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As Yuan Menzi reached there and told them his name, Chang Bo, who has no idea about the guy, calmly wrote the name in the register and gave him a fist-sized blue token made of plastic with the number 19 written on top of it.

This is commonly given in auction halls everywhere in the world. So, the tokens were easy to buy and neither of the guests was surprised about it.

However, Yuan Meili couldn't help but comment as she gave her name, "Yuan Meili, daughter of Yuan Weishi. And I'm sure both of you heard of the proverb, the toad is wishing to eat the swan's meat?"

"Hmm?" Chang Bo and Shang Jiao looked at her. They didn't understand why she was talking about the proverb in this situation. What's more surprising for them is that there was a look of disgust clearly written on Yuan Meili's face.

While the welpire teenage boy stayed silent as he knows his place, the spoiled princess didn't stop herself and directly confronted the young woman, "What do you mean, Sister Meili?"

Yuan Meili was about to explain the meaning without bothering to keep it to herself but her cousin didn't give her such a chance. Before she even replies to the princess, Yuan Menzi suddenly grabbed Chang Bo's hand and sharp nails erupted from his fingers, digging into the teenager's flesh, right away, before taking them out.

"Argh…" Chang Bo screamed in pain and Shang Jiao rose to her feet with anger evident on her face. "You dare…"

The aura of a 6-circle Spirit warrior erupted from her.

Yuan Menzi then licked the blood on one of the large pointy nails that is even bigger than his fingers and had his eyes widened as if he realized something, "No wonder Lu Zhen recruited you. What's your name, boy?"

"tssss… Chang Bo," replied the teenager while wincing in pain. He experienced far worse physical abuse in his life, prior to his recruitment by Mark. So, he wouldn't complain about this much pain.

On the other hand, Shang Jiao wasn't as tolerant as him. Turning her hand into something like a sharp icy sword, she tried to attack him, aiming at his chest. However, Yuan Menzi stayed on the spot.

To everyone's surprise, her icy sword hand passed through him before he disappeared into thin air and reappear behind her.

He lightly patted her shoulder, "cool down, princess. It's not smart of you to engage battle with a 7-circle expert, and that too, at this location. Lu Zhen will not be pleased if you spoil his big day. How about you take it with me, some other time?"

And at the same time, his other hand landed on Chang Bo's shoulder before a streak of ether energy poured into his body and healed the wound. "There you go, Chang Bo."

Shang Jiao jumped away from that place in reflex and looked warily at the guy. "Who the hell are you?"

"For now, I'm a guest," replied the young man with a patch on his right eye. "That's all you need to know, princess."

Shang Jiao stared at him in silence.

After realizing that he is in 7-circle, she tried her best to control her urge to battle. Just like he said, her brother might not want to see a huge battle erupt on the training grounds but she also knew that Mark is protective of his people.

Dismissing her incomplete-icy transformation, Shang Jiao snorted, "Hmpf, alright then, you can answer to the one who has the authority in this place. We'll see whether you will still be all condescending."

"Um, I'm completely alright, Princess Jiao. There's no need to make this matter worse." Chang Bo intervened in the situation and politely requested both of the guests to proceed.

While Yuan Menzi was calm as if nothing mattered to him, Yuan Meili gloated inside her head regarding her cousin's misfortune. She didn't have that much opinion on Mark. In her eyes, the weapon seller might be strong enough to take down her whole clan but he is someone without any authority. All he can do is kill people.

Sooner or later, he will offend some powerful guy and get himself killed. Yuan Meili was confident about it.

However, Shang Jiao is different. She's the princess, the beloved daughter of the Emperor, who can turn the whole Yuan Clan upside down with a snap of a finger. The Emperor has the support of millions of citizens on his side. He can shun anyone down and make anyone turn into a pauper overnight.

That is why Yuan Meili felt like her trip was satisfactory with her cousin offending the princess. Maybe, she can escalate this situation to involve Imperial Palace in Yuan Clan's affairs and remove this devil? She wondered.

Anyway, both of them made their way to the weapons hall, where several unique firearms were displayed.

In 20 minutes, both of them were finished with the tour and sat down at the auction hall.

Yuan Menzi wasn't the type to think about his fellow clan members. So, none of the weapons stirred his heart. As for the big ones on the outside, it takes everything for the Yuan Clan to win the rights of one of those vehicles.

However, Yuan Meili was different. She was sent to procure the weapons that suit the low-level ranking clan members in order to boost the overall strength of the clan. Of course, her main aim is to meet the second prince but still, she can afford to spend her time thinking of the clan's requirements.

Some of the weapons truly amazed her. Of them, Panzer-1, which only cost 500 gold coins per unit, became at the top of the list of her priorities.

While Yuan Meili is busy calculating the estimated prices of the bidding of the products she has an eye on, her cousin calmly sat beside her and was tossing the coin over and over again. No one knows what he was thinking at the moment. Whatever the case, they weren't talking to each other and the robots were also silent. So, the auction hall looked as if no one is occupying the space.

However, that was about to end in about 15 minutes as a group of people entered the auction hall. Representing the Eastern Sun kingdom, Lan Jing arrived with King Ouyang Zen, Princess Zan Rong, and a General of peak-six-circle realm cultivation.

Yuan Meili recognized none of them but the mianguan worn by the kid clearly indicated that he is a ruler and the symbol of the sun on it gave away his identity as the king of Eastern Sun.

Mianguan is a type of crown that only a king and his respective Prime Queen, the emperor and his respective Empress, and ministers are allowed to wear at formal occasions. It is shaped like a tall hat with a flat base on top of it. There will be strings of pearls attached at each end.

While it will be normal pearls for the ministers, the rulers and their spouses will have golden pearls.

As for the symbols crafted on the crown of the rulers, they weren't just representations of the kingdoms. Those will usually have a defensive spell sealed inside so that it might come into use in case of a possible assassination attempt.

While Yuan Menzi continued to toss the coin without bothering to speak to the fellow guests from far away, Yuan Meili rose to her feet and greeted them.

As they introduced themselves to each other, Lan Jing furrowed his brows as he glanced at Yuan Menzi who is minding his own business. "Who is that?" He asked.

Yuan Menzi raised his eyebrows and looked at him while Yuan Menzi gloated inwardly and tried to be calm on the outside as she told them about her cousin.

Naturally, they were surprised to hear that the strongest clan of the Phoenix Empire was fallen into the hands of a young man. Lan Jing couldn't help but try to sense his cultivation.

He nodded in realization, "I see… A 7-circle of advanced stage, huh! No wonder he appeared arrogant."

Feeling that it is useless to start a fight over the lack of attention the king is getting, Lan Jing led his companions to table no. 12, where they sat according to the token they were given at the entrance.

In order to acquire information about what her competitors were going to bid on, Yuan Meili ditched her cousin and joined their table, trying to start a conversation.