Chapter 790 (Awakening)

'How could this be! Could the rumours be true!!!'

Meanwhile, Bai Gu went to two other nations, delivered the same message, and then departed. Whether they came or not depended on their choice.

If they came, there was still a glimmer of hope; if they didn't, then it was certain they would be wiped out.

At this moment, Cang Konghong and Mu Ran had already left the Supreme Spirit Sect far behind, standing by the clear riverbank.

Mu Ran skipped stones while Cang Konghong remained behind her like before.

"You deceived me. You can speak, and you're powerful." Mu Ran said faintly with her back to Cang Konghong.

Cang Konghong's heart sank, and he hurriedly explained, "I..."

One minute later.


Another minute.




Mu Ran stared blankly at Cang Konghong, not interrupting his speech. After he finished, she asked, "Is it difficult for you to talk? Does it take a long time to say each word?"

"Yes." Cang Konghong nodded.

Mu Ran finally understood. This way of speaking was indeed not much different from being mute. She could empathise.

"But you lied to me. You're clearly very powerful." Mu Ran seemed to be reproaching Cang Konghong, but her tone was like that of a girlfriend's playful complaint.

Cang Konghong didn't want Mu Ran to misunderstand, so he quickly said, "I..."

Mu Ran listened quietly to Cang Konghong's explanation. Although he spoke slowly, she didn't interrupt, showing seriousness.

Cang Konghong took half an hour to explain, essentially recounting how he accidentally fell off a cliff and then cultivated immense strength. But he didn't dare to reveal this to others.

It had to be said that Cang Konghong had also learned to lie now. At least he wasn't saying foolishly, "I'm the emperor's subordinate, just here to deceive you."

From this incident, it was apparent that Cang Konghong had developed emotional intelligence. It seemed he didn't want to lose Mu Ran, even though he didn't admit it verbally.

But as Cang Konghong watched Mu Ran listen attentively to his words, he felt strangely moved.

He had often been the listener. When he spoke with Yue Hua before, she would frequently interrupt him, guessing his intentions and speaking for him.

Whether it was Yue Hua or the emperor, it was the same. Because he spoke so slowly, others didn't have the patience to listen.

However, Mu Ran... she didn't show the slightest impatience. She seemed so earnest.

She was the first girl who earnestly listened to him speak.

Suddenly, Mu Ran reached out and took off his iron mask. She looked at Cang Konghong's enigmatic face and earnestly asked, "Is everything you said true?"

"Um." Cang Konghong nodded. It seemed that after experiencing Yue Hua's matters, he had truly become clever. He knew how to deceive a young girl.

Mu Ran nodded, biting her lip lightly, and then suddenly kissed Cang Konghong's cheek before blushing and running away.

Cang Konghong was dumbfounded...

Having lived for tens of thousands of years, he had been forcefully kissed by a girl today!!!

Shouldn't he be furious?!

But why did he still feel a bit happy inside? What a strange feeling.

Cang Konghong remained in a daze for a while, then put on the iron mask and slowly walked over to where Mu Ran was.

At this moment, Mu Ran's hands were tightly clenched together, feeling shy and nervous. She had acted impulsively just now... she kissed him...

How embarrassing. Would he think she was frivolous, that she was a casual girl?

Cang Konghong took a deep breath, as if making some kind of significant decision. He reached out again and held her small hand, walking in the direction of the Voidless Empire.

With Cang Konghong leading her, Mu Ran looked at his tall figure and felt enveloped by a strong sense of security. It felt heartwarming...

The two of them didn't hurry to return, walking amidst the green mountains and clear waters, as if on a sort of date.

If it were the previous Cang Konghong, he would have taken Mu Ran back to the Voidless Empire immediately. However, now he seemed to know how to enjoy the scenery and play around.

It seemed that he had gained some insight, at least enough to convey his intentions to the girl, while he himself expressed his attitude.

Although no words were spoken, silence carried its own weight at this moment.

Meanwhile, Ye Hua invited the leaders of these North Chill regions to gather, mainly to announce certain matters. For instance, the Voidless Empire would henceforth hold authority in the North Chill regions. These three nations would become vassal states of the Voidless Empire, including the Supreme Spirit Sect.

You could refuse if you wanted, but you could easily predict the outcome.

This was a Hongmen Feast, where you either chose to submit or to die. It was time for North Liang to bow. [The Feast at Swan Goose Gate, also known as the Banquet at Hongmen, Hongmen Banquet, Hongmen Feast and other similar renditions, was a historical event that took place in 206 BC at Swan Goose Gate outside Xianyang, the capital of the Qin dynasty. The main parties involved in the banquet were Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, two prominent leaders of insurgent forces who rebelled against the Qin dynasty from 209 BC to 206 BC. It was one of the highlights of the power struggle between Liu Bang and Xiang Yu leading to the outbreak of the Chu–Han Contention, a violent civil war for supremacy over China which concluded with Xiang Yu's defeat and death at the Battle of Gaixia, followed by Liu Bang's establishment of the Han dynasty with himself as its founding emperor.]

After all, the North Chill regions were still relatively small territories.

However, these few days had been quite exhausting for Qing Yutong.

After all, the children were about to leave. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi had dedicated all their time to the children, so now it was up to Qing Yutong to take up the honourable and great task.

And Qing Yutong found it quite challenging. Previously, she had always wanted her brother in law to coax her, but now that he did, it wasn't just a matter of coaxing for a little while. It went on from evening to dawn, without a moment of rest. So, the new Empress, Qing Yutong, chose to play hide-and-seek.

Initially, she would hide in the palace, either going to the Zi Shan Palace or to Ye Zizi's palace. In the end, Ye Hua would find her and carry her back, thoroughly "coaxing" her.

Today, Qing Yutong had gotten clever and simply ran out of the palace.

At this moment, she walked onto the streets of the Voidless Empire, her posture a bit odd, as if she were injured.

"You darned brother in law, you used so much strength; it still hurts now." Qing Yutong muttered a few words, annoyed that he didn't even allow her a break. She wasn't going back tonight, no matter what.

Qing Yutong hadn't left the palace in a long time. She noticed that the changes in the Voidless Empire were significant. The population had dramatically increased, and now, children could be seen playing on the streets, and couples strolled around, giving the place a flourishing atmosphere.

Suddenly, Qing Yutong felt a large hand wrap around her waist. The touch was so familiar.

She had been found again.

"Brother-in-law, please give me off tonight. Be kind to poor Yutong." Qing Yutong hugged Ye Hua directly, putting on a pitiful act.

Ye Hua sneered, "In the past, when you ran out of the palace, wasn't I unable to find you?"

"Brother in law~ sniffle~" Qing Yutong acted cute once more.

"Let's go." Ye Hua said lightly. After all, this was his empire. He hadn't inspected it much recently.

Qing Yutong's eyes brightened, and she grabbed Ye Hua's arm, walking out onto the street.

It seemed like their first date with her brother in law, and it felt quite nice.

"Yutong, what do you think of this inn?" Ye Hua looked towards a rather luxurious inn.

Qing Yutong hadn't fully comprehended the situation, and she casually said, "It's quite nice."

"Then let's get a room."

Qing Yutong: "..."

"Brother in law... let's talk properly. We don't need to rush; we should appreciate the slow pace. If you ruin Yutong, you'll have to take responsibility."

"Rest assured, I won't ruin her." Ye Hua held Qing Yutong's small hand and led her inside.