An explosion was heard coming from the Formation pavilion that Lin Mu had built.

Despite the power of the explosion, the building stood steady.


"Making Great Grade Diamond Mountain Talisman is still difficult..." Lin Mu muttered to himself.

It had been two weeks since he had finished building the Formation pavilion. He had spent this time in making Diamond Mountains talismans and was now trying to improve his success with the Great Grade Diamond Mountain Talisman.

'At least there is some progress...' Lin Mu looked at the three singular talismans that were lying in front of him.

He had made them several thousand times and in that, only these three had managed to be successfully completed. All others had failed and each failure had resulted in an explosion. The Formation Pavilion though did its job and contained all of them inside it while also staying fine.

If anything, Lin Mu's first attempt at construction had shown his skill with it.

'I wonder if there is an occupation related to buildings and construction...' Lin Mu wondered.


"Let's take a bit of a break..." Lin Mu stood up and walked out of the building.

He inspected it from the outside and saw that there was no damage to it.

"The formations are all holding up well and the array is stable too." Lin Mu was pleased with his work.

He turned his head and looked towards the Violet Mystic Life Tree. Lin Mu had left the tree to its own devices after planting it here.

"The Immortal Essence in the air has mostly become stable now. There are no fluctuations like before." Lin Mu sensed.

The rise in the Immortal Essence was really good for the entire Sleepscape as the plants and even Lin Mu's beasts could enjoy it. Of course, while they couldn't absorb it directly, they could still gain the passive benefit of the Violet Mystic Life Tree.

The tree could truly be called as heavenly blessing and Lin Mu got to enjoy it all the time now.

In fact, he wondered if his improvement with the Diamond Mountain Talisman might have been due to the Violet Mystic Life Tree too.

'The level of exhaustion is also less, now that I think about it.' Lin Mu continued to gaze at the tree for a moment before flying up to it.


The tree swayed gently in the air, while its violet leaves with red veins created a pleasant environment around it.

"Let's see if there are any fruits on it..." Lin Mu spread his Immortal sense and covered the entire tree.

He didn't have the same restriction as before now and it was easier for him to check the tree this way.

"Hmm... no fruits. Guess it'll take longer." Lin Mu muttered.

Lin Mu also checked if there was any change to his other plants and only saw a new Immortal Apple growing on the tree. He plucked it as well and stored it in the ring.

Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang had calmed down a week or so ago and were now back to cultivating. They had consumed a lot of energy from the Violet mystic Life tree, so they were simply assimilating it into their cultivation base now.

This was also why they didn't need to absorb Immortal Qi from the air.

"The Sleepscape is still lacking a source of Immortal Qi." Lin Mu saw one of the disadvantages that his beasts now had.

If they were within the Sleepscape, they wouldn't be able to get Immortal Qi easily. And it wasn't like they could absorb the Immortal Essence either.

At least before, Lin Mu had planted the Source Vein of the Spirit stone mine and thus it would produce spirit Qi for the Sleepscape. But now that both Lin Mu and his beasts were at the immortal realm, the spirit Qi wasn't of much use.

The only ones that were still benefiting from it were the Immortal Apple tree, Wood Spirit Tulip and the Purple Sickle Amaranth.

The Immortal Apple Tree was unique in this, as it could actually accumulate the spirit Qi and convert it into Immortal Qi which could be found in its fruits. This was currently the only way of getting Immortal Qi in the Sleepscape.

"I should be able to plant an Immortal Stone Source Vein here too right?" Lin Mu said to himself. 'I did hear that there might be Immortal Stone Mines in the Desolate Blood Battlefield. With how much time has passed, there are certainly new ones that might have developed.' A new thought appeared in his mind.


A grey orb appeared next to Lin Mu, which was none other than Xukong.

"If you wish to obtain that, I think you'll have to go to the distant areas of the Desolate Blood Battlefield. Chances are that any others might have already been discovered in the areas that are commonly traversed by the people." Xukong said after seeing Lin Mu's thoughts.

"You're right senior." Lin Mu nodded his head. "As for the areas that are distant, Hmm... The Blood Strewn Plains should work. They are quite far and due to the danger they pose, not many cultivators go there." He said after thinking.

Immortal Juo had also suggested this place to Lin Mu, since he knew that many other places in the Desolate Blood Battlefield might have already been cleared of the body cultivation resources.

"I guess, you now have another reason to go there." Xukong replied.

"Indeed." Lin Mu nodded his head. "We'll leave after I cultivate a bit more. I feel like my body can handle another Tri Essence Pill." He stated.

"It should be enough time for you." Xukong had suggested Lin Mu to put a sufficient gap between each time he took the pill.

This was to give his body the time to adapt to its effects and also to not strain it too much. After all, even if he used his stomach to suppress it, there were still minor effects that could arise in the future. It was better to be cautious.