Chapter 851 (He Has Truly Returned)

Upon hearing Ye Hua's request, Xia Yang and Feng Xiu were dumbfounded, but their anger quickly overtook them.

"Are you trying to humiliate us?" Xia Yang asked in a deep voice. This man was the most arrogant person they had ever met, without exception. Even the Mansion Lord, a Venerable, had never been this audacious. Not even the Sect Master of the Broken Meridian Mountain or the Dean of the Divine Scripture Academy had been this audacious!

Ye Hua dusted off the dirt on his blanket and spoke softly, "Since you've figured it out, do you still need to ask?"

"You! We'll never kneel. We're ready to fight you together!" Xia Yang retorted.

Upon hearing Xia Yang's words, Ye Hua surprisingly laughed, "Fight me together? Do you think you can make me gasp for breath or make me shed even a drop of blood?"

Xia Yang and Feng Xiu's breathing grew rapidly. They were infuriated by the other party, who had made a Martial Emperor kneel and even claimed that the two of them combined couldn't harm him in the slightest. Where did he get this confidence?

Ye Hua felt that it was enough. This little act should be over now. He wasn't in the mood to continue this verbal exchange with them. After all, this was just a small-scale event. There would be more significant events to enjoy in the future.

Ye Hua raised his hand, and the people standing in the void suddenly felt dizzy.

Everyone felt like they were about to die.

Yang Yao and Shi Yu also had the same sensation. They had come to watch, not to cause trouble.

But before they could regain their senses, their bodies went numb, and they all fell to the ground unconscious.

Seeing this, Xia Yang was puzzled. He had initially thought this man had killed them, but he had only made them faint. What was going on?

Ye Hua had made them faint to prevent them from witnessing something. After all, if he revealed his true power, how could they not come looking for trouble?

As for why he didn't make these two faint, it was because they had no chance of leaving alive, so...

They could be ignored.

Ye Hua slowly stood up, placing the blanket on his wheelchair.

Seeing this, Xia Yang and Feng Xiu were astonished. Wasn't this man crippled? How could he suddenly stand up?

"Do you think that the two of you, combined, can harm me? Let me bring you to despair; the gap in strength is insurmountable!" Ye Hua said.

'Gap in strength?' This man actually said there was a 'gap in strength.' Was he a Venerable? Or perhaps, was he an Overlord?

Just as the two of them were wondering, a terrifying aura swept over them.

Xia Yang's eyes nearly popped out. That aura...!

Feng Xiu's mouth was bleeding. Faced with this horrifying pressure, he couldn't move at all.

This man had been telling the truth!

With all his might, Xia Yang lifted his head and looked at the man not far away. In Xia Yang's eyes, he saw many resentful spirits circling around, emitting mournful cries. However, they were all suppressed by the man's aura, and their faces were filled with terror.

"Feel the power of the Overlord, a display for you before your death!" Ye Hua said softly, and his aura intensified again. The entire space trembled.

Thud, thud! Xia Yang and Feng Xiu couldn't bear such pressure. They both knelt in front of Ye Hua. Even if they didn't want to kneel, they had to accept the fact that this man could kill them with a single finger.

He wasn't a Venerable; he was an Overlord!

Like the Broken Meridian Mountain and the Divine Scripture Academy, he was an Overlord!

Ye Hua said calmly, "Kneeling before me will be your honour. After all, many people may not even have the chance to kneel down. Don't consider this a disgrace; it's the utmost glory and something you can boast about in the future."

The immense pressure left the two speechless. No wonder he could instantly subdue the Mystical Fire. It turns out he is an Overlord!

This was pure bullying. An Overlord was bullying two Gods. Shameless!

"I know you're cursing in your hearts, but the Sapphire Continent is a place where the strong prey on the weak. Just now, didn't you threaten others as well? It's just that I happen to have stronger power, so I can threaten you!" Ye Hua said as he approached the two.

However, as Ye Hua got closer, the pressure increased, and the two were pressed to the ground. It felt as if the weight of the entire Sapphire Continent was on their backs, making it difficult to breathe.

"Raise your heads," Ye Hua said lightly.

With no idea where they found the strength, Xia Yang and Feng Xiu both lifted their heads, and in that moment...

Ye Hua's face suddenly changed!

It transformed into a skeletal face!

Then it reverted to its original appearance, with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

But upon seeing this face, Xia Yang and Feng Xiu went from confusion to a sudden, overwhelming fear. It was a shudder from the depths of their souls.

Their fear had nothing to do with the prospect of death, for they had faced death many times. It was because of the terrifying face that they now found themselves face to face with.

Both of them were Gods. How could they not know what had happened ten years ago, when the one from the Undead Clan had unleashed a massacre in the Southern region, turning it into a hellish landscape? They had swept through the area like locusts, leaving no one alive in their wake.

Upon hearing of these events, those who lived in the Northern region felt fortunate that they weren't in the South, as they had escaped this disaster. Eventually, over a hundred Overlords had to be mobilised to kill these beings. Yet, half of the Overlords had perished in the process, illustrating just how terrifying their strength was.

But now, they were being told that ten years ago, the Undead Clan hadn't been completely eradicated. They were still alive and well, standing right in front of them, taking on a human form!

"You're the one from back then..." Xia Yang managed to ask.

Before Xia Yang could finish his sentence, Ye Hua calmly stated, "Yes, I'm the one from back then. Surprising, isn't it? Are you eager to spread this news and let everyone know that I've returned?"

Indeed, Xia Yang now desperately wanted to go and report this, but he couldn't. He regretted being too weak!

But hearing this man admit his identity left Xia Yang's face ashen.

"So, you're able to die at the hands of an Overlord. It's not an injustice, right? I didn't deceive you, did I?"

Xia Yang and Feng Xiu bowed their heads. Indeed, dying at the hands of such a super demon was better than dying at the hands of nameless individuals. At least, in the future, others would find out that they, two Gods, had "battled" this Undead Clan member and were eventually killed. It was a fitting end!

"By the way, I didn't come back for the Mystical Fire because I already have plenty of them," Ye Hua extended his hand, and colourful Mystical Fires appeared on his fingers. Xia Yang and Feng Xiu could clearly feel the flames. Their gazes were filled with shock and dread.

He has returned! And he's become even more powerful!

It's over! The Sapphire Continent is finished!

Oh God, why did you let this Undead Clan member come back to life? Why did you allow him to return and wreak havoc on the Sapphire Continent again?

Heavens, are you trying to destroy the Sapphire Continent? This is intolerable!