Upon gaining entrance to the ruins, Lin Mu quickly found the location of Alchemist Ruoxian.

It was very obvious since there was a large tent that had been set up by the people of the Grand Sky Pavilion.

"They definitely keep up to their name huh..." Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He stood at the entrance of the tent, but didn't go inside. Instead he contacted, Alchemist Ruoxian.

A minute later, the man walked out of the large tent.

"You're here." Alchemist Ruoxian was pleased seeing Lin Mu.

Even if Lin Mu had told him that he would be coming, the man couldn't help but be nervous. It was understandable too, as Lin Mu held the key to his future progress. As long as he obtained the Hundred year old Essence Spring Stalactite, the man would be able to become a high rank Immortal Alchemist.

Not just that, but he'll overcome his personal bottleneck too and be able to make many more pills he was unable too.

His status in the Grand Sky Pavilion would rise as well, thus one could see just how much the man had riding on the success of this mission.

"Where should we do this?" Lin Mu asked, knowing that there were a lot of people watching them right now.

After all, there wasn't just people from the Grand Sky Pavilion here. All the parties that had arrived were interested in the situation and would want to know everything that was going on in the area.

The disappearance of the Violet Mystic Life Tree was a massive issue for them.

"Come with me, I have a place prepared." Alchemist Ruoxian replied and brought Lin Mu to a ruined building.

From the outside it seemed to be on the verge of collapse, but after entering Lin Mu realized that it had actually been reinforced by formations.

"An isolating formation array?" Lin Mu recognized.

"I set it up yesterday just for this. The cultivators in the ruins are quite antsy and are after every little bit of news that they can get." Alchemist Ruoxian spoke.

"Oh? Isn't that a little too much?" Lin Mu replied.

"No... for some reason some of them believe that he appearance of the Demon might have been the work of human powers. And they might be in the ruins already and pretending not to know." Alchemist Ruoxian explained.

Lin Mu narrowed his brows hearing this, but kept his cool.

"So they are jumping at straws..." Lin Mu said.

"That can be said, yes... though some also think that the disappearance of the Violet Mystic Life Tree was orchestrated by the Grand Sky Pavilion. They think that we merely made it seem like the tree disappeared, when in reality we have snatched it away." Alchemist Ruoxian added.

"They're that far gone, huh." Lin Mu was surprised.

"There isn't much that would restrain them from getting a try at the Violet Mystic Life Tree." Alchemist Ruoxian spoke. "And this is merely the start. The news has already started to spread and the entire Rust Sky would should know about it by now." He said with uncertainty.

"That does seem stressful... taking precautions is good then." Lin Mu replied.

"Yeah, if they saw an alchemist of the Grand Sky Pavilion going out to meet someone knew, it would be bound to raise some suspicions. This is the least I can do for now." The man said with a sigh.

"Well, I do have something that'll improve your mood," Lin Mu said, changing the flow of the situation.

"Ah yes! Of course, the main goal of this entire mission." Alchemist Ruoxian said with excitement.

"Mmhmm..." Lin Mu nodded his head and took out a long box.

Alchemist Ruoxian took it from Lin Mu and carefully opened it.

"Beautiful..." The man muttered as he gazed at the dazzling object that laid within it. "It really is the Hundred Year Old Essence Spring Stalactite!" he shouted out loud.

Thankfully, the isolation array prevented any sound from escaping the building and no one knew the exchange happening inside. If they knew that there was a Hundred Year Old Essence Spring Stalactite here, it wouldn't be shocking for a bloody fight to break out.

After all, it was an object that would tempt even the strongest of experts. Lin Mu reckoned even Immortal Juo would be interested in it and might end up fighting for it. That was not something he wanted right now after all.

"It's just as I had imagined..." Alchemist Ruoxian muttered.

"It'll get even better soon." Lin Mu said, much to the man's surprise.

"Huh?" Alchemist Ruoxian then saw Lin Mu taking out two more containers from his spatial storage treasure. "It can't be!" he shouted again.

"Oh, but it is..." Lin Mu opened up one of the boxes and flashed it to Alchemist Ruoxian.

As soon as the glint from the stalactite was seen by Alchemist Ruoxian he fell pale. Then a moment later, his face turned red with excitement as blood pumped throughout his body.

"AHAHAHA! AHAHAHA!" The man laughed madly.


If it were not for that fact that he was still holding a hundred Year Old Essence Spring Stalactite, Lin Mu was sure that Alchemist Ruoxian might have started dancing already.

"How did you... How did you get them?" Alchemist Ruoxian questioned.

"Your estimations were a bit off." Lin Mu answered. "The Immortal Essence Crystal cache had developed a lot more. Enough that three such Hundred Year old stalactite had the time to form." He explained.

"Looks like fate is on our side..." Tears had almost appeared in the eyes of Alchemist Ruoxian.

He was fine with having even a fragment of a Hundred year fol Essence Spring Stalactite, and now he was getting not just, but three whole stalactites. It was something he wouldn't even dare to believe in a dream.

"Take them." Lin Mu spoke. "Though I am expecting good results in exchange." He stated firmly.

"I'll kill myself, if I fail despite all this." The man said with determination.