~clack~ clack~ clack~

"That was nice." Lin Mu patted his belly while a pile of empty plates surrounded him.

"The new ingredients you got are good. I want to see if we can get more of them too." Little Shrubby spoke.

"We'll get more when we get back to the city." Lin Mu agreed.

The two of them had traveled for a few days and were now resting in a natural cave they found. And since Little Shrubby had made food for the, there was no way Lin Mu would give up on tasting that.

One thing was for sure, Little Shrubby's skill with cooking was only getting better and better.

"Let's return to the Sleepscape for now." Lin Mu said, wanting to practice making formations again.

"Okay~" Little Shrubby replied.

Lin Mu first sent Little Shrubby into the Sleepscape before closing his eyes and entering it too.


As soon as he appeared there though, he felt a gust of wind hitting him.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Calm down, you two!" Lin Mu shouted.


Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang were flying around everywhere and were whipping up winds in the process. Lin Mu could only watch them with a wry smile and shake his head.

"At least they aren't destroying anything..." Lin Mu said to himself.

Lin Mu knew they had a lot of energy and won't really tire out easily. It was better to let them do this than something more troublesome.

"I'll watch them." Little Shrubby said before running after them.

"Alright, I'll work then." Lin Mu said and walked some distance away.

Today he was going to make a proper place to create formations in.

He was going to make a Formations Pavilion!

'It'll help me in the future as well as allow me to train my formation skills right now.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

With the increase in the size of the Sleepscape as well as its upgrade, Lin Mu knew that there were no issues in keeping things or building new stuff here. It would stay as it is even if he left the Sleepscape, unlike before.

In the past, anything that Lin Mu placed here would be returned or disappear. He couldn't even make changes to the area as everything would revert to as it was originally. Xukong had said that it was something to do with the laws of the Sleepscape and that it was lacking many of them.

But as Lin Mu's cultivation base grew, it could now allow more and more things inside it.

Besides, adding nonliving things was not an issue and Lin Mu would not have the restriction of numbers here.

"Now then, let's see... I should be able to use Black Iron Wood for the structure and reinforce them with individual Rock Scale Formation..." Lin Mu held his chin and started to think.

He came up with a plan in his mind before beginning. He first took out several large logs from his ring. Lin Mu had obtained these from the storage of a sect in the past and had a lot of them.

Black Iron wood was originally used for making spirit weapons and tools, but now Lin Mu was going to use it to make the frame of a building. It was something that might be very expensive in the Xiaofan World, but now that he was in an Immortal world, the cost was much lower.

Many buildings here were made with woods of similar qualities, with some being even more valuable.

For example, one of the large ships Lin Mu had seen in the port of the Huiqing continent was made from precious Numinous Teak Wood!

It was a type of wood that was used to make immortal weapons and tools, and could even be used to make High grade immortal weapons potentially. One could imagine its value from that.

And yet, there was a ship that was entirely made from it!

Of course, Lin Mu did have materials similar to that in his storage too, but there was still the question of whether he had the skill to use them.

Thus, it was a lot better for him to use materials he could handle well.

'I can always upgrade in the future anyways...' Lin Mu thought to himself as he swung his sword to chop the wood.

He first made four-sided pillars that would form the structural support of the building and then the beams that would join them. Once that was done, he inscribed each of these wooden pillars with Rock Scale formation.

The Rock Scale formation was a defensive reinforcement formation that created rock like scales on whatever it was used on. It was a spirit formation of the high grade, and wasn't really used in buildings as it was difficult to make.

But for Lin Mu, it was not an issue and he could easily use it for mere pillars.

One by one, Lin Mu made tens of pillars and then made more planks. All of them were inscribed with the Black Scale Formation and once that was done, he started assembling them.

For nails, Lin Mu simply pinched and squeezed a few Deep Ocean refined iron ingots, turning them into the shape of nails. There was no need for a hammer or heat when Lin Mu's strength alone could shape the metal.

Then by simply by flicking the nails, Lin Mu joined all the pillars and beams.

More and more components were built by him and several different kinds of formations were also added to them.

Lin Mu seemingly got congressed in this and enjoyed it throughly. And by the time a week had passed, Lin Mu had finally finished building the Formation Pavilion.

"It is done..." Lin Mu looked at the building that was about a hundred square meters in size.

It was relatively simple, but that was enough for Lin Mu to use it to its maximum potential.

"This should be able to withstand any failed talismans." Lin Mu said to himself and entered to test it out.