Chapter 4157: They’re Both Cunning

Would the person, whom she suspected to be a Supreme God in the past, attack and kill her to obtain more rewards?

Liu Wu You could not help but feel a chill in her heart when this thought appeared in her mind. Based on Duan Ling Tian’s previous question, it seemed that he was unaware of this rule, and it also seemed like he was not feigning ignorance. Now that he was aware of the rule, she could not help but wonder if he would attack her.

Although Duan Ling Tian was not looking at Liu Wu You, he could still sense her change. Initially, she had been acting normal, but she was clearly vigilant now. He could not help but shake his head and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. As long as you don’t take the initiative to provoke me, I won’t kill you.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Wu You heaved a sigh of relief. She did not doubt his words. After all, she had witnessed his strength, and she knew that it would be easy for him to kill her. Since he had said so, she believed he would not kill her without good reason.

Now that Liu Wu You was assured, she thought about the people who died and the rewards that would be distributed evenly at the end between the survivors. Her eyes lit up when she thought about how the advanced Emperors of Gods likely did not care about the remaining rewards.

In emperor-grade secret realms, rewards would be distributed between the survivors. The rewards. The rewards were split evenly and did not take into account who did the killing and the assisting.

In the past, when Liu Wu You entered the emperor-grade secret realm that appeared after she broke through into the realm of an Emperor of Gods, very few people died. Moreover, the strongest demon spirit she encountered then was just an advanced Lord of Gods. The accumulated rewards were not much and the numbers of survivors were high. As such, the reward she obtained after it was split was not much at all.

However, it was different this time…

“If the Mansion Master and Zhong Bai Nan manage to kill the three huge pythons that have the strength of an advanced Emperor of Gods, the rewards are going to be huge. Even if I only get a quarter of the share, it’s enough to improve my strength…” Liu Wu You said. Although there was still a long way to go before she could become an intermediate Emperor of Gods, with the reward, her strength would improve significantly. She was rather satisfied with this.

“Those three pythons will definitely die,” Duan Ling Tian said as he shook his head, “Your Mansion Master is really ruthless. He didn’t even hesitate to trick and sacrifice his subordinates…”

Liu Wu You smiled wryly as she said, “To him, the greatest value of his subordinates was to help him kill the three demon pythons. He doesn’t care if they live or die. The world is like that. If I didn’t leave with you, he’d definitely ask me to fight as well even if I’m just a rudimentary Emperor of Gods. He wouldn’t allow me to stay idle. After all, he would definitely worry about me taking advantage of the situation to seize the Heavenly Dao Fruits.”

“Even if he wanted to kill me, he wouldn’t kill me directly. After all, it might cause the other intermediate Emperors of Gods to act against him. At that time, he would lose the chance to use them to seriously injure the demon pythons. Hence, despite my meager strength, he would definitely order me to attack the pythons if I were with them…”

“I’m sure those two think we’re dead now. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have engaged with the demon pythons first. They would’ve hunted us down and killed us first. In any case, the three demon pythons are now seriously injured, and those two are about to kill them,” Liu Wu You said with a sigh, “It seems like in the end, those two are the biggest winners this time in the emperor-grade secret realm…”

Liu Wu You spoke very calmly and clearly as she analyzed the situation.

Upon hearing Liu Wu You’s final sentence, Duan Ling Tian smiled slightly as he echoed, “The biggest winners?”

‘We don’t know for sure yet if that’ll be the case…’

At the same time, the three demon pythons, which were as strong as advanced Emperors of Gods, had already fallen to a disadvantageous position after being severely injured. Under Mo Wen Dao and Zhong Bai Nan’s joint attacks, their situation worsened.


An earth-shattering sound rang in the air.

Zhong Bai Nan raised his hand casually, stabbing his four-foot-long blade out. The blade was brought down sideways, like how one would use a kitchen knife to smash garlic. He smashed the head of one of the demon pythons with a terrifying might. Seeing that the demon python was still writhing, he seized the chance and smashed his blade down on its body again, successfully killing it this time.


The other two pythons seemed to have gone berserk when they saw the death of their companion. They roared thunderously, shaking the void.

The soundwaves were so powerful that even Duan Ling Tian and Liu Wu You, who were watching from a distance, were slightly affected. Nonetheless, the soundwaves did not cause any harm to them. After all, they were rudimentary Emperors of Gods. It would be impossible for the soundwaves to harm them even if they came from advanced Emperors of Gods.

At this time, Zhong Bai Nan bellowed, “Go all out and kill them!”

Following that, Zhong Bai Nan’s frail body suddenly changed and swelled up, making him look much stronger than before.

“Kill!” Mo Wen Dao roared. His energy burst forth from his body as the prominent divine artifact in his hand shone dazzlingly before he killed one of the remaining two demon pythons.

After another few breaths, the two finally killed all three demon pythons. However, they paid for their victory with heavy injuries.

The duo was not in a hurry to harvest the Heavenly Dao Fruits after killing the three demon pythons.

A hint of fear could be seen in Mo Wen Dao’s eyes as he panted and said, “Elder Zhong, I really have to thank you this time. If I were the only one here, I wouldn’t be able to deal with those three pythons. The only thing I could do is run from them…”

Zhong Bai Nan’s aura was quite weak at this moment. It was like a deflated balloon. Nonetheless, his expression was calm as he looked at Mo Wen Dao and said, “As I said before, I’ll get two fruits and you’ll get one. Let’s go harvest them now.”

“Alright,” Mo Wen Dao said with a nod.

Following that, the duo made their way toward the Heavenly Dao Fruit tree, looking exhausted.

At this time, Liu Wu You’s eyes flashed as she looked at the heavily-injured duo. Then, she asked through Voice Transmission, “My lord, they’re heavily injured now. Now that they’re in such a state, are you confident about killing them? Even if you can’t kill them, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to snatch one or two Heavenly Dao Fruits from them now, right?”

Duan Ling Tian’s expression was indifferent when he heard Liu Wu You’s words. He asked, “How do you know they’re heavily injured?”


Liu Wu You was stunned and confused by Duan Ling Tian’s question. However, before she could reply to him, her eyes suddenly widened.

In the distance, Liu Wu You saw Mo Wen Dao and Zhong Bai Nan, who were halfway walking toward the Heavenly Dao Fruit tree, suddenly burst forth with terrifying energy. All their previous injuries and exhaustion seemed to have vanished at this moment.

Upon seeing this, Liu Wu You realized how naive she had been. She muttered, “So their injuries are only minor?”

Duan Ling Tian said, “From the beginning, those two didn’t go all out. In fact, even without the intermediate Emperors of Gods’ sacrifice, they could’ve still killed those three demon pythons. However, it had to be said that they would’ve been seriously injured if they didn’t sacrifice those intermediate Emperors of Gods to kill the demon pythons. At that time, if they were seriously injured after killing the demon pythons, do you think they’d be able to make those intermediate Emperors of Gods listen to their orders? The likelihood of them suffering a loss would be quite high…”

In fact, Duan Ling Tian had long discovered the duo was hiding their strength. After becoming a rudimentary Emperor of Gods, his perception had improved. It further improved when he improved his Mastery Dao and Sword Dao as well. As such, although he was a distance away, it was not difficult for him to discover the duo’s duplicity. It was clear to him from the beginning that those two cunning scumbags were just wasting time.

Even if Duan Ling Tian’s cultivation base were not strong enough for him to sense the duo was holding back, he would still have been able to deduce the duo’s thoughts. There were two of them, after all. If one of them were foolish enough to go all out, he would definitely be killed by the other person in the end.

Liu Wu You’s eyes widened in shock as she watched the duo fight fiercely in the distance. She muttered, “They’re… They’re much stronger than what they’d shown earlier…”

Once again, Liu Wu You was reminded of how cruel the world was. She suddenly felt grateful that she was not as strong as Duan Ling Tian. Otherwise, she would not have been able to hold back earlier and would have attacked Mo Wen Dao and Zhong Bai Nan when she saw that they were heavily injured. She would have been fooled by their acting, thinking that the duo was weakened and injured by their fierce fight with the demon pythons.

Mo Wen Dao and Zhong Bai Nan did not speak at all when they suddenly fought. There was no need for words. With just a glance, they could see through each other’s thoughts; both of them wanted all three Heavenly Dao Fruits to themselves.

Even if they did not need all three Heavenly Dao Fruits to break through, they could use the ones they did not need to exchange for other treasures that could help them after they became Supreme Gods.


Zhong Bai Nan’s blade was as sharp as ever, and Mo Wen Dao was not inferior to Zhong Bai Nan at all. For now, Mo Wen Dao seemed to be on par with Zhong Bai Nan.


At this time, Zhong Bai Nan found an opening, and he quickly brought his blade down on one of Mo Wen Dao’s arms. When Mo Wen Dao dodged, he planned to seize the chance and turn his blade around to slash at Mo Wen Dao’s body.

At the critical moment, Mo Wen Dao, who comprehended the law of wood, flashed before his hand, which glowed with a green light, reached out and grabbed Zhong Bai Nan’s blade. It was as though he had already anticipated this.

Zhong Bai Nan’s blade shook in Mo Wen Dao’s hand, releasing energy to destroy the energy from Mo Wen Dao’s hand. However, the energy from Mo Wen Dao’s hand kept regenerating.


The duo was still in a deadlock when Mo Wen Dao suddenly opened his mouth. A plant that resembled a vine shot out toward Zhong Bai Nan’s forehead.

Zhong Bai Nan’s expression changed drastically upon seeing this. He reacted instinctively but was stopped by Mo Wen Dao. In the end, the movements caused the vine to pierce his body, to the right of his heart, instead of his forehead.

After piercing Zhong Bai Nan’s chest, the vine shook, tearing a huge and terrifying hole on Zhong Bai Nan’s chest.

“You’re seeking death!” Zhong Bai Nan bellowed as he imbued more energy into his blade.