*Ding! You receive an Emergency Quest, "Save your companions."

Quest: Save your companions

Description: Mage Vexiron fooled the host with a false death and possessed Princess Elowen. He also captured Zan Rong in his cursed diamond. The host must save both of them and end his life.

Reward: Battle Tank (Upgradable)


After provoking Mark and the others to save their new monarch if they can, Elowen who was under the control of Vexiron disappeared into the diamond.


The cursed diamond fell on the platform.

Mark would usually have no interest in saving Elowen, and that too, when Sylvandria already gone inside; however, he was forced to go into the diamond to save her as not only there was a reward but even his future sister-in-law was also there.

If something happens to Zan Rong, he won't be able to look into his brother's eyes when they reunite in the future.

Of course, he wasn't a fool to walk into the trap without thinking about the risk.

Since the details of the diamond explicitly stated that it could only trap the people with demigods and the lower realm, Mark was confident that he could return safely as long as he would summon the divine throne and increase his stats to more than 11 points.

However, the result is vastly different from what he expected.

Mark found himself in the exact situation he didn't want to see himself in. He was trapped inside a story filled with seven deadly sins once again.

This time, although he was purely conscious, he was in an extremely embarrassing position, finding himself on a bed in a naked state.

An energy rope tied his hands and his eyes were covered by a cloth. However, there is someone on top of his private part, bouncing like a rabbit and screaming like a professional adult star from his past world.

Mark wanted to call out for the system but it was quite enjoyable for him. He wanted to take off his blind but as he tried to move, the woman would grab his hands and force him to focus on enjoying her riding and dirty talk.

This went on for atleast three minutes straight and she grabbed his cuffed hands to put around her body, kissing him deeply.

By this time, Mark was already filled with lust and he forgot about his original mission. In fact, he began to like this blind sex.

Eventually, he took control of the situation until he finished it and removed the black cloth over his eyes, only to get shocked by the person lying under him and looking at him with such lustful eyes.

"Sylvandria?" He couldn't help but let out a scream. The surprise was evident on his face.

The woman was surprised by his reaction. "Of course, it is me, my hubby. Who do you think it is going to be?" She furrowed her brows in displeasure.

Mark instantly realized that it was indeed the seven deadly sins, but how did this mage have such power? He became confused. "Quite possibly, Xalazar might have helped Vexiron during its creation," He assumed.

The last time he was trapped in such a story, he only got out after realizing that it was an illusion. But, this appeared to be different.

Mark didn't know how to escape and could only theorize in his mind that he must defeat his inner devils to get out of this place and save his companions.

"My hubby? Dear?"

Taking a deep breath, Mark then apologized, trying to check her personality in this story, "Nothing dear. Because of the blinder and your sexy voice, I momentarily forgot about you completely. Let's not do that again."

"Ah, okay," Contrary to her wild side during those intimate moments, she became calm and composed as she continued to speak, "Anyway, I want to say it at an appropriate time but I guess I'll tell you right now. We have received the invitation to attend the summit organized by the Dark Elves. I still haven't accepted it yet as it might seem to the Queen that we are formally siding with Mor Gondamin."

Mark doesn't know the story but doesn't want her to realize it and create hurdles for him. Hence, he answered, "Let me think about it for just one last time."

Sylvandria stared at him for a few seconds and nodded, "Fine. Let's sleep and talk in the morning."

The replica of the High priestess closed her eyes and fell asleep after a while, leaving behind Mark who was filled with various thoughts.

"System, are you there?" He asked in his head.

*Ding! Yes, host.

Seeing that there was a positive response, Mark felt relieved. He went on to ask, "How should I get out of here?"

*Ding! The host already knows the answer. Follow the storyline while defeating all the deadly sins in the process.

*Ding! A reminder: This world only could challenge the host with the three most powerful deadly sins, i.e. lust, greed, and pride.

*Ding! Another reminder: 100 days spent in this world is equivalent to 1 day in the outside world.

"Okay, thank you for the help," Mark felt grateful that the system has become more and more helpful lately. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, it was actively trying to help him in every grave situation. Of course, not assisting in some missions can be understandable as they were more of a choice.

Six days passed in the blink of an eye. Mark has become more used to this place, which is a complete replica of the Ixitus Empire.

The story is that Elowen Silverleaf is the reigning ruler of this world; Sylvandria is the former high priestess and was expelled from the kingdom due to the fact that she broke her oath of celibacy and fell in love with the hero.

The Hero, as in Lu Zhen, who defeated the demon emperor, married her and moved out of the kingdom. Apart from that, he also took in the corrupted elves as his own people instead of executing them.

The Empire gave him region and formed a pact in order to ensure that he stayed loyal to the throne. As a result, with a small demonic elf army, he was living in an independent village on a mountain.

As for Zan Rong's replica, Mark never heard about her. But then again, as he knew that everyone was merely an illusion, he could care less about the girl and focused more on defeating the deadly sins by exercising control over them.

However, he realized that this task was almost next to impossible. He could never control his lust.

Only six days had passed and he slept with his wife, Sylvandria, 23 times already. Every time, the session would last a minimum of 30 minutes and goes as long as 90 minutes sometimes. Yet, he never felt tired or uninteresting, not even once. It was like he was fed with an aphrodisiac or something for every meal.

In the meantime, he also took the decision to take over this world by becoming the villain and eradicating all of life so that these so-called deadly sins would no longer pose an effect. They can only work if there are people.

Mark's thinking was simple.

What is the use of pride if there is no one to challenge him? What is the use of lust when there is no woman to sleep with? And what is the use of greed after achieving everything in the world?

Hence, he would do the same for his friends and even his so-called wife after killing his enemies.

Since spending 100 days here is equivalent to 1 day outside, he felt like he had enough time to accomplish everything.

As a result, he accepted that invitation and finally started the storyline six days after he walked into the trap.