Be it Hong Luo or Lu Bingxuan, they did not expect Song Shi, who had been frozen into ice, to still be able to move. Otherwise, Hong Luo would definitely not dare to approach him so casually.

The careless approach this time had crushed Hong Luo's Nascent Soul, who still had a chance of survival. She died unwillingly in the brutal flames.

"Ding… congratulations on killing the target of death. You are rewarded with one chance to draw the lottery."

After more than half a year, Song Shi had finally avenged himself. He eliminated the old woman who had tortured him and increased his lucky draw chances to three.

Compared to Song Shi's quick revenge, Lu Bingxuan was in a daze. Compared to this person's previous method of escaping, he did not expect Song Shi to be able to move.

Not to mention a Golden Core cultivator, even if he was hit, he would definitely not be able to escape this freezing power so easily.

With a dark expression, he activated the power of his Numinous artifact, Mystic Ice Spikes. Large amounts of freezing power were released, and for a moment, the space seemed to be frozen.

However, Song Shi's entire body emitted a Holy light. He directly ignored this power and easily passed through the obstruction. The Spear in his hand was like a long dragon that came out of its hole and stabbed over fiercely.

"He can't be froze!"

Lu Bingxuan was inexplicably shocked. He realized that the power of his Numinous artifacts could not restrict this person at all. It was as if there was a power that surpassed Nomological power that broke through the power of ice.

How could such power appear on a Golden Core?

Facing the golden Spear, he changed his spell. Ice walls appeared one after another and then they were all pierced through by the golden Spear.

Lu Bingxuan had no choice but to take out his Defense Dharma treasure. They were silver-white scales made of metal and looked like snake scales.


Flames danced as Song Shi's golden Spear was blocked. Lu Bingxuan and his Snake Scales were forced to retreat.

Song Shi was a little surprised to see that the snake scales were not damaged by the golden Spear. He slapped away the Mystic Ice Spikes that were about to launch a sneak attack, "Oh, these are life-saving Dharma treasures."

"Hmph, these are the scales of a spirit snake. They're special Numinous artifacts. You won't be able to crack them!"

Lu Bingxuan's expression was arrogant. His snake scales were as big as a pot as they floated in front of him. At the same time, the Mystic Ice Spikes flew back. The blue light was resplendent and he could attack at any time.

Seeing that this person was powerful and had such powerful Dharma treasures, Song Shi knew that it would be difficult to kill him. He stopped his attacks and said with interest, "I heard that your second son was borne by a white snake. You also have snake scales. Impressive. You guys are willing to even bed a snake."

"Hmph, what do you know? After the white snake transforms, she's devastatingly beautiful. They're also beneficial to my cultivation. If it were you, you wouldn't be indifferent either!"

Lu Bingxuan was disdainful and smug.

However, he sized up the other party's situation and realized that the Holy Light had already dissipated.

Although they were all golden lights, he could still tell if it was the light of ordinary Nomological power True Fire or the light of that mysterious power.

Song Shi did not care if Lu Bingxuan could sense his problem. He smiled teasingly. "That makes sense. However, since you're so utilitarian, it's no wonder that she didn't follow you."

"Hmph, it's not your place to be nosy!"

Lu Bingxuan's expression was dark as he stared coldly at Song Shi. "You killed my son and her son. This is no joke!"

"I don't think you're losing out. After all, you've killed me twice. I've only killed your son once."

Song Shi shook his head, "In that case, you even made a profit!"

"I have to dissipate your soul and make you disappear from this world to avenge my son."

Lu Bingxuan's eyes were filled with killing intent. He used the Spirit Snake Scales to protect his body while attacking with the Mystic Ice Spikes. It could be said that he had perfect equipment.

However, to Song Shi, it was easier to kill this person because this guy did not have a bunch of paper effigies to dodge attacks like the old woman.

He held the golden Spear in his hand and waved it. Golden dragons danced and dragon roars sounded as he attacked head-on.

"You want to kill me now? These are not enough."

Lu Bingxuan smiled mockingly. Although he did not have Hong Luo's life-saving means, his Dharma treasures cultivation was much stronger.

He formed a seal and pointed at the Void. The Mystic Ice Spikes lit up and transformed into an ice snake that fought Song Shi's golden fire dragon.

Shocking aftershocks from the collision spread out, and the world turned into white and gold. One was cold and the other was hot, turning into ice and fire.

"Is this really a f*cking Golden Core?"

The people who followed him were stunned, especially Lu Bingxuan's eldest son. He was a prodigy of his generation, but now he was doubting if he could compare to this Blood-Robed old ghost even at his full strength.

He laughed bitterly, "Even Guardian Hong Luo was defeated by him. Previously, I actually wanted to kill him myself…"


In the distance, a blood-red light soared into the sky and broke through the dark clouds that had consumed the power of thunder. For a time, the world was covered in red light. A blood red dragon roared and rushed out.


Song Shi revealed a look of delight. This way, he also had two Numinous artifact, and his equipment was not inferior to this Sky Demon Cult deputy cult master.

"Stop this new Numinous artifact and subdue it!"

Lu Bingxuan ordered, unwilling to let the Blood-Robed old ghost add any more weapons to the fight.