The Immortal Essence within Lin Mu's Aperture had now reached a new level, and a resonating hum could be felt from it.

'The two Apertures are almost in a harmony now...' Lin Mu noticed.

He had spent the last few days in using a Tri Essence Immortal pill, and had absorbed all the Immortal Essence from it. This had let to his second Aperture being filled half way now. Lin Mu reckoned that it wouldn't be long before his second Aperture would be full too.

"If I wait around a week, my body should be able to consume another Tri Essence Immortal Pill. That might just be enough for me to fully fill up the Second Aperture and start on the third one..." Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Having done this, Lin Mu stood up and decided to continue on his journey.

"Come on Little Shrubby." Lin Mu called out for his companion.


A moment later, Little Shrubby appeared in front of Lin Mu having been summoned from the Sleepscape.

"Oh?" And when Lin Mu saw him, he could see some difference. "Did you absorb more Wood Elemental Immortal Qi there?" he asked.

"Yes, I did. I ate the apple that grew on the tree." Little Shrubby replied.

"Ah, no wonder." Lin Mu had sensed the aura of wood on Little Shrubby which was now stronger than before.

The leaf like pattern on the back of his ears was also a bit more vibrant now. Lin Mu had allowed Little Shrubby to consume the Immortal apples as he wished, since that was the only way they could cultivate in the Sleepscape for now.

There was plenty of Spirit Qi and Immortal Essence in there, but no Immortal Qi.

'I really need an Immortal Stone mine's Source Vein.' Lin Mu thought.

That was his goal in going to the Blood Strewn Plains as well as obtaining a few more ingredients and resources he might come across. That area was known to have a lot of resources that were good for body cultivation, so Lin Mu was looking forward to it quite a bit.


The master and beast turned into a red blur, running across the Desolate Blood Battlefield.

They traveled for six days nonstop, during which the scenery didn't change much. The same bloody red plains and hills went past them. In fact, they didn't even come across any cultivators in this time, which just showed how vast the place was.

Though they did see several beasts and other strange creatures here.

But Little Shrubby's aura was strong enough to repel most of them and they didn't dare to approach them. As for those that still did, they simply became another corpse in Lin Mu's ring and were kept for a future date.

Though Lin Mu was doubtful whether these beasts were edible for them or not. Little Shrubby still wanted to try and cook them though.

If not for the fact that these beasts still had some materials that were of a good value, Lin Mu wouldn't have even kept them with him.

Around the seventh day though, Lin Mu and Little Shrubby came across a familiar beast.


Three flaming rocks spanned an arc in the sky before landing and creating craters.


A strange creature that was a mix between flesh and rock seemed to be roaring. It had red flames burning on its body while its stony arms banged on its sides.


A few weapons stuck the body of the rock creature, but no damage was done.

"Dammit! Just what abomination is this?" A black armored man cursed seeing that his spear was doing nothing.

"This is the second one we've come across, right? How's it so different from the first." A man with a battle axe complained.

He had a scratch on his arm and his sleeve seemed to have been burned as well.

"I know right, they killed the first one we met so easily. This one is several times bigger and stronger." A third man who was holding an iron fan said.

The iron fan in his hand was two feet tall and three feet wide. Fine runes were also carved on each of its blades, showing that it was no normal weapon, but actually an Immortal weapon!


The man waved his iron fan, and the runes on it lit up. The wind from the fan transformed into several runes that were identical to the ones on the fan. These runes automatically assembled in the air and turned into the shape of a bell.


The bell slammed into the Rock creature and made it take a step back. But despite that, the creature didn't seem to be hurt.

"My Six Instruments Fan isn't enough to break the defenses of this thing." The man with the Iron fan was stunned.

"How do we kill this? None of our weapons are able to get through its defenses." The man in a black armor questioned.

All three of them were in distress and couldn't do much with their strength.

'Hmm... all three of them seem to be at the First Tribulation Stage of the immortal realm. But they still can't kill that rock creature? Its also has a strength equivalent to that of a First Tribulation Stage immortal though.' Lin Mu observed.

"Master, its defense seems to be higher than the one we saw before. It's also thicker in size." Little Shrubby spoke.

"That does seem like it. It's a lot fatter." Lin Mu could see that the current one was at least 50% bigger than the one he had come across. 'They also said that this was the second rock beast of this kind they've come across.' He recalled.

Then in the next moment, Lin Mu seemingly disappeared from Little Shrubby's back and appeared behind the rock creature.

"Who's that?!" the three immortals were confused.


But then in the next second, their confusion turned into absolute astonishment.

The strange rock creature had exploded into fragments!