Lin Mu now needed to head to the ruins, but needed to address his beasts first.

'I shouldn't ride Little Shrubby there, there might be a chance they'll recognize him. Best to keep him hidden for now.' Lin Mu thought.

"I'll send you to the Sleepscape little Shrubby. It has expanded and you'll like it there." Lin Mu spoke. "You can even set up a place as your kitchen if you want to now." He added.

"Really!?" Little Shrubby was excited.

"Yeah." Lin Mu nodded his head.

"Okay! I'll have some food ready for you till then." Little Shrubby replied with excitement.

"Mmhmm. Now, in you go." Lin Mu willed it and Little Shrubby was quickly sent into the Sleepscape.

But upon doing this, Lin Mu furrowed his brows.

"Hang on..." he felt a difference this time. "Why does it feel like... there is more..." Lin Mu looked at the Twin snakes that were cultivating silently.

He walked up to them and thought about sending them to the Sleepscape too.


Then in the next second, he saw both of them disappear.

"It worked!" Lin Mu exclaimed.

He sensed the link between the snakes and himself and found that it was still stable. It also showed that they really were in the Sleepscape and there was no issues either.

"Good, good... this will make things a lot simple." Lin Mu was happy.

"Looks like the expansion of the Sleepscape allows you to send more of your beasts in it now." Xukong's voice could be heard in Lin Mu's voice.

"Are you there in the Sleepscape too, Senior?" Lin Mu asked.

"Yes, it's actually allowing me to exist in it freely too." Xukong replied.

"You too? That means... it allows four beings inside it without me being there..." Lin Mu wondered if that really was his limit. 'With how much the Sleepscape has expanded, I might be able to store at least one more beast in it.' He estimated.

"You are probably right." Xukong said. "With how much the Sleepscape has expanded, I wouldn't be surprised if you could store two or even three more beasts in it now."

"If it's really like that, then it's great." Lin Mu replied. "Though I'll need more beasts for that first."

"That is true." Xukong responded. "But it's up to you. You don't need to rush to find the beasts after all." He advised.

"Yeah... the twins are already a handful once they are 'active'." Lin Mu could only imagine the kind of chaos they could cause if they were left to wander.

While the space in the Sleepscape was big, for the twins it might barely be enough to run around. They were still children for the most part and acted accordingly too. It was only when they were cultivating would they calm down.

'I should talk to them, just in case...' Lin Mu brought the twins back out before explaining the Sleepscape to them.

He informed them what they could do and could not do.

Lin Mu certainly didn't want them to accidentally eat the plants there after all. It would be a big shame if they perished due to the snakes.

~hiss~ hiss~

Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang nodded their heads in understanding.

"Good. I'll send you two back then." Lin Mu returned them to the Sleepscape.

And just in case, Lin Mu also told Little Shrubby to keep an eye on the twins.

He could have asked Xukong too, but Lin Mu knew the spider would soon get engrossed in his own cultivation. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Lin Mu didn't want to disturb the routine of his teacher either.

Done with that, Lin Mu pushed away the rock blocking the entrance of the cave and flew towards the ruins. The distance between the cave and the ruins was just a few hundred kilometers and Lin Mu was able to cover it under two hours.

And this was when he was restraining his speed, as he was also keeping an eye on the other people.

He had encountered several people that were traveling towards the ruins and from seeing the direction that they had come from, Lin Mu guessed that it was the route that Immortal Juo had carved out.

'Hmm... it's on the other side from where I entered... Looks like Immortal Juo came from the side of Grey Slate Ravines...' Lin Mu understood.

The Grey Slate Ravines was one of the regions of the Desolate Blood Battlefield and was said to have been created during the battle between two powerful sword cultivators. They had eventually carved out all the ravines that were present there and it was an area that was quite distant from the Leafless Dead forest.

'Did he run nonstop to the ruins or something?' Lin Mu wondered since there didn't seem to be any other way for the man to have arrived this fast.

Still, he knew that everything would be known once he got to the ruins.

A few more minutes later, the perimeter of the ruins could be seen by him.

"They set up a border, huh..." Lin Mu saw several people of the Grand Sky Pavilion guarding it.

There were also many cultivators from different powers entering it.

'It doesn't seem like they are restraining or preventing anyone from entering at least.' Lin Mu had expected them to expert their influence and prevent others from even coming close.

But it was clear that the Grand Sky Pavilion was a lot more reasonable.

Lin Mu landed on the ground and walked rest of the way to the perimeter as flying was restricted there. He had seen the others do the same and thus understood this rule quickly.

"Who are you?" A few guards at the perimeter looked at Lin Mu suspiciously.

"I've been called here by Alchemist Ruoxian of the Grand Sky Pavilion." Lin Mu said before taking out the document that was prepared. "Here's the proof."

A guard checked the document and nodded his head.

"Yes, we were informed." The guard also checked their own registers and confirmed. "You can enter."