Chapter 791 (The Hongmen Feast)

Qing Yutong had a look on her face that seemed to say, "I don't want to go in. Brother in law is shameless, pestering me every day."

Ye Hua turned around and said calmly, "Yutong, if you want excitement outside, I can satisfy you."

"Well... let's just get a room then." Qing Yutong looked frustrated. It turns out her brother in law was this clingy. Though she felt annoyed, she was actually quite happy.

However, when they entered the inn, it was unexpectedly full!

Ye Hua walked out with a stern face, not believing that they were all occupied!

After asking several inns, they were all full!

In reality, there were relatively few people who knew Ye Hua was the emperor. He often stayed in the palace and rarely came out, so people generally thought of him as an ordinary person.

Recently, there had been an influx of people into the city, leading to all the inns being fully booked.

Qing Yutong looked at Ye Hua's gloomy expression and couldn't help but let out a charming laughter. "Brother in law, don't be like this. Yutong won't run away. She's all yours."

"Used to wish for more people, now suddenly wishing for fewer," Ye Hua said casually.

Qing Yutong felt delighted inside, knowing that it was all for her. She was so happy.

Though lacking the excitement and tension, there was a sense of happiness.

"Brother in law, how about we..." Qing Yutong blinked her beautiful eyes.

Ye Hua, of course, understood Qing Yutong's intention; he was full of mischief.

Qing Yutong suddenly grabbed Ye Hua and pulled him into a dark alley, then pushed him against the wall, saying in a sweet voice, "Young Master, let's see where you can escape to today!"

Oh, she was playing her part well.

In fact, Ye Hua quite liked this Qing Yutong. Occasionally, she could bring some freshness. Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were much more reserved.

"What do you want?" Ye Hua said coldly.

"I want..." Qing Yutong directly pressed against Ye Hua, rising on her tiptoes to kiss him.

Ye Hua didn't hold back either, his hands gripping Qing Yutong's curvy hips.

Removing these clothes was a real challenge.

Just when the passion was about to ignite, a sudden burst of light appeared.

"Bold bandits! How dare you harass innocent women in VoidlessEmpire! This leader shall capture you and punish you severely!" Suddenly, Kai Yun descended from the sky with many yellow-armoured soldiers.

Ye Hua and Qing Yutong, in the midst of their kiss, were taken aback.

Qing Yutong suddenly felt embarrassed and hid behind Ye Hua, feeling so ashamed. If others saw them, it would be so embarrassing. Thankfully, they hadn't escalated earlier.

Perhaps it was better to be a bit restrained in these wilderness encounters.

Ye Hua looked at Kai Yun and said in a deep voice, "Kai Yun! It's so late, what are you doing here?"

Kai Yun had an exaggerated expression, and everyone knelt down, "It's Your Majesty. I've been derelict in duty, unaware that Your Majesty and the Empress were here... in this... um..."

Qing Yutong felt her face might explode with blood. This incident was sure to spread like wildfire among the team. She and their ruler had been engaged in passionate activities in a dark alley. And her sister would definitely find out. This was a disaster.

"Get lost! You've ruined my good mood!" Ye Hua shouted angrily. They had been in the midst of passion, and now all the mood was gone.

"Understood, I'm leaving, Your Majesty. The alley isn't very clean, quite a lot of bacteria."

"Go!" Ye Hua snapped with a blackened face. Kai Yun had definitely done this on purpose!

Kai Yun immediately left with his men, leaving a furious ruler behind.

After they left, Ye Hua sighed helplessly, "Let's go back to the palace."

"Brother in law, Yutong will definitely be teased." Qing Yutong had a distressed expression, feeling wronged.

"Who dares to tease you, let them try and be hung up and beaten by me."

"Brother in law, Yutong wants to sleep in your embrace."

"Alright, I'll spare you this once tonight."

"Thank you, brother in law." Qing Yutong snuggled against Ye Hua's shoulder, and the two of them slowly headed towards the palace.

However, after returning to the palace, Ye Hua's mood improved significantly, so...

Everything he had just said was forgotten. First, they needed to address their physical needs, then they could sleep.

Qing Yutong exclaimed that her brother in law was a liar, that he had been fooling herself. Nevertheless, it was truly comfortable, just a bit prolonged.

The five days passed quickly, and Ye Hua received a report from Bai Gu that an envoy from the three kingdoms was on their way.

Hearing this outcome, Ye Hua felt a bit disappointed. After all, if they hadn't come, he would have had a reason to launch an attack.

Unfortunately, these people were quite intelligent; they knew to come.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, Mu Ran has returned to the palace," Bai Gu reported respectfully.

At the moment, Ye Hua was engrossed in reading the history of Sapphire Continent. He had never done so before, but now, during his free time, he found it quite interesting.

"Bring her to me," Ye Hua said calmly.


Not long after, Ye Hua heard faint footsteps. "Long live Your Majesty."

Ye Hua had his back turned to Mu Ran and said coolly, "Your Majesty? Mu Ran, don't you think you need to change that? Have you forgotten your promise?"

Mu Ran, kneeling on the ground, paused. She didn't know what the emperor had suddenly taken interest in her for.

"Long live, Emperor! Long live!" Mu Ran sincerely exclaimed. [wú huáng: This term is more personal and intimate. It can be translated as "My Emperor" or "Our Emperor." It reflects a sense of loyalty, respect, and a strong connection between the speaker and the addressed person.]

A wicked smile curved at the corner of Ye Hua's mouth. In an instant, he had won over the loyal Mu Ran. It seemed that his ability to influence people was becoming more and more impressive.

Ye Hua set down his book and turned to face Mu Ran. "You may rise."

"Thank you, Emperor," Mu Ran respectfully stood up, observing the emperor before her. Why was he so clever? If only her mind was half as good as his.

"So, do you feel I've deceived you?"


"Do you think I've done wrong?" Ye Hua asked.

Mu Ran took a deep breath. "From the Emperor's perspective, there's no wrong. You've even offered them an opportunity."


"However, Emperor's approach will attract a lot of attention. After all, the Northern Chill region is just a small place."

Listening to Mu Ran's words, Ye Hua smiled, but quickly suppressed it. "Mu Ran, you've overlooked an important point."

"Mu Ran doesn't understand."

"I want everyone to know that there's an entity here in the Northern Chill region that they can't provoke," Ye Hua said. He had changed his strategy. Rather than seeking trouble, he was waiting for others to come to him, so he could eliminate them openly and happily.

After a moment of thought, Mu Ran realised that... the emperor was indeed so formidable that he needn't fear anyone else.

"By the way, have dinner with me tonight," Ye Hua said casually.

"It's an honour for Mu Ran."

"Now, go rest."

"Thank you, Emperor!" Mu Ran might not have realised that tonight Ye Hua was inviting an envoy from the three kingdoms for a meal. If anyone saw, they would notice Mu Ran seated next to Ye Hua. The reactions of those people would surely be interesting, which was why Ye Hua had called Mu Ran over.

The heads of the three major sects had already arrived at the city gate! They were accompanied by Yu Wenxiang and Qi Le!

The trio looked at the towering city walls, finally understanding why Ma Zhi and Fang Meiying were so drawn to conquer it.