Having seen just how much the Sleepscape had grown, Lin Mu was pleased. It now gave him a viable area to actually train his skills.

'I might be able to set up more sections here... Building an entire forge for making weapons as well as tools and perhaps a section for formations too... maybe even a refinery for alchemical pills?' Lin Mu felt his thoughts wander.

One of the biggest reasons why Lin Mu hadn't particularly practiced making Spirit weapons, tools as well as alchemical pills was the fact that they needed a proper place to do so. Of course there were many experts that did it while traveling, but those were experts who were already skilled in the occupation.

But for Lin Mu, it was not like that.

He was someone who was looking to learn it from the start thus it would take him a proper place. Having a place like that was a good advantage too as it would allow one to focus properly and also reduce that chances of mistake.

This was the reason why many experts that specialized in these occupations attached themselves to different powers that could provide a suitable place to practice them.

"Hmm... I can certainly put that as additional tasks for myself for later." Lin Mu decided.

Plus, with all of them being in the Sleepscape meant that he wouldn't have to worry about leaving it behind anywhere. He would also be able to practice all the time and wouldn't have any issues.

But Lin Mu also knew, building proper buildings or Weapon forging, tool refinement as well as alchemy wasn't easy. Not only did it require good materials, one also needed to set up several arrays to support and reinforce them.

"Constructing those buildings will be a good practice for your formations skills too." Xukong spoke at this time.

He had easily read Lin Mu's thoughts and was in agreement with him.

"Learning more skills will allow you to expand your scope of knowledge as well as temper your mind." Xukong advised.

"Yes. I'll look into doing it later." Lin Mu nodded his head.

While he was thinking all this though, Lin Mu felt a thought appearing in his mind.

"Master... Master... it's time to wake up!" Little Shrubby's voice could be heard in his mind.

"Two days have passed already?" Lin Mu muttered in surprise.

He quickly left the Sleepscape and opened his eyes in the real world.

"Master, you're awake?" Little Shrubby looked down at Lin Mu.

"Yeah, I'm awake now." Lin Mu got up. "Thank you for calling for me. I had almost forgotten." He couldn't help it either though, since the changes in the Sleepscape were simply too massive.

It was normal for him to get lost in them and it was also important for him to get a sense of these changes too.

"I should contact Alchemist Ruoxian and see if he's ready too..." Lin Mu took out the communication jade slip and contacted the man.

Thankfully this time, it didn't take long for the connection to be established.

"Alchemist Ruoxian?" Lin Mu called out.

"Ah, Daoist Mu Lin. You're right on time, I've prepared for your arrival." Alchemist Ruoxian quickly responded.

"They'll allow my entry into the ruins?" Lin Mu asked, just to be sure.

"They sure will." Alchemist Ruoxian replied. "And it's not just you, they have called in several people actually."

"Oh? Despite the Natural Befuddling Array of the Leafless Dead Forest?" Lin Mu was a bit surprised.

He could understand one cultivator like him being available to contact within the area, but several was not possible. After all, there were many people there were stuck at the periphery of the Leafless Dead Forest.

"Yeah, the array was broken yesterday." Alchemist Ruoxian replied.

"Already? Wasn't it going to take time?" Lin Mu was surprised.

"Yes... the appearance of a certain expert sped it up quite a bit." Alchemist Ruoxian said in a slightly anxious tone.

"An expert? Did more elders of the Grand Sky Pavilion arrive or something?" Lin Mu questioned.

"No... but the one that did may as well be stronger than them." Alchemist Ruoxian answered. "The one who arrived was none other than the Steel Horned General, Immortal Niu Juo." He revealed.

"Him? He broke the array?" Lin Mu was surprised.

While he knew the man was in the Desolate Blood battlefield too, he should have been in an entirely different area.

Immortal Juo had entered the Desolate Blood Battlefield a long time before Lin Mu and had gone deep into it. Even if he were to come to the location of the ruins, it should still have taken him a long time.

"Yes. He appeared from another direction and directly carved a path through the Leafless Dead Forest." Alchemist Ruoxian replied.

"And what about the rock creatures that were appearing?" Lin Mu questioned next.

"Those were nothing to the Steel Horned general. He killed them all with a flick of his hand and if new ones appeared, they didn't last much longer." Alchemist Ruoxian answered. "So while parts of the Leafless Dead Forest still act as a befuddling array, there is a straight path that one can now take." He added.

"I see..." Lin Mu had not expected Immortal Juo to directly take a crude path like this. 'But then it does seem like something he'd do. He does seem like a straightforward person...' he thought.

"With that route, now several parties have entered. And more are incoming. The only reason they are delayed is that they need to take circle around a significant part of the Leafless Dead Forest to reach that path.

Though that is still better than passing through the forest directly." Alchemist Ruoxian stated.

"I see... I'll come over there then." Lin Mu replied.

"I'll be waiting for you. Once you reach the perimeter, you can show them the document I gave you before. They'll allow you inside." Alchemist Ruoxian said before stopping the connection.


Lin Mu put away the jade slip and decided to take his leave.