that the Violet Mystic Life Tree could boost the longevity of beings by merely being in its presence.

"Why don't you go and see it yourself?" Xukong chuckled.

Lin Mu nodded his head and flew to the Immortal Apple Tree first. It was the closest tree to him as the Purple Sickle Amaranth and the Wood Spirit Tulip had grown farther too.

"It really has grown..." Lin Mu saw that the Immortal Apple Tree was now twice its original size. "Even the Immortal apples on it have grown quickly!" he noticed.

There were a handful of Immortal apples growing on the tree, and they seemed to be ripe for the picking. Other than that, the Immortal Apple tree seemed to be quite happy and was swaying in joy.

Lin Mu placed his hand on the tree and could almost feel its emotions.

"That's good... grow well and bloom." Lin Mu muttered.

Next, Lin Mu quickly plucked all the Immortal Apples from the tree and stored them away for later. He then moved onto check on the other plants and the next one he saw was the Wood Spirit Tulip.

Similar to the Immortal Apple tree, it had also grown quite a bit. While it wasn't exactly double its original size, Lin Mu could tell it had grown by at least 70%.


The plant sensed Lin Mu's presence and its flower heads opened up. It then raised one of its vines and tugged onto Lin Mu's hand.

"You're quite happy, aren't you?" Lin Mu laughed.


The Wood Spirit tulip nodded its flower head in response and let go of Lin Mu. It then moved its vines from side to side, while swaying its flower heads.

The Wood Spirit Tulip was now dancing!

Lin Mu couldn't help but chuckle at the silly dance and moved on to check on the final plant.

The Purple Sickle Amaranth was the latest plant that Lin Mu had added to the Sleepscape before the Violet Mystic Life Tree. It had also been stuck at a bottleneck and hadn't grown much for a while.

But now Lin Mu found it to have gained the most.

"Whoa..." Lin Mu looked at the sentient plant that had grown by a lot.

It was nearly twenty meters tall and had taken up an area of ten meters. It had grown several new stems from the ground, and hundreds of flowers had bloomed all over it. Not just that, but they felt a pleasant scent coming from it too.


Lin Mu also sensed the flow of energy around the plant. It was absorbing the Qi from the air and transforming it into Wood Elemental Qi. The output of wood Qi in the air had nearly tripled!

"This'll be quite good for the Immortal Apple Tree as well as the Wood Spirit Tulip." Lin Mu said to himself. 'Little Shrubby should be able to take some benefit from this too...' he reckoned.

Having assessed the condition of the three plants, Lin Mu was certainly pleased. Their growth would help him a lot too and he wondered if this would continue even further.

"How much did the Sleepscape growth though... I barely covered half the distance to here." Lin Mu continued to travel around the Sleepscape and did an entire circle around it.

The Sleepscape was in the form of a sphere and after doing his round, Lin Mu determined that the circumference of it seemed to be about forty kilometers now!

"This is like... ten times its previous size, isn't it?" Lin Mu was stunned by the growth.

The growth from the Violet Mystic Life Tree's addition had been several times more effective than his own breakthroughs.