(Lian Li POV)

Things were looking a little worse now.

Actually, they already weren't looking that good from the start…

Since the start of the battle, we've already lost half our numbers to these two damned freaks. Even Eris's alternate selves were reduced down to less than half their original number, most of them having been wiped from existence while I'm not expecting the rest to last long either.

The only reason why my sisters and I even managed to hold on for so long is thanks to the protection Master has placed on us.

If it wasn't for that, I think we would have been wiped way sooner than that.

The unfortunate thing was that we had to also focus on not being hit too hard since that would trigger the alarm inscription we know Master had also set up which would alert Him of this. None of us wanted to find out what kind of complications would come from Master coming here in His current state either.

Besides, that would literally be serving what these tentacled freaks wanted on a silver platter, which is why we have to get rid of them before they get any closer to Master.

Even though I said that, it was obviously easier said than done.

These things already learned to protect themselves against Elaria's support and I barely managed to avoid being sent flying away like the rest of my sisters.

But now I was standing alone against the two monstrosities by myself.

Even Manami will need some time to recover from that before she could teleport herself back here.

I'm honestly surprised that Lilith got caught up in that too and she's supposed to be the one with the most experience amongst all of us. Then again, I guess those two tentacled things know that she's the bigger threat and had been concentrating more effort into incapacitating her than us.

Both of those tentacled things turned several of their hundreds of eyes on me while the space around them started to warp.

I moved away from where I was floating just as the area around me imploded. I retaliated by sending several Origin Lightning bolts to blast their faces, which unfortunately only made them blink and nothing else.

They continued their advance towards Master's World as I tried in vain to slow them down, myself being too preoccupied dodging through the attacks they were throwing at me to do any significant damage.

I detected something flying towards us at high speeds and I immediately moved myself away from them, watching as explosions peppered the surface of the tentacled freaks.

This time, I did not rush in as I had done previously but watched from a distance away to see the effects of the attack. I was still not entirely used to the fact that there was no sound around me despite all these things that were happening.

As expected, those two annoying things barely reacted to the explosions and merely continued on their way as though nothing happened.

I tried once again to enforce my domain within this space to allow me to manipulate concepts. The moment my domain came into contact with those things, however, it simply shattered like glass without being able to do anything to those Master damned things.

To think that even after ascending, the only thing I can say that I'm able to do is stare at these freaks without losing my mind.

At least when I use my Conception domain to create planet sized rocks to toss at them, the rocks don't disintegrate like my domain does when hitting them. Not like it does any damage to them anyway…

Is this really what I ascended for?!

No! I ascended to remain by Master's side so these two octopus freaks can go wrap themselves up in their own tentacles and rot inside the Abyss for all I care!!

Ugh… Even though I say that… What can I do? All of my Techniques are useless, my domain is also equally ineffective and if I were to let my guard down, I would definitely be hit by its attacks and alert Master…

Perhaps… If I think like Master, I could find a way out of this?

If Master was here, what would He do?

Ah… That's right, Master would simply just wave His hands and these things would be sent back to the Abyss.

Oh, wait a minute… That's it, isn't it? I don't need to kill them, which is what everyone has been trying to do so far… Even Elaria's tactic of delaying them was so that she could bring out the bigger weapons to try and hurt them.

In that case…

"Hey, you pieces of rejects!" I called out, not even questioning why my voice could be heard. "You think you're so big just because that little bitch made you guys?!"

I wasn't really expecting them to respond but surprisingly, they actually stopped in their tracks. I should have known to try this earlier if it was so easy to make them stop moving.

"You do not know what you are talking about, little Goddess…" Its voice screeched.

"Oh really? I only spent this short time with that bitch and I already hate her guts, no wonder you guys are such morons since she created you losers too!"

I don't know if they didn't like the fact that I was bad mouthing the stalker bitch or them, but I definitely got their attention since every single one of their eyes shifted towards me when they had not done this before.

It was only now did I realise that both of them had constantly kept a few of their eyes locked on their destination which was the World that Master was on.

At that moment, I could feel a dreadful sensation starting to well up within me, almost like I was the target of Master's anger.

I seized that moment and expanded my domain in front of me, creating the thing I needed right before the tentacles from one of those things tried to smash themselves into me.

A rip in space opened up in front of me, protecting me from being hit by those tentacles that had been rushing towards me.

There was a pause before the monster started to get pulled into the rip in space, its eyes showing the rare hint of panic before it got sucked straight into the hole that was way smaller than its entire body.

The screech that it let out was so loud to me that I was sure that it could be heard by everyone around us even if they wouldn't normally be able to hear things in space.

It tried desperately to resist the pull of the rift but its efforts were futile as it steadily got dragged into it, sucking the entire monster into the hole.

The other bastard could only look on as its companion was taken away from it without being able to do anything, lest it gets affected by the rift as well.

Then the scream was cut off and the hole I created that led directly to the Abyss closed up.

Well… That was easy? One down one to go!