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"Who are you two?" Tang Jiyao couldn't help but ask about their identities in surprise upon realizing that he cannot sense anything from Mark.

Just like Lan Ju, he too never witnessed such strange armor. If not for the fact that he can smell the presence of a human from Mark, he would have thought that it is a new type of beast or an extraterrestrial creature.

At the same time, he couldn't figure out whether Lan Ju is a human though. For him, Lan Ju didn't smell like a human nor did he smell like a beast. It left Tang Jiyao momentarily confused.

Unfortunately for him, neither Mark nor Lan Ju is in the mood for a chat.

Without bothering to introduce himself, Mark passed the order, "Lan Ju, kill him. But, before that, I want to see his real form."

Lan Ju nodded and charged forward, launching an attack without any warning.

Tang Jiyao barely managed to dodge the incoming punch and exclaimed in surprise, "Woah! that was…"

Before he finished, Lan Ju, who narrowly missed hitting the target, put a sudden brake to his legs and elbowed Tang Jiyao's back. The force behind this casual attack was so powerful that the latter flew away like fifty meters and crashed onto a boulder before falling to the ground.

Mark expected the old man to get furious after getting hit, but to his surprise, the Tang dynasty's ancestor was grinning in happiness as he rose to his feet. "Yes, this is it. How long it has been since I was hit by someone? Good, very good."

Tang Jiyao went into a battle stance, the feet pointed forward, thighs parallel to the floor, with the buttocks pushed out, and the back arched up to keep the upper body from leaning forward. It indicated that he follows a particular style of fighting.

On the other hand, Lan Ju simply stood on the spot without any sort of stance or so whatever. "Your current strength isn't a match for me. You better go with your full strength, the descendant of a dragon."

"Then, make me do so, Unnamed Warrior," replied the Tang Dynasty's ancestor with a smile on his face while pouring ether energy into his body, forming a layer of scarlet energy over his skin.

"Alright, then." Lan Ju once again rushed forward once again. This time, sparks of lightning could be seen dancing all over his body, increasing his speed by ten-fold.

"What the…" Tang Jiyao's smile was gone and replaced by shock once again.

Before he blinked his eyes, Lan Ju was already before him and gave a powerful blow to the chest.

In just a fraction of a second, Tang Jiyao crashed onto several trees and rocks, falling away nearly half a kilometer from his earlier spot.

Meanwhile, Mark was pushed back a dozen meters by the shock waves generated by the hypersonic speed of Lan Ju, followed by a sonic boom in the air.

Thanks to the suit's resistance, the effect is reduced a lot, and Mark decided to fly into the air and become a spectator.

"I can't believe that I tried to challenge this beast. Was he playing around with me, back then?" Mark was not only taken aback but also started sweating upon watching Lan Ju's strength up close. What's funny is that this isn't even Lan Ju's real strength.

It led Mark to wonder how strong his biological mother, who is allegedly in the Demigod realm, according to Lan Ju.

Mark was certainly strong and he possessed the unique skills to crush supreme beings like ants. However, having power isn't everything. This is what he realized when he watched the one-sided battle through the sniper rifle's scope.

Within no time, as Mark wanted, Tang Jiyao stopped smiling and then turned into a true dragon. His realm isn't changed but his strength has certainly increased.


Tang Jiyao, upon turning into a dragon, has probably lost his senses. He behaved like a true beast, breathing an ocean of flames all over his surroundings.

Or maybe, he was actually aiming at Lan Ju, who was moving at extremely high speed and punching from different directions?

Mark doesn't know and doesn't want to know either. As soon as he saw the red-scaled dragon, which looked almost similar to how he imagined it to be, he controlled the suit to fly forward at subsonic speed. Within no time, he covered more than 2 kilometers, although the landing wasn't smooth.

Upon reaching 200 meters range, Mark tried to stop but due to the high speed, he was forced to deactivate his flying ability and crash to the ground, making a small-sized crater.

He was now only 150 meters away from the majestic-looking angry Dragon, which is destroying its surrounding terrain like a mad beast.

It sensed his presence but not being able to sense any ether energy from him, the Dragon ignored Mark's presence and concentrated on the prick who was punching it left and right at an extremely high speed.

"Well, let's end this thing." Mark raised his hand toward the sky.

He was about to unleash the Thunderblast skill but remembered at the last second that the lightning descended from the heavens will completely roast the dragon without the possibility of corpse retrieval.


He slapped himself on the forehead in realization, "Dumbass…"

Mark dwelled on the matter more seriously, "Okay, first, let's think of a way to kill it but not destroy its corpse as a result, and at the same time, not expend my ether energy too much."

If not for the fact that Mark doesn't want to expose Lan Ju's identity, he would have told Zheng to go all out right from the beginning. And now, because of the time constraints, he was forced to help it out. Of course, within a minute or two, the dragon will be killed even without his intervention but he probably wants to show off his abilities to Lan Ju in order to gain more respect and loyalty points from the beast emperor.

"The bloodline skills I have aren't that useful, at the moment.

Thunderblast skill might completely destroy its body, bloodline skills, and even the Lightning clone won't be enough to one-shot the dragon unless I drink the peak potion, Helicopter needs Allen to pilot it, and M134 Minigun is useful but has huge energy consumption.

That leaves the Missile Defense system. Multi-target ether missile will work but I intended to save it for the golem.

So, in the best-case scenario, I will have to use 50% ether energy to unleash Superbeam skill from the Minigun and take out the dragon, and then, use the multi ether missiles against the lava golem. This way, I can save my peak potion for emergency measures.

Hmm… wait a second. How about the amulet of Diyu? Nah, I decided to do it on a later date under Lan Ju's supervision, and let's keep it that way.

Then, how about I improve it once and see if I can get any new skills? Well, it's worth a try. It would be better to upgrade it directly to the Mithril grade but the situation calls in."

After thinking for a bit, he made the decision.

"Open Inventory"

While distancing himself away from the battlefield, Mark opened the inventory and clicked on the Missile Defense system.

He scrolls down to the bottom and went on to click on upgrade, spending hundreds of thousands of credits.

*Ding! 840,000 credits were deducted. Missile Defense System-V has been upgraded to Missile Defense System-VI.

Mark then checked out its details. Its appearance hasn't changed much except for the increase in the number of mortars. Earlier, it was 20 per launcher. Now, it was 25.

The missile's maximum speed was also increased to mach 4.2, giving hope that they will go hypersonic once the defense system gets upgraded a couple of more times.

And then, there's an additional active skill added to the weapons skills list along with skill upgrades, earning a satisfactory nod from Mark.

"This is indeed better than M134. Well, isn't that obvious? Anyway, let's not waste the time and get to the action."

Mark summoned the Missile Defense System.

The mounted type defense system looked a bit similar to the infamous Iron dome system, although this one has a sophisticated appearance and doesn't have any separate control center or radar system. All of it was inbuilt within just one single big box that has buttons and levers on it.

Mark would love to dissemble this for the research at any other time, but for now, his concentration was on getting the job done rather than admiring it.

He quickly read the instructions on its details page and get to a conclusion, "Okay, so, this is the one I need."