Once they checked in, the manager guided their VIP guests' way, "Mr Lu, Miss Jiang, please this way."

Lu Lijun held Jing Yuyan's hand as they walked ahead. After crossing that lavish reception, they stepped out on the other side of the entrance which showed the wide area of that resort which was constructed by keeping natural things on that island intact while everything was modern with all the facilities.

The fresh breeze coming from the sea welcomed them and the sound of waves was clearly audible to them.

Another car was waiting for them inside to take them towards the cottage meant for them. Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan sat in the back passenger seat while the manager sat in the front passenger seat of that white luxury car.

Jiang Yuyan looked outside the window and on the way she observed various cottages passing along the way and each one had guests. After ten minutes of slow travel, they stopped.

The manager stepped out and opened the door for them. As Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan stepped out, the manager informed, "Mr Lu, even though it was on the short-term booking, we had managed to get the cottage that you had asked for, the one with the best view and location."

"Thank you so much," was what Lu Lijun said while Jiang Yuyan looked at that two-story beautiful cottage made of glass walls and brightened up with lights. Everything inside it was clearly visible from the outside. It looked dreamy and beautiful.

The manager handed him over the key card and one other key, "There is a car parked for you in the parking space of the cottage. You can use it whenever you want to go out. Your luggage will be here in a while. If anything, please do call me."

"Thank you," was what Lu Lijun said and the manager left.

Finally, they were left alone and Jiang Yuyan looked at Lu Lijun, "This place..." she recognised it.

"The one you were searching on my tablet when you were in the office," he finished her unspoken words.

"Did you know? I remembered I closed all the tabs and cleared the history," she asked.

"I was just curious about what you were looking into for a long time so I had to put my tech skills to use," he answered.

"It's not good to dig into what others don't want you to see," she offered him a displeased look.

"When it's about you, I need to know everything," he pulled her closer, "Until when you will keep hiding the things and yourself from me? We shall know each and everything about each other...Each and everything..." he pressed on the last words meaningfully.

She cleared her throat awkwardly, "If you let me go, I would like to see the place around."

Lu Lijun let her go and then she turned around to look at the sea which was visible from there. The full moon reflected in that water making it look beautiful at the night. They were at height from the ground as the resort was built at the height while keeping most of the land in natural condition. She walked towards the short-heighted stone wall that was tall up to her waist and stood there looking at the sea.

Lu Lijun stood next to her, "I like it this way. The sound of waves, the pleasant wind, so calming."

"I realized you like the sea and the beaches more," he commented.


Just then the other vehicle arrived with their luggage that disturbed them.

"Shall we go inside?" he asked.

She nodded and they went inside the cottage while the staff carried their luggage.

Jiang Yuyan held her breath seeing the beautiful interiors of that glass cottage, having most things made in wood. It reminded of her the home that Lu Qiang had left for her and she preferred to live there.

The staff left while the two decided to explore this cottage.

The ground floor had a drawing room with all the facilities and a kitchen with everything prepared if someone wished to cook and other extra needed facilities. From the living room, on the other side of the cottage, it had a small garden, swimming pool and then stairs to go down towards the beach.

She was happy with what she was seeing while standing at the wide sliding doors of the living room that opened in the garden. She turned to look at the staircase inside and then asked, "What's upstairs?"

Lu Lijun held her hand and led her way, "Let's check it out."

They reached upstairs. There was one big open bedroom room with a king-size bed in the centre and everything the bedroom needed.

"Bedroom for us," Lu Lijun commented while she quietly observed it.

She felt her thoughts going somewhere else the moment he said their bedroom. Not like they didn't share the same room but as she knew why they were here, her heart could not help but race.

"I will check what's on that side," she said and immediately went away from him. Next to it, there was a bath with a grand circular bathtub embedded in the white marble floor, a shower cubicle, wash basins with a huge mirror and various shelves having multiple folded towels and napkins with skin care products placed on them.

"Not bad?" She heard Lu Lijun say as he stood behind her, "I am sure we will have a great time here."

She sighed inwardly, 'We just arrived here. Can he just give me some time to adjust?'

He placed his hands on her shoulders, which made her flinch but she heard him, "You take your time getting familiar with the place. I had asked to bring some midnight snacks for you."

She looked at him as if it was what she wanted, "Did you?"

"I know, after travelling, you always want something to eat. Though I had offered myself, I would like you to have food first."

"You did well," she smiled as she could not help the food to arrive.

The food arrived and Jiang Yuyan happily sat to eat as the food was arranged on the circular glass coffee table placed by the window in the small dining area in the bedroom.

"You are not eating?" she asked Lu Lijun who opened his bag and was ready to arrange his clothes inside the wardrobe.

"I am not hungry. You can carry on," he said and continued his work while Jiang Yuyan continued to eat that little of a midnight snack.

Just then his cellphone rang and received the call. After finishing, he replied, "I am going downstairs. The hotel staff is here to get my sign on one document they had forgotten."

Jiang Yuyan nodded and he left. She had finished eating soon as she was not that hungry and then thought, 'Why is it taking him time?'

She was about to go downstairs but heard him talking to staff and felt relieved. He was probably instructing them on something. She ignored it and returned inside and looked at Lu Lijun's bag. I can arrange his clothes till then.

Just as she picked up one folded shirt, she saw something that she was not expecting. With her shaking hands, she picked up that box and felt her heart beating faster. Not that she was seeing it for the first time but seeing Lu Lijun having them in his bag, gave her a different feeling like a young girl who was going to have her first time and seeing her man having condoms was enough to make her feel shy.

'When did he put it in his bag? Did he pack it in front of me? Was it when he was putting the rest of the stuff in his bag...but I didn't notice anything at that time.'