(Lian Li POV)

The other tentacled thing also had all of its eyes on me although it wasn't charging at me like its friend had done.

I can't believe I didn't think of such a simple solution like this earlier… Just alter the concept of the space in front of me to turn into an entrance to the Abyss and let these tentacled freaks come to me!

Once they touch that rift, they'll get sucked inside the prison made specifically for them!

Ahahaha! That's right! I can see that fear in your stupid eyes now! How does it feel to know that I can reset your progress so easily right now?! I bet you must be… Hey… Wait a minute…

Why is the last one completely ignoring me and speeding up towards where Master is?!!

Hey?! That's not fair!! Come back here you damn coward!!

Look! It's even ignoring all the attacks from Elaria's ships as well just to get to Master faster!!

I tried to create more entrances to the Abyss in its path but it skillfully dodged them without slowing down, even manipulating its own size to slip between them when I tried to block its path.

I was just about to attempt forcing open a giant rift when I felt an immense heat start to burn the surface of my skin.

It was so hot that I was forced to back away, right before an immeasurably large ball of fire crashed right into the tentacled bastard's face.

Surprisingly, that made the monster flinch back as well. It was only a slight movement, but the fact that it was repelled by something was already a step forward considering nothing else worked so far.

"Ara, ara? To think this was all I needed to do to affect you… Ufufufu~ I have indeed been fighting you all wrong it seems~"

I looked up to see Manami glaring down at the monster with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"To even try to hit this body of mine that belongs to Master, you sure have some guts~ If I hadn't defended myself, what would you do if Master comes here, hmm? I really need to incinerate you, ufufufu~ How does it feel to be burned by Master's flames?"

Oh my… Manami really is angry…

Just when I thought things couldn't get any hotter, a frigid wind blew past me even though I was told there was no air in space in the first place.

The tentacles the bastard was trying to use to attack Manami with froze mid motion, not because there was ice or anything but it just stopped moving altogether.

"Tsk… It seems like despite ascending to Godhood, we were still not able to cast aside our mortal thinking easily… At least now we understand that," Kiyomi sighed, appearing beside her sister with her arm outstretched.

Just as I was feeling relieved that my sisters had returned, I noticed that Kiyomi had not frozen all of its tentacles and a few of it had sneaked below them and were in the midst of trying to strike at them from below.

I started to shout out a warning but stopped when I realised that the space around there looked distorted, almost like I was looking at a reflection on a piece of broken mirror.

In fact, I swear I could see lines cutting through the space around those tentacles that made them look disjointed.

As I was floating my way towards them, Eris suddenly appeared out of thin air while holding her sword in front of those tentacles.

It wasn't like she teleported herself there but it felt more like she had been there all along and I only saw her after moving to my current position.

Oh… She had cut apart reality itself.

I watched on as our swordswoman sheathed her sword and the broken pieces of reality moved to fix itself. When the pieces did realign themselves, the tentacles that had been aiming at my sisters got cut off before disappearing entirely.

Looks like those things got cut out from reality entirely.

"Kuhhh… I can't believe we fell for that stupid trick…" Eris groaned.

Her other personalities also appeared at that moment and the same thing repeated again as reality was cut apart by Bait, Denna and Laverna.

The rest of its tentacles were then cut off and its main body itself was also separated into four pieces.

Despite suffering what looked like a mortal wound, all of us knew better than to assume this was enough to kill a being like this.

Sure enough, the bastard's eyes turned red and the separated parts of its body reformed together to make it whole once more, even sprouting new tentacles to replace the ones that had been cut off.

One of its eyes suddenly expanded in size to cover half its body and the iris split open, revealing rows upon rows of serrated teeth.

I thought it would try to swallow us whole until those 'teeth' started shooting out of its mouth.

Instead of aiming at us, it flew in random directions so it was easy for us to avoid it, making me think that it had launched that attack in a panic.

"NO!! Destroy those things!!! They're offshoots of this Great One! We miss one and we'll never be able to corner it if it keeps teleporting around with them!!" Lilith screamed, appearing above us.

Damn it! There's billions of them! There's no way we can chase them down especially when some of them were already flying off into the distance!

Ah! I'm still thinking about this problem with my mortal sense!

"Eris! Cut apart the paths of those things!!" I shouted.

She responded immediately by having all four of her swinging out her sword in a single sword slash.

With that sword swing, those offshoots stopped moving as the 'path' they were moving on was cut off.

In that split second that they had stopped, I altered the concept of space between us and those offshoots and gathered them all in front of me.


She understood what I wanted and immediately eliminated their ability to move by freezing them in place, preventing them from escaping again.

Manami did not need me to call out to her and she quickly conjured up that sun again, incinerating all of the offshoots in a single blow.

Aha! See what we can do together?! Don't underestimate us who have been taught by Master Himself! We all learned from the best Master in the entire Universe!

"What are you doing acting all proud for?! The main body is getting awayyyyy!!" Lilith screamed, trying and failing to slow down the tentacled bastard.

Whoops, we forgot that the main body could still move while we were distracted by the offshoots…

We were just about to rush to her aid when the monster turned back to blast the demoness in the face with some kind of energy attack, sending her tumbling far away into the distance.

Again, Lilith? Are you inexperienced in combat or something?

Oh well… Don't worry Lilith! We got this!!

With all my sisters together, I'm sure this thing wouldn't stand a chance anymore!