Chapter 788 (Did You Betray Us?!)

Yutong almost forgot that there was another mission, the task of taking down her brother-in-law. It seems that the items in the mall can be used freely.

Before thinking too much, apply an ice pack first. It's definitely swollen.

"Yutong." Ye Hua embraced Qing Yutong and smiled. Unexpectedly, Qing Yutong's scent was quite pleasant, which was a bit surprising and very comfortable.

"Brother in law, I can't continue. Go find my sister, or find Sister Baizhi. Spare me, please."

Ye Hua slowly lifted Qing Yutong's chin, "Yutong, I suddenly realised that this is quite nice."

"Nice? I'm in pain!"

However, Ye Hua also turned over and pressed down, startling Qing Yutong, "Brother in law, that's enough."

"Hehe, ask your sister. This time is just my warm-up. Now the real show begins."

"Ah, sister, you've killed Yutong."

With a new flavour, Ye Hua was ecstatic. It's normal for it to take a bit longer. Men, they all like new and exciting things, so Qing Yutong was unlucky. The next day, she couldn't even get out of bed.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi knew that it would turn out like this. Back in the day, weren't they the same? But looking at Qing Yutong's appearance, she seemed to be in a worse state than they were back then.

Qing Ya finally felt relieved about her sister's personal issues. It could be considered settling a worry.

However, throughout the entire Northern Chill region, news about yesterday's major battle had spread rapidly. Overnight, everyone knew!

The Supreme Spirit Sect, in conjunction with the Divine Steppes, assembled three hundred thousand people to attack the Voidless Empire, but all three hundred thousand were slaughtered.

Elder Fang from the Supreme Spirit Sect was directly crushed to death, a scene that sent shivers down people's spines.

Because they all knew Fang Meiying's strength. To be able to crush an Emperor powerhouse alive, how strong must they be! What exactly is this Voidless Empire? Why have we never heard of it before?

Many people were curious and came to witness the might of the formidable Voidless Empire. This also achieved Ye Hua's initial goal. It was evident that the number of people entering the city was increasing.

'Once you've lived in the domain of this deity, you would never want to leave!'

~Main hall of the Supreme Spirit Sect~

Lan Gu sat at the top, with two elders beside him. However, there were two empty seats, which belonged to Fang Meiying and Ma Zhi at the time.

Fang Meiying's body was placed in the centre, and everyone's faces were heavy.

Mu Ran knelt behind her master, and the imposing Cang Konghong stood behind Mu Ran, giving off a sense of oppression.

"Two hundred thousand disciples, and only a few hundred remain! Elder Fang has fallen, and the whereabouts of Elder Ma are unknown," one of the elders spoke. This was Yu Wenxiang, dressed in a blue robe, with dark hair cascading down, giving a somewhat frivolous feeling.

"Yes! This is the first time our Supreme Spirit Sect has suffered such heavy losses. Sect Master, please give the order!" Qi Le, the other elder, was in a plain black robe that exuded stability, with a small beard on his chin.

Sect Master Lan Gu's face was tense. Two hundred thousand disciples were gone just like that. If news got out, the reputation of the Supreme Spirit Sect would be ruined!

"Mu Ran! What exactly happened with the Voidless Empire? How strong are their forces? You've been their captive for some time, you can't possibly know nothing!" Lan Gu questioned with a stern tone.

"Sect Master, Mu Ran doesn't dare to deceive. Everything I just said is the truth," Mu Ran had already confessed everything, revealing all she knew.

Lan Gu coldly questioned, "Then why did the Emperor treat you well? He even easily let you go."

"Mu Ran truly doesn't know."

Qi Le questioned, "Mu Ran, if the other party is so powerful, why would they attach so much importance to you, a Heavenly Dao Warrior?"

"Moreover, the Emperor seems to hold you in high regard," Yu Wenxiang added lightly.

The meaning of their words was clear: Mu Ran, are you a traitor?

Upon hearing this, Mu Ran hurriedly explained, "Sect Master, how could Mu Ran betray the Supreme Spirit Sect?"

"Mu Ran, how does this Sect Master hear that after the Snow Corpse heard your words, they abandoned the attack?" Lan Gu narrowed her eyes slightly, emitting a chill.

"Mu Ran doesn't know."

Qi Le looked at Mu Ran coldly, suddenly stood up, and shouted, "Mu Ran! You don't know about the crucial matters? Do you still consider the Supreme Spirit Sect as your home?"

Mu Ran lowered her head tightly, not saying anything. With such an incident, why was everyone's suspicion directed at her?

Just then, a disciple rushed in from outside the door, "Reporting to the Sect Master, Elder Ma has arrived!"

Elder Ma was still alive! Lan Gu and the others all stood up, only to see Ma Zhi being carried in by two disciples.

"Sect Master, you must avenge us! Those people are ruthless!!!" Ma Zhi lay on a wooden stretcher and cried out in pain.

Lan Gu asked calmly, "Elder Ma, please explain the situation in detail!"

"Sect Master, all of us went to rescue Mu Ran, but after Elder Fang arrived, Mu Ran went out of her way to speak favourably for the Voidless Empire. This angered Elder Fang, and I feel like Mu Ran is a traitor!" Ma Zhi directly pinned the failure on Mu Ran.

Mu Ran's mind buzzed with disbelief as she said, "Elder Ma, how could I possibly defect? You're talking nonsense!"

"Mu Ran! Why did you go alone? Why did you come back unharmed when the rest of us were in trouble? Can you explain that? And who is the man behind you?" Ma Zhi questioned with a deep voice.

Mu Ran didn't know how to explain, she lowered her head in silence. Yet, her attitude seemed to silently confirm the accusation.

"Mu Ran, will you confess?" Lan Gu's voice turned stern, and an aura of peak Emperor strength quietly emanated, making it hard to breathe.

This aura directly pressed down on the frail Mu Ran.

"Mu Ran really hasn't betrayed the Supreme Spirit Sect." Mu Ran endured the pressure from the Sect Master and held her ground.

Yu Wenxiang coldly added, "Mu Ran! Although you're a Heavenly Dao Warrior Fighter, don't forget; what the Supreme Spirit Sect can give you, it can also take away!"

"Sect Master, please believe Mu Ran!" Mu Ran's current words sounded weak and powerless, with no effect at all. Such explanations in the ears of these people were nothing but excuses.

Lan Gu's voice grew heavy, "Mu Ran! Everyone went for you this time. However, with these results, you have to take responsibility!"

"Sect Master, at that time, Mu Ran had already tried to persuade Elder Ma and Master. But they didn't listen. They wanted to take over the Voidless Empire." Mu Ran shouted loudly, beads of sweat trickling down her forehead.

After hearing this, Ma Zhi exploded, "Sect Master, how could our Supreme Spirit Sect possibly do such a thing? Mu Ran, don't spit out lies!"

"You, Elder Ma!" Mu Ran looked at Ma Zhi incredulously. How could he say something like that?

Lan Gu let out a slight sigh of relief, "Mu Ran! Don't remain stubborn! Admit it, and you might still have a slim chance of survival!"

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