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The lava golem is more than 3000 meters big with no legs to move around. One can say that is a half-golem, considering its base is its abdomen. It is like the entire Mt. Jizu had grown arms, and head, and came into life.

To talk more about its appearance, it has six eyes with three eyes on each side placed vertically on top of each other. Each eye is about 30-40 meters big in size, enough to terrify people with one glance.

On its forehead, there is a brightly glowing gem, the size of a 30-story building (~120m).

There's another glowing gem, located in the middle of its chest and this one is the size of a 120-story building (~500m).

As one would believe, both of them turned out to be fire seeds. Sensing its cultivation from far away, Lan Ju opinioned that it is at the peak stage of the 9-circle realm but its strength would be far higher. If compared to the beasts, the lava golem would be a beast emperor.

Upon hearing the details, Mark commented, "It means that that thing is no match for you."

"Obviously," replied Lan Ju with a firm nod. After a couple of seconds of pause, he added, "However, it won't be easy to acquire the fire seed. There's a lot of competition ahead, and you could be ambushed at any moment while I become busy with the battle against the golem."

"You don't need to worry about me." Mark waved his hand, suddenly getting confident because of the suit. "As long as a demigod won't suddenly ambush me, I'll be fine."

Lan Ju felt that Mark was too overconfident and decided to keep quiet about the possible threats. He thought that it is better for Mark to get a reality check.

And if Mark proves that his assessment is wrong, then, what more can it be better for the Lan Sect?

Either of the cases will only benefit him. Or so, Lan Ju thought before grabbing him and teleporting to the bottom of the cliff, leaving the heat dissipating barrier placed by the Zhao clan.

Before a week ago, there used to be a forest filled with lush greenery. But, ever since the volcanic eruption, followed by the appearance of the lava pillar, the place ended up like a desert in just three days, although without any sand.

Looking at the path ahead, Mark equipped his suit once again and took the battle rifle into his hands. "Let's go…"

He charged forward, testing the speed of the suit. However, in the next second, a high-pitched scream escaped from his mouth.


Due to the sudden acceleration of the speed, Mark lost control and crashed onto a dead tree. The rifle slipped from his hands and fell to the ground. "Fuck…"


Lan Ju broke out into laughter immediately and commented, "You really look like a clown now."

Mark dusted off his suit and picked up the rifle while feeling embarrassed, "Damn, that's not cool. I might need more practice. Wait a second… I don't feel any pain."

The fact that the suit is durable enough to blast through the dead trees has clicked in his mind.

According to what he learned so far, the monster usually stays alive for 10-15 minutes at most, protecting the fire seeds from any predators before the earth starts its absorption.

But then again, it took 3 days for the transformation instead of the usual 12-13 hours. So, one can expect it to stay alive for 30 minutes at most.

As it will take time to kill the golem, Mark assumed that he needs to move at the speed of 250 kmph, at the minimum.

And now that he has a problem with the footing, Mark activated flight mode and automatically found himself ascending toward the sky. His arms and legs were shaking left and right as he tried to find some balance.

Of course, it's not that this was the first time he was flying on his own. In the past, he did fly once while trying to use a prototype jetpack, although it only lasted half a minute and he was grabbing the handles tightly as he flew higher like 10 meters.

But, now, there were no handles to grab or anything, and neither can he feel the weight. So, this was entirely new to him and it takes time to adjust.

Fortunately, Mark knew that he doesn't have time to fool around and had time constraints. So, he tried his best to adjust to the flying.

It took entire two minutes for him to fly in the air horizontally like a superman. By this time, fighting was already started at the destination. The experts of Dragon Empire launched their attack.

However, they weren't just attacking the golem.

The original five experts led by Qiu Song who arrived first were trying their best to kill the golem. The Supreme Commander of their army, Gu Chao flew in the direction where the Church of Doom's elders were located. He plans to stall them until his team does the rest of the job.

As for the Tang Dyansty's ancestor, he directly flew straight toward Mark and Lan Ju.

And soon, he met them too.

Mark was bulldozing through every tree and rock by brute force while flying at subsonic speed. Lan Ju was flying beside him while dodging every block on the way.

At a location, roughly around 6.5 km away from the golem, Mark suddenly received a warning in the system.

Inside the helmet, a tiny holographic screen has opened up with a warning.


"A powerful hostile force is coming your way."

"1924 meters, 1832, 1740, 1648, 1556…"

Upon seeing the warning and followed by the distance tracking display, Mark controlled the suit through telepathic connection and put an abrupt brake, crashing onto a large boulder and then, falling onto the ground.

Lan Ju stopped beside him, "It looks like you need more training to operate that Exo thing, armor… or whatever it is."

"Ugh… luckily it is just Zheng. If it was someone else, it would have been so embarrassing to show this pathetic side of me." Mark slowly got up on his feet and was checking his suit to see if there are any scratches. Neither any scratches appear on the suit nor did he feel any pain or so whatever. "Okay, good. Now, let's focus on the enemy…"

He raised his head to look at the sky.

"So, you too sensed him, huh." Lan Ju commented, to which, Mark nodded.

"Look, Lu Zhen. The incoming enemy is at the peak stage of the Supreme realm and it is best for you to stay beside me at all costs." Lan Ju then gave the warning.

It was then Mark understood that the suit probably give him the warning of an enemy who is powerful enough to destroy it. After all, he collided with trees to boulders on the way but he was never warned once.

He reached out his back and took the Battle rifle in his hands to face the enemy who is moving toward them at 331kmph. Through enhanced vision, Mark could actually see his appearance, although not clearly. His face was a bit blurry.

"452m" "360m" "268m" "176m" "84m"

The old man finally stopped and started slowly descending onto the ground with a smile on his face, roughly 5 meters away from Mark and Lan Ju.

Mark activated his Sage eyes right away and inspected his details.

Tang Jiyao

Race: Human/Dragon

Age: 486

Rank: 9-circle (peak stage)

Spirit Path: Fighter

Attribute: Fire

Bloodline: Red Dragon

Affiliation: Dragon Empire

Description: Tang Jiyao is the former Emperor of the Dragon Empire. Born as the descendant of a Dragon, he can completely transform into a Red Dragon and gain its abilities, although for a limited time because of his human race.


"A dragon eh!" Mark stared at the old man, wondering how his realm form looked. Whether in his past world where dragons are a myth or in this world where people claimed that they were real, the topic of dragons was always fascinating among the public.

Like others, he too wished to see what a real dragon looks like. The Drakes and Wyrms are a common sight and they were considered impure dragons or fake dragons.

At the same time, he also wondered whether this old man would have a spirit core like other beasts if he was killed in Dragon form. And if he dies, will he revert to a human corpse or will he stay as a dragon? That is also something that needed to be pondered.

Meanwhile, Tang Jiyao was also observing the two of them. He found his target for sure but Mark's appearance and the lack of ether made him furrow his brows. "Who are you two?" He asked.