In the direction of the demon City, 23 rank-9 powerhouses were killing until the sky turned dark. The sky and earth changed color.

The spatial cracks that were rarely seen on normal days were now everywhere.


In the West.

Near the desert of ten thousand ants.

Kong Lingyuan's expression was serious. After Fang ping and the rest had left, as well as Zhang Weiyu and the rest, he was the strongest person there.

Looking around at the crowd, Kong Lingyuan suddenly laughed."Are you all afraid of death?"

"Cut the crap, what do you want to do?"

"Guardian Zhang and the others have already started fighting. Those guys actually want to turn around and help the battle. They won't be coming!"

"Why did Guardian Zhang and the others dare to start a war?" Kong Lingyuan asked loudly. Because he trusted us! We're here! Although we don't have many people, our presence is their source of confidence! I'm going to intercept the pursuers. Who is willing to go?"

"Nonsense, let's go!"

Tian Mu, who was not strong, had an extremely bad temper. Without a word, he broke through the air and charged straight ahead.

Kong Lingyuan rambled on and on. Why did he have so much nonsense to say?

Of course they had to stop him!

This battle was a battle of courage, a battle of survival after death!

At this moment, the remaining 18 human powerhouses, including Zheng Tao who had just recovered his physical body, did not say a word. They soared into the sky and took the initiative to face the front.

Humans had struggled to survive for hundreds of years, and it was all because of this!

As long as the person didn't die, the battle wouldn't end.

The 18 of them soared into the sky, leaving even the Phoenix behind and leaving it to Yi and the rest to look after. At this moment, no one asked these demons to help them in battle.

Once the war broke out, who knew if it was a good thing or a bad thing for the demons?

They couldn't trust him. Instead of that, it was better for the 18 of them to go alone.

The 18 experts were extremely fast, heading straight for the demon City.

The Jiao remained in its original spot, somewhat at a loss.

As a demon, at this moment, it could not understand the choice of these people.

Even if the catacombs were divided into three areas, the last one still had close to 50 powerhouses.

50 to 18, and there was still a half-crippled Zheng Tao.

More than half of the top-tier experts had left. Although the remaining people were not weak, they were not at the stage where they could fight one against three.

Were these people not afraid of death?

"They ... Aren't they afraid of death?"

The referee still asked the question. The battle had already reached this stage, and in the referee's opinion, it was time to avoid it. The resurrected martial artists could retreat to their own world.

Why did they have to continue fighting?

If these people really wanted to leave, they might be able to.

No, he would definitely leave.

Before the humans split up, they had the chance to leave.

The referee did not understand.

He didn't understand.

At this moment, what it needed to consider was whether it should help.

He was struggling!

It was very dangerous!

But ... But it wanted to become a demon King, and it had also received the token of the first true king of the human race. If it didn't go now, what would it do if the resurrected martial artist didn't lose?

The Holy See was more concerned about benefits, as the path ahead was very dangerous.

With so many rank-9s, it might die if it went to help.

"Should this King go?"

Richard struggled for a while, and after a moment, it suddenly roared madly, go!

The resurrected martial artist was defeated, so it was finished.

Don't have any more hope!

"Follow this King!"

The Jiao roared and quickly rushed towards the direction where everyone had left. Kill them all. After killing all the experts of God continent, the seven southern region would be peaceful again.

Today, the only thing the seven Southern Territory could do was to kill and create a new world.


On the ground.

Zhang Tao's expression was cold, and his eyes were ice-cold.

The reinforcements from the five Holy Lands had not arrived yet!

The next moment, Zhang Tao threw a punch. A moment later, the Dragon King Lin Long arrived. A few unfamiliar rank-9s came with him.

"Minister, we're here!"

Linlong chuckled.

There were a few rank-9 powerhouses in the central government. The government was in charge of Civil Affairs, and the three ministries and four manors were in charge of military affairs.

Usually, these rank-9s hardly showed their faces.

They were also the last few powerhouses to maintain the safety of the ground.

Today, they had also arrived.

Zhang Tao looked at them. Including linlong, there were a total of five people. They were the last of China's assets.

"Good! Go in, assist in battle, speed! Ignore Zhang Weiyu and the rest, go to Kong Lingyuan and the rest!"


The 5 gentle rank-9 powerhouses did not hesitate either. They stepped into the passageway quickly and disappeared in a flash.

At that moment, li Hansong suddenly took a step forward. Without saying a word, he entered the passage.

Zhang Tao wanted to say something, but he didn't in the end.

Li Hansong's armor appeared, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the vortex.

As soon as he left, Wang Jinyang and the others were about to step forward when Zhang Tao shouted,"Nonsense! He had a divine weapon and armor, which had unparalleled defense and could block a ninth-grade! "Right now, there are close to a hundred rank-9s gathered in the catacombs. If a rank-7 martial artist goes over, he'll die instantly!"

He was no longer fighting alone today!

The rank-9s formed groups!

They would not give the rank-7 martial artists the chance to fight one on one or surround one person with more than ten people.

This was a group battle!

Once these rank-7 martial artists were affected, several rank-9s would attack at the same time. They would not be able to stop it and would be killed instantly!

"At this point, rank-7 martial artists are no longer of any use on the battlefield.

This was not the war of the past where a rank-7 could surround and kill a rank-9 on their own.

Wang Jinyang and the others looked unwilling, but Liu polu suddenly walked out and said with a smile,"I have a ninth-grade magic weapon. I can fight!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu polu held his divine weapon and was about to enter.

"Old Liu, you can't do it alone. Let's do it together!" Chen yaoting laughed.

"And US!"

Xu Gecheng and the other elders also spoke up, loudly saying,""We have rank-8 combat strength with divine weapons in hand. If we work together, we can fight a rank-9!"

"How can mcmau powerhouses avoid the battle of Magic City? China is going all out to fight, and we don't want to wait for the results!"

The few old men's auras were high. We are also strong and can fight!

"Let's go together!"


More and more rank-8 powerhouses stood out from the crowd and said loudly,""We have the Golden bodies, so we won't die so easily! "Minister, all the martial grandmasters are rushing to the catacombs. I'm afraid the situation is not looking good. Let us in!"



Voices filled with anticipation could be heard.

Zhang Tao looked around and suddenly laughed."Alright, then you guys be careful and don't split up! Remember, don't die. It's not worth it. "Today, I'm ready to break all the rules. At the critical moment, I'll make a move to destroy all the rank-9s! It's not worth it for you to die now!

"They won't be in any danger. As long as the danger is too great, I'll enter the catacombs and kill those guys!"

As soon as he said that, everyone was excited.

Then let's fight!

The next moment, more than 20 rank-8 powerhouses stepped into the passageway one after another.

Zhang Tao looked at the rank-7 martial artists behind him, as well as the large number of middle-ranked martial artists. He smiled and said,""Don't worry, you'll have the chance to join the battle! Of course, the prerequisite was that the rules still existed! "The rules are still in place. Then, you guys will enter later and destroy the 12 cities of Magic City. In this battle, Magic city's catacombs will be at peace!"

A cave was destroyed in one battle!

They would truly annihilate the seven Southern Territory!

"We will definitely win!"

High-pitched roars resounded through the clouds, and over ten thousand martial artists let out loud roars.

They would definitely win this battle and level the Magic City catacombs.

More and more rank-9 powerhouses joined the battle. A large number of rank-8 powerhouses also began to rush to the catacombs to join the battle. Sino nation would definitely win a big victory and destroy the seven Southern Territory in one battle!

Demonic city was filled with blood and Qi, scattering the dark clouds in the sky.

It was drizzling last night, and the dark clouds did not disperse.

Today, their will was united. The powerhouses did not care. These middle and low-ranked martial artists 'vitality burst out and shot straight into the clouds, returning the world to a clear state.

In the catacombs, the number of rank-9 powerhouses in Sino nation had already reached 29.

There were dozens of rank-8s as well!

It was almost the limit of China.

Zhang Tao muttered to himself for a moment before he suddenly sent a voice transmission to everyone,"Notify the rank-9s guarding the catacombs. At the critical moment, give up the guarding mission and come to Magic City to meet!"

If it was a bet, then he would bet a bigger one!

He wanted to see how far they could go in the end!

After the voice transmission ended, Zhang Tao picked up his phone and quickly made a call. At this moment, he was no longer transmitting his voice everywhere. Instead, he said in a weak voice,"Get ready to evacuate. Other than food, don't bring anything! Tell the four houses of guardians and the provincial Governor-General's houses to make all preparations.

At the crucial moment, I will let Nan yunyue cooperate with you to evacuate!"

"Have you thought it through?"

A worried voice came from the other side of the phone, full of reluctance.

Zhang Tao said softly,"I've thought it through. We can't go on like this. The catacombs have their eyes on us! "There are too many catacombs 'passageways in Sino nation. We can't suppress them anymore! "Out of the four major regions, North, South, East, and West, there are very few Wars in the other three regions. We, the Chinese, are full of talents and have always been a thorn in the eyes of the catacombs.

If this continued and they reached an agreement, the other three regions 'experts would gather in the southern region. The southern region would not be able to hold on!

"Since you're not willing to contribute, then I won't be polite. I'll abandon China and defend the seven Southern Territory. As long as I guard the four sides, the pressure will be greatly reduced ..."

"But everything is not ready yet. With such a hasty evacuation, more than one billion people, Minister Zhang ... I'm afraid that China ... Will suffer countless casualties ..."

Zhang Tao sighed and said,"things have come to this, and I have no choice." Only in this way could he survive in the face of death! China can't be like this anymore, bearing the pressure of the main attack all the time, the pressure is so great that it's about to crush everyone!"

"Okay, I understand. I'll make the arrangements. I hope Minister Nan can arrive in time to help everyone evacuate."

"Don't worry. Even if the catacombs have the upper hand, they might not attack earth now. This is just their last resort. We will attract even more experts from the seven Southern Territory to come here. If any other true Kings were to enter the territory, the true Kings of the seven Southern Territory would not agree to it!"

"I hope so,"


The two of them communicated for a while before Zhang Tao hung up.

Although the other party wasn't strong, this matter still had to be explained clearly to him.

If they really wanted to carry out a large-scale evacuation, it would not be done so easily.

It was not that simple to have a population of more than one billion.

No matter how strong a Paragon was, they could sweep a million people at once. They were invincible.

Evacuation ... At this point, they might lose more than half of the population. Their survival in the catacombs would also be a big problem.

Fortunately, the government had been preparing for many years, so they were not completely unprepared.

"I hope it won't end up like this!"

Zhang Tao muttered in his heart. If it really came to that, the country that he had protected for so many years would really be in decline.





In the seven Southern Territory, the sounds of battle shook the heavens.

Li deyong and the others began to encounter the other party!

Over 70 rank-9s instantly started a great battle.

18 human powerhouses, five rank-9s, and nearly 100 rank-7 and rank-8 demons were engaged in a chaotic battle in the blink of an eye.


There was a loud explosion. A rank-7 beast that joined the battle was instantly blown up.

The Jiao roared.

"Fight! Kill! If you don't die in this battle, this King will help you become supremacies and become Kings! Kill!"

The Holy See was also desperately trying to throw out the benefits, regardless of whether they could do it or not, they said it first.

At that time, he could just look for the chef.

This time, the demon race in the realm had really contributed a lot. How could the chef not give them some benefits?

With 23 rank-9s and over a Hundred Demons, it was a close fight.

At this moment, in the direction of Hope City, 5 rank-9s were also rapidly flying through the air.

Behind them, more than 20 rank-8 powerhouses also rushed over quickly.

Kong Lingyuan was overjoyed when he sensed their auras. He shouted,""The reinforcements are here! Linlong and the others had arrived! Today, we'll exterminate these bastards!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the divine weapon folding fan in Kong Lingyuan's hand suddenly enlarged countless times and covered the sky and earth.

The folding fan enveloped more than ten rank-9 powerhouses directly. Golden blood spurted out of Kong Ling's round mouth as he shouted repeatedly.

"I'm sleepy!"




Kong Lingyuan spat out the words one after another as a brilliant golden light burst out from his folding fan.

Li deyong laughed and said,"old Kong, you're good!" He's already over a hundred years old, when did he secretly become department head Zhang's disciple?"

"You talk too much!"

Kong Lingyuan's face was pale as he laughed. A crystal book suddenly appeared in the air and instantly merged into the fan.

The folding fan acted like a cover, shrouding the rank-nine powerhouses who were still attacking wildly-there were 12 of them!

"Break the sky!"

At this time, li deyong also shouted angrily, and used the sky-piercing Sword Art!

He was Li Zhen's student, at least half a student.

The ultimate source techniques of the powerhouses at the apex were usually not taught to their descendants. The ultimate techniques of the true Kings of the catacombs were not something that even their descendants could learn.

However, for experts like Li Zhen, as long as their ultimate techniques were suitable for others, they would spread them.

Old man Li and Li deyong had both learned Li Zhen's [sky-piercing Sword Art].

At this moment, li deyong slashed out with his sword. Cracks also appeared in the void frequently, like a spider web that enveloped all the rank-9s.

The ninth-grade magic weapon in his hand actually let out a creaking sound and showed signs of breaking.

Kong Lingyuan's ultimate technique had a shadow of Zhang Tao's ultimate technique, while li deyong had directly used Li Zhen's ultimate technique. Both of the two human apex powerhouses had ultimate techniques passed down.

At this moment, even the catacombs powerhouses who were their enemies were green with envy.

In the catacombs, even if one's children had reached reciprocity, the ancestors of the true Kings might not necessarily impart ultimate techniques to them, let alone outsiders.

But now?

At this moment, many of the catacombs powerhouses felt an inexplicable feeling in their hearts.

In fact, many of them had walked quite a long path in the origin Dao. Some of them were even on par with Kong Lingyuan, but their combat power was far inferior. Why?

He was lacking something that could increase his combat power!

Kong Lingyuan enveloped the 12 rank-9s. His folding fan cracked from the impact, and his golden body was on the verge of exploding.

Seeing that the others were going to help, Kong Lingyuan shouted,""Take this opportunity to kill the enemy. 30 seconds!"

He could trap them for 30 seconds, even if his origin Dao would be severely injured after the battle!

Back then, he had been recuperating for many years and his origin Dao had been seriously injured because of this scene.

"However, back then, he only had 4 rank-9s as his opponents. He was almost killed by them.

Today, his injuries had just healed and he had just returned. This scene had reappeared. Perhaps after this, he would no longer have the chance to advance to the Paragon level. However, that was nothing!

If he won this battle, the rank-9s who participated in today's battle might all be able to reach his level. Everyone would be Kong Lingyuan!

It's worth it to use my essence Dao to win this battle!

"Kacha ..."

In the air, the folding fan began to collapse. How could Kong Lingyuan stop the outburst of 12 rank-9 powerhouses?

However, he was able to hold off 12 people by himself. Even if it was only for a moment, this was a scene worthy of being recorded in the history of rank-9.

They were both rank-9, but this was invincible!

Other than Chen yaozu, were Zhang Weiyu and the rest more senior than Kong Lingyuan?

'Zhao xingwu, that old thing, taking advantage of his seniority and ranking even lower than Kong Lingyuan, even dared to say that it's easy to kill me. If it wasn't for the Minister who told me not to risk my life, I wouldn't have been able to slap that old thing to death!'

Kong Lingyuan had fought to the death and held back 12 rank-9s. It was shocking.

Li deyong and the others all exploded madly. The power of destruction surged out, and blood sprayed into the sky. The Golden blood was like raindrops, pouring down.

The battle was getting more and more intense.

From time to time, the sound of demons being blown up could be heard. There were also rank-9 catacombs powerhouses who had fallen.

On the human side, the weak Minister Wang had just gotten his hands on a divine weapon, but it self-destructed with a loud bang. His golden body was also crippled, and he could no longer fight. He fell to the ground, his eyes full of unwillingness.


The sounds of battle resounded throughout the seven southern regions.

At this moment, the black hole and the ground below had disappeared.

The Blue Cat's head popped out a little and looked at the battle in the sky.

"That guy is going to die."

Cang Mao looked at Kong Ling Yuan and mumbled.

This fellow was very powerful. At the very least, he could be considered one of the top-tier false god Realm experts. He was not afraid of death and had unparalleled battle prowess.

But he was really going to die.

That folding fan was the representative of his Dao of origin. The moment the folding fan completely collapsed, his Dao of origin would also be completely destroyed. If his Dao of origin was destroyed, if he was lucky, he would become a cripple. If he was unlucky, he would die.

"The descendant of the big dog, how shameless!"

The gray cat suddenly looked at Richard. This guy was fishing in troubled waters. It had dragged a weak rank-9 and fought for a long time. The man and the Yao were fighting with great energy, but in reality, the danger was very small.

Cang Mao was a little speechless. This guy was really demonic.

Its ancestor was very powerful and extremely brave. He killed gods and Buddhas in his path.

But this guy ... Why was he so afraid of death?

Looking at Kong Ling Yuan again and seeing that his folding fan was on the verge of collapse, Cang Mao tilted his head and thought for a moment. Suddenly, he transmitted a message,""Hey you, come down a little, come down a little. I can help you kill a few. Remember to give me some cat food ..."


Kong Ling Yuan, who had been spurting blood non-stop, was almost scared to death.

The battle was going well, but someone suddenly broke through his mental defense and transmitted a message to his brain. It was really scary!

However, in the next moment, Kong Lingyuan's eyes burst with joy. He let out a mad roar, and his body was covered in cracks. His legs exploded, and he dragged the 12 rank-9s down a little.

Cang Mao tilted his head and looked at it for a while, then said,""You're still a little lower. It's higher. Why are you guys flying so high when you're fighting? The tail is too big, it's not good to be seen ..."


Kong Lingyuan almost vomited blood.

I'm dying!

I'm going to collapse if I go any lower.

Cang Mao was a little impatient and said again,""Otherwise, I'm leaving!"

The next second, Cang Mao suddenly said,"that's not right. I can use the source space. Forget it. It's just that high!"

Kong Lingyuan didn't even react to this.

In an instant, the rank-9s that he had covered suddenly had a dazed look in their eyes.

It was as if their mental energy had been drawn out in an instant. In the blink of an eye, these people fell down one after another.

Kong Lingyuan was stunned for a moment. Then, all 12 of them lost their life force at the same time!

On the ground, the gray cat seemed to be looking at something. Sharp claws popped out of its huge claws and poked at the void. With a poke, a rank-9 powerhouse on the ground exploded with a bang.

With a single poke, a rank-9 exploded.

After jabbing for a while, Cang Mao suddenly raised his head and looked at Kong Ling Yuan who was also falling. His big face was somewhat conflicted. The origin Dao had collapsed so quickly.

He had just praised him for being strong, so how did he manage to hold on for so long?

"Should we save him ... That strong guy didn't say he would save anyone, he just said he would help kill some people ..."

Cang Mao struggled for a while and felt that he had suffered a loss.

"Forget it, I'll save him ... But I can't do anything about the origin Dao ..."

The blue cat hesitated and didn't go up. Instead, it waited for Kong Lingyuan to fall down, then rolled him up with its tail and patted him with its claws for a while.

A moment later, Kong Lingyuan closed his eyes, and his aura, which had almost dissipated, stabilized.

"That's it. I seem to have lost this time!"

The blue cat didn't care about him anymore. With a sweep of its tail, it threw Kong Lingyuan somewhere.

In the sky, everyone was dumbfounded.

The auras of the 12 divine generals and Kong Ling Yuan dissipated at the same time!

How was that possible?

How could Kong Lingyuan have the ability to kill 12 rank-9s?

Previously, he had held back 12 people, and everyone had seen it, but they were not anxious at all.

That guy was just struggling before his death. A moment's effort was enough to blow him up!

The 12 rank-9s were extremely powerful. Kong Lingyuan had exhausted everything. He said he would hold them back for 30 seconds, but if he could hold them back for 10 seconds, he would be considered capable.

In the end ... They were all gone!

Everyone was gone!

Including Kong Lingyuan himself, the 13 of them fell down together. In the blink of an eye, they were all gone. Not a single one of them was left!

"What happened?"

"How could it be!"


These people were extremely stunned.

Cang Mao suddenly felt that it was too obvious that he had exposed those people.

"Stabbing so many people to death at once ... Isn't that too much?"

It was only because the true king's spirit energy had been crushed that there were no true Kings in seven Southern Territory to watch the battle. Otherwise, even if they could not sense its Qi activity, the sudden death of so many people would probably attract the attention of the true Kings.

"Maybe I've gone too far ... I don't want to fight with a true God!"

Cang Mao didn't say anything and turned to leave. Just as he was about to leave, an explosion suddenly sounded from the underground hole. The nearby area was blasted into a huge hole with a radius of ten thousand meters!

13 false gods self-destructing at the same time ... That was about the power.

Cang Mao, who had already run far away, felt that he didn't need to care anymore.

The 13 of them had self-destructed, and it had nothing to do with it.

"I didn't do it. They self-destructed while fighting ... Yes, that's it! The true God doesn't know that I did it, so he definitely won't find out. Right, it has nothing to do with me!"

Cang Mao threw off all responsibility. It wasn't done by me, so don't try to accuse me.


"Old Kong!"

At this moment, li deyong and the others were also dumbfounded!

Kong Lingyuan's aura had disappeared. He had died in battle?

More importantly, Kong Lingyuan had the ability to kill 12 rank-9s. How was that possible?

Even Zhang Tao back then could not have done this.

Zhang Tao had truly reached this stage when he was just one step away from the absolute peak.

It could be said that he had covered 999.9 meters.

Not only that, but Zhang Tao had advanced to rank-9 from the peak of the seventh refinement golden body. Before he entered the peak, he had even polished his golden body to the eighth refinement.

His Foundation was incomparably solid, and his Dao was broad. He was only one step away from the peak, and he was much stronger than Kong Lingyuan.

Zhang Tao could do it, but Kong Lingyuan couldn 't.

"But how did he disappear with 12 rank-9s?

Although everyone was fighting in the same area, the moment the battle started, it was extremely chaotic. In that moment just now, not many people had the mood to observe other places.

In the blink of an eye, a huge explosion occurred and everyone was finished!

It was comparable to the power of 13 rank-9s 'self-destructions, which was also shocking.

In the sky, many people were sent flying by the impact.

Some of the weaker rank-9s were almost killed by the aftershock.

Some rank-7 beasts were even directly blown to death this time.

At this moment, li deyong couldn't care about Kong Lingyuan!

He had killed 12 rank-9s in an instant!

The opportunity for mankind had come!

At this moment, there were only about 30 rank-9s on the catacombs 'side. On the other hand, they, including the referee's side, originally had 23 rank-9s. Now, there were still 22 of them. Although a few of them had lost their combat power, there were still 17 or 18 of them who still had combat power.

In the distance, linlong's team of five had also arrived!

It was worth it to sacrifice Kong Lingyuan alone in exchange for the lives of 12 rank-9s!

"Kill! Kill them all! Take revenge for old Kong!"

"Die!" Li deyong roared angrily and activated his sky-piercing sword technique. The rank-9 divine weapon exploded in the next moment. The fragments shattered the space and shot in all directions. In the blink of an eye, a few weaker rank-9s were pierced through by the fragments!

A shrill scream rang out. Although he didn't die, he was injured quite badly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of explosions resounded in all directions. Rank-9 powerhouses fell one after another. Everyone did not care whether the people who fell were Dead or Alive. If they were not dead, they did not have any combat power now.

With linlong's loud roar, he led 4 rank-9s into the battle. The situation stabilized in an instant.


At the same time.

In the direction of the Royal Sea Mountain.

"At this moment, a total of 40 rank-9s have entered the realm again!

Ji Yao was among them.

Beside Ji Yao, Ji Nan led the other five experts and surrounded her. He said with a serious expression,""Yao' er, this time you ..."

Ji Yao chuckled."We have so many people in the seven Southern Territory. Yao' er, come in and see if you can take the opportunity to kill Fang ping. He's become Yao' er's nightmare. I can't sleep and eat in peace if I don't kill him."

Other than the 7 of them, the remaining 30 or so rank-9s were all reinforcements.

These people were already prepared to enter, but Ji Yao said that she wanted to enter too. Many of these people came from Tianming Royal Court, so they had to wait and only enter now.

With the true Kings 'eyes and ears cut off, they had no idea about the situation in the seven Southern Territory.

As soon as they entered the seven Southern Territory, everyone noticed the abnormality.

In the South, two blood-red lights rose to the sky.

This was caused by the great battle between experts. The void seemed to have been shattered, and blood light filled the sky.

Everyone's expression was grave. Had the battle reached this stage?

In addition to the seven Southern territory's native divine generals, the number of divine generals who came to help previously was as many as a hundred!

They still haven't taken down the other party?

From the looks of it, the battle was extremely intense. The resilience of the land of rebirth was too terrifying.

If their group was included, the number of catacombs rank-9s who had entered seven Southern Territory this time had already reached 140!

Ji Nan was powerful. He couldn't sense anything from 2000 miles away, but there were too many powerhouses fighting at this time, so he could sense some things.

Ji Nan glanced at the direction of the demon City and said with a serious face,"Top powerhouses below true king realm are fighting over there. Not just one or two, but several of them. I'm afraid they're all in the top 50 of the immortal general list!"

Then, he looked to the West and said,""I'm afraid that there are at least 50 immortal generals over there. Many immortal generals might have died!"

Then, Ji Nan looked at the middle section and frowned with a doubtful expression."There are also over 10 immortal generals over there ... But they seem to be running around. What are they doing?"

Over ten God-level generals were running around the middle section instead of participating in the battle. They must be stupid!

"Uncle Wang, have you forgotten that some people can hide their auras?" Ji Yao laughed.

"Fang ping!"

Ji Nan instantly reacted!

"It's probably him! He should be here. Let's go over there!"

"Your Highness Ji Yao, let's go and help ..." Someone beside her said.

"Shut up!"

Ji Yao looked around with a cold expression and said coldly,""I'm going to kill Fang ping. I don't care about the people from the heavenly plant Royal Court, but everyone else has to kill Fang ping first!

"If Fang ping doesn't die and the people from Tianming Royal Court dare to leave, don't blame me for being merciless!"

The moment he said that, everyone felt helpless.

The people of Tianming Royal Court had nothing to say. Ji Yao was their master in name, so they would be in trouble if they disobeyed her.

However, killing Fang ping was also something he could do in passing.

Moreover, the main purpose of this operation seemed to be to kill Fang ping.

No one said anything more and followed Ji Yao and the others.

On the other hand, Ji Yao was thinking about whether she should really take this opportunity to kill Fang ping, or ... Act according to her previous plan?

"He seems to be in a lot of trouble. There are more than ten divine generals, is he the only one here? If that's the case, then bengong will have to consider it!"

Ji Yao thought that she would not lose anything by entering this time.

Even if he could not kill the true Kings, it would be a good thing to kill Fang ping if he was in trouble.