Even for Little Shrubby, not everything from a beast was consumable.

In fact, Lin Mu could consume more than Little Shrubby as he had fewer restriction on what he could eat. If he wanted too, these pincers, carapace and stingers were edible for him too. But it was questionable about how much nutrition he would get from them.

"I guess I can store them for later. They do seem suitable to make Immortal weapons." Lin Mu said and stored the carapace, pincers and stingers.

Since they had managed to withstand the attacks of Wonder Seeker, it was a testament to how strong they were. They could certainly turned into Immortal weapons. Looking at them, Lin Mu already got a few ideas about what he could make and noted it for later.

"Should I take Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang with me too?" Little Shrubby suddenly asked.

"The twins?" Lin Mu raised a brow.

"Yeah, we can look for things together. They are even better at sensing things than me." Little Shrubby replied.

"Is that so… I guess you can take them along. It'll be safer too." Lin Mu said after thinking for a bit. "But before that, we should tell the Saintess. She'll keep an eye on you guys just in case." He suggested.

"Alright." Little Shrubby had no objection to that.


Next Lin Mu called out the twins, who looked around the new area with curiosity.


"We've seen this place." Xiao Yin said.

"Huh? You've seen it?" Lin Mu was surprised.

"Yes, the Saintess took us. For breakthrough." Xiao Yang replied.

"Oh yeah… you guys did go further south… was it here?" Lin Mu asked.

"Not here." Xiao Yin shook her head.

"Further… Sand." Xiao Yang answered.

"A desert, huh…" Lin Mu took out the map and checked on it, only to find the desert being at least three months of travel from where they were.

Not only was it beyond the Evergreen Pillars Bamboo, one had to cross three more regions to reach it.

'She sure took you guys far.' Lin Mu guessed that the twins might have seen more of the Dao Wind continent than him at this point. "I guess you guys will get to explore this place for now."

"We explore?" Xiao Yin questioned.

"Yeah." Lin Mu nodded.

"Alone?" Xiao Yang asked.

"Well, you three will. So not exactly alone." Lin Mu answered. "And I'll inform the Saintess too. Speaking of that… Are you there, Saintess?" he called out.

He knew that she was cultivating too and as such didn't wish to disturb her. Especially since she had to do that due to his fight. She had interfered in the tournament at the end to protect him, and was also why a lot of her energy was drained. Knowing this, Lin Mu did not want to interrupt her recovery period.

Lin Mu only decided to ask her, since she was highly concerned about the twins and wouldn't mind it. For a few seconds after Lin Mu spoke, there was no response, then finally he heard her voice.

"Only thought of me now?" The Saintess asked a question that threw Lin Mu off.

"Uh… I didn't wish to disturb you." Lin Mu replied.

"Mmm, it's fine." The Saintess replied.

"I am going to cultivate here for a while and intend to let Little Shrubby and the twins wander the forest. There is something that can help Little Shrubby and the twins will gain some experience too." Lin Mu explained.

"That's fine. I'll know when they're in trouble." The Saintess quickly understood what Lin Mu meant.

"Thank you Saintess." Lin Mu replied. "I hope your recovery is coming along well."

"Yes, now go back to your cultivation." She said as her voice faded away.

Lin Mu didn't know, but he felt a little happy inside and looked at the trio of beasts.

"Well then, you three can head off. Xiao Yang, you can practice using your Flash Cleave Axe too" Lin Mu replied. "Also, since Xiao Yang has a storage tool too, you guys can store anything you find interesting." He suggested.

"Okay~" The twins replied.

"Go on, now." Lin Mu waved them away.

"I'll bring more food!~" Little Shrubby said before disappearing along the twins.


Lin Mu watched them leave and let out a little sigh.

"Guess I should find a place to cultivate too." Lin Mu muttered to himself and proceeded further into the depths of the Evergreen Pillars Forest.

Along the way, he fought a few beasts and gathered some herbs before finally finding the perfect place.

Lin Mu chanced upon a group of six large ponds that were divided by Elder Evergreen Pillar Bamboos.

"Interesting… This should have been a lake in the past. But the growth of the Bamboos has created this unique grouping." Lin Mu guessed, observing the scene.

He walked closer and took out Afternoon Pine.

"The spot in the center of the ponds is perfect." Lin Mu said and swing Afternoon Pine.


In one slash, all the Elder Evergreen Pillar bamboos in the center of the ponds were cut down. But it didn't end there as they were still standing due to their branches and dense growth. They wouldn't fall just like that since they were too tall.

Even the smaller five hundred meter tall Evergreen Pillar Bamboos had only tilted down, instead of fully falling. Lin Mu had to chop them down into smaller pieces in order to make space for the Pavilion and also to use them as building materials.

But this time around, Lin Mu didn't wish to chop them down directly.

'It would be a pity to chop them into smaller segments when they took this long to grow so tall.' Lin Mu thought.

Instead of chopping them, Lin Mu stored all of them into his ring one by one. He reckoned this was much better than chopping them and if he ever needed them in the future, he could always cut them then.