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1st-floor residence, Genesis Weapon Store;

Mark was waiting in the living room for the ladies to come out of their rooms.

Looking at the clock on the wall, he mumbled, "It's almost 11 o'clock. How long they will take? The guests must have already started arriving. I could understand Song Yue is taking time but even Alina too? Ugh… Should I just go to the venue and meet with the guests? Both of them can turn up together at the time of the auction.

But then again, only Lan Jing and Shen Niu matter to him. After all, they are the only ones that can force Shang Fu to spend more money. Anyway, let's ask Allen if they arrived or not."

As soon as he asked Allen through the system, the Android sent the reply.

*Ding! Allen reports that only representatives of the Eastern Sun kingdom are here.

Mark sighed in relief upon learning that the first step of his plan became successful.

After sending another message to Allen, he went downstairs. There, he saw Song Yun sitting there and reading a newspaper. To make sure his identity stay safe, he kept his face hidden under the knight's helmet.


Clearing his throat to earn attention, Mark then said, "Guests from faraway will arrive within a minute or two."


Song Yun replied with writing in the air. Mark was a little bit surprised by that. He said, "Only two of us are here. You can talk."

In response, Song Yun once again wrote in the air using ether energy. "There is a reason why ancients say even walls have ears. I don't need to risk it unless I fall in dire situations."

Mark felt very weird to see a cautious attitude from Song Yun. After all, this was a guy who always does reckless things without thinking properly. Perhaps, Song Yun changed a lot more than he expect to be? He wondered.

Anyway, leaving the guy alone who is minding his own business, Mark opened the shutter and waited for the King of Eastern Sun and his aides to come into the store and have a chat with him.

After a while, Allen brought Lan Jing and a 12-year-old in king's robes with him, taking Mark by surprise.

"Since when could minors become kings in this world? In Phoenix Empire, they couldn't even be qualified to hold an official post." Mark couldn't help but inspect the details of the kid once more to confirm his identity.

And a trace of joy could be seen on his face as he was staring at the holographic screen with details of Ouyang Zen. "No proper age, No parents, not first in the line, and still became a king, huh! So, Lan Jing might have been holding the real power. It is good news for me."

Mark now felt that his chances to carry out his plan increased further.

As they reached the entrance of the store, he took the initiative to formally greet them by cupping his fists and a slight bow.

"Greetings, King Ouyang, welcome to Genesis Weapons Store" "It's been a while, Mr. Lan."

"Likewise, Mr. Lu."

While Lan Jing kept it formal in order to hide their familial relationship, Ouyang Zen gave a satisfactory response to Mark.

"I have heard a lot about you from Guardian Lan, Mr. Lu." The kid returned the greetings with a smile on his face. He further added, "Your weapons so-called firearms are quite innovative."

"Thank you." Mark nodded and then looked at his great-grand-uncle. "Didn't you say that you have three companions, Mr. Lan?"

Ouyang Zen answered in place of the legendary realm expert. "It's my adopted sister and our general that tagged along with us. She doesn't have interest in the firearms and just came here for a tour."

Since the girl was no use to him, Mark lost interest in the other two and focused on the kid standing before him. He welcomed them, "Please follow me to the upstairs."

With his eyes wandering around the place, Ouyang Zen followed Mark. He couldn't help but be amazed by the spacious interior, high-quality furniture, and cooling system. On the outside, it was like 30ish centigrade but here it was as cool as 18C.

He is only a low-level Spirit Warrior and wasn't immune to the temperature changes like Lan Jing. His body is just like any other civilian. Hence, he liked it more than inside the tent.

On the way, Lan Jing and Ouyang Zen saw the Black Knight, who rose to his feet and greeted them with a bow before getting back to reading the newspaper.

Mark didn't stop to introduce Song Yun. He just passed off a comment that it is a guard he hired for his fiancée. Because of the absolute suppression within the store, neither Lan Jing nor Ouyang Zen could sense the cultivation of Black Knight and they just continued to walk toward the staircase.

Soon, they reached the first-floor residence and sat in the living room. He ordered the butler robot that is on standby to make some tea for the guests.

"As you wish, Master," The robot named R-114 bowed and went to the kitchen.

As it left, Mark started the conversation, "Okay, um, before I open up the topic as to why I have invited you for tea, let me ask you something, King Ouyang. What do you think of firearms?

Mr. Lan brought almost every type of weapon that is available in the store for the public. So, you must have a basic understanding of how they work.

I want to know whether there are any firearms and explosives that will be suitable for your kingdom's army. Just give me an honest opinion."

Lan Jing stayed silent and let the kid give the reply on his own.

Without thinking deeply, Ouyang Zen answered, "If I should be honest as a King, firearms are too dangerous to even exist. They give power to the frustrated civilians to commit crimes, taking the law into their own hands instead of filing a complaint.

They can also be misused to bring instability to the ruling of a kingdom or an empire. As for those big ones you paced outside, if they fall into the hands of someone without real power, it will give that person enough confidence to start a rebellion.

I'm sorry but I can't allow my citizens to own these weapons. There's already enough unrest in our kingdom.

And personally, I like the M99, the one that can shoot targets from more than a kilometer away. But, coming here, I realized that there are weapons that even have a higher range. Of all the firearms, the one named Tigon-5A impressed me the most. I would want to equip them with hidden guards of mine to keep an eye on my security even from five kilometers away.

Apart from it, that huge warship is something needed for our naval defense. Our main focus will be these two. Of course, we will be bidding for the Phz 2000 thing but I don't think our chances will be high."

Mark didn't know whether this kid was already prepared with an answer beforehand or he answered on the spot but for a moment, he felt like he was conversing with an adult, not a kid who probably just entered his puberty.

While he wasn't happy with Ouyang Zen's refusal to let him open a branch at Eastern Sun, he still maintained calmness on his face and further thanked him for being straightforward.

Since the matter is over even before the tea arrived, Mark didn't know what else to speak further and stayed silent for a while. Ouyang Zen also felt a bit awkward staying at the place after showing his stance on the firearms.

Thankfully, Lan Jing came to the rescue by bringing up a new topic of fire seed.

"Yeah, I heard from the second prince," Mark admitted that he was aware of the seed of fire that was about to be born, very soon.

Lan Jing then said, "Originally, according to our calculations, the elemental seed should have already been born by now but it hasn't yet. I believe there will be more than one for the grabs."

That statement surprised Mark. "Twin elemental seeds?"

"Either that or a stronger elemental seed." Lan Jing didn't appear to be sure about it. "Whatever the case, Emperor Shang should be careful. Not only does he need to make sure there won't be chaos due to the possible conflict between the powerful cultivators but he also needed to be wary of the invasion from Beast Empire."